Webinar how it works and how to create yours

The origin of the term “webinar” comes from the junction of two other terms in English that are: Web and Seminar, which form Webinar. These terms were combined and translated into Portuguese and called webinar, which means a lecture or seminar broadcast live via the Internet. From this a question arises: What can be done in a webinar and how does it work?

You can usually see, hear and interact with the speaker via the internet.

So it is common to be able to view the slides that are being used in a presentation, and the speaker can also share the execution and use of some program and it is possible to interact by text or audio, depending on the webinar being used.

Webinar How It Works – Organization

If you are a person interested in offering an internet webinar, you must understand how the webinar works, set a date and time, and establish an internet location where it will take place.

This means that you will have to choose a digital platform where the event will be held online and publicize this event by e-mail, messages and pages from where it will be broadcast.

This is so that people are aware of the webinar that is about to happen.

Then those who are interested will either return the email with a response to the speaker saying they are interested in participating or fill in their details in a form and receive a web address from the speaker to participate.

Webinar Access

To access the webinar, people must have a device with internet access and, as there will be audio and video transmission, it is important to have internet with an adequate speed.

From then on, with a day and time agreed, everyone can participate in the webinar.

As you can see, conducting a webinar can be an excellent opportunity to learn and teach through online classes or even to undertake a business, promoting a product or a company.

So what do you think about learning more about how a webinar works? Keep reading this article and find out.

Webinar How It Works – Advantages

Through the webinar you get some transmission savings. So you no longer need to have a physical, well-structured venue with ornaments and audio and video equipment to deliver a lecture.

You can broadcast your talk only with your cell phone if it has adequate video quality. And you can make it from your own home.

There is also an economy of displacement, since the speaker, as already mentioned, will be in his own home giving the lecture. The advantages are great, so how about getting deeper into how a webinar works?

Scope of the webinar

Think about the interaction with people from different locations, if you were going to hold a face-to-face event, the amount of people who would be present would be limited.

This is because you would not be able to reach so many people and the place where you would be holding the event would also not be able to support more than the allowed number of people.

On the other hand, through the webinar, you can have a much greater reach, there is no region limit. People even from other countries can be present at your lecture and, depending on the digital platform you are using, there will not be a limit of people participating in the event online.

So with the webinar you have the opportunity to reach many more people much more easily, not to mention that it will make sales easier if that is your goal with the webinar.

Another important point about how a webinar works is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be live, despite being the best option because of the interaction with the audience, but webinars can also be recorded, edited and disseminated later. It also depends on your goal with the webinar.

Maybe your goal with the webinar is to transmit knowledge, maybe you are a teacher and want to make available recorded lessons for your students.

Webinar How It Works – Other Advantages

But if you want, for example, to sell a product, it is much more recommended that you do a live online event.

That’s because when selling a product, you’ll get much greater results if you interact with the audience.

If you answer his doubts or if you talk to him, either by audio or by text, it hooks him to you and makes him feel motivated to reciprocate in some way. This form of retribution can be buying your product, physical or digital.

So, basically, customers convert much better in a webinar than in a recorded sales video, because you give them something of value, something that will solve their problems, and like reciprocity, they’re more likely to buy from you.

When your client comes up with a question and you take that question away, your credibility is much greater, your authority is much greater.

Webinar and news

Those who think that the webinar is a new practice are wrong because it is not. Can you understand how important it is to know how a webinar works?

The webinar was already widely used by many producers, however, mainly because of our current circumstances, people are increasingly turning to the internet to undertake. And they found that way through webinars, which were already taking place, but with much less frequency.

Likewise, customers are also increasingly connecting to the digital world and turning to the internet in search of solutions. And it is precisely this solution that you will deliver to them.

So a webinar is much more genuine than a sales video. That’s not to say a sales video is bad. Even because a sales video is working there 24 hours a day on the platform you posted. However, the webinar is a very rich format.

Webinar How It Works – Best Platform

The ideal platform, and it’s probably not the first time you’re reading this, depends a lot on your purpose with the webinar. Do you want to sell? Teach? Or just want to interact with your friends?

Once you have defined your objective when making an online event, then yes, you will be able to define a platform that meets your needs.

There are a range of options that allow you to do a webinar today, including, it is possible to broadcast free webinars on YouTube. It’s free, it’s easy to use, easy, and that’s why it’s recommended.

Once you use YouTube and are more familiar with this format, then you can go to other tools, there are several, paid or free.

There are also some software that allows you to choose between the free or paid model, such as Zoom. Generally, the free template has some limitations.

For example, maybe the free model gives you a user limit or a time limit, or you won’t be able to have that much control over who is attending your event.

In this case, if you need something more structured and you have full control of your event, it would be good to invest in a paid model, which gives you the freedom to run the event in the way you prefer.