SEO Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2021

Keeping up with trends in SEO – search engine optimization – is extremely important to make your content at the top of search engine rankings such as Google, Bing or even Youtube.

But, after all, do you know what SEO is ? Check out what are the website optimization trends for 2021!

What is SEO?

The acronym SEO gives the name in English Search Engine Optimization , translating, Optimization for Search Engine. These are digital marketing techniques that seek to increase the traffic and performance of a website through organic search engine results. This generated optimization is an effective way to attract consumers to online platforms.

The most relevant pages generate a great organic reach to your website and thus increase the possibility of attracting and converting leads . However, in addition to the algorithm, you need to analyze the behavior and preference of your target audience and provide a positive experience for your website visitors.

Given this brief explanation, check out what SEO trends to watch out for in 2021:

1. Relevant content

To start producing relevant, authentic and differentiated content it is very important to ensure the optimization of your website, otherwise none of the trending SEO tips will have any effect. To provide a good user experience, it’s essential that the headline and content match each other, ensuring the visitor finds what they’re looking for.

If this doesn’t happen, he may leave the site, and even acquire a negative feeling towards your company, generating an increase in the bounce rate, and consequently affecting the general reputation of your brand.

In this aspect, touching on the needs, pains and desires of your persona , in addition to producing interactive content, is a valid option to more easily attract the attention of visitors, in addition to increasing the chances of providing a positive user experience.

2. User experience

The overall user experience on your site should be simple, meaning pages should load fast and have intuitive menus. It should also be remembered that the visitor can access through different browsers and mobile devices. Therefore, it is important to check if your website is compatible with all formats, mobile and desktop.

A post on the Google Webmaster Central Blog explains how the algorithm evaluates the user’s experience on the page.

SEO Trends: To optimize your website it is necessary to have a fast, interactive and stable page | Photo: GoogleWebmaster

3. SEO for mobile devices

As mentioned above, it is important to check if your website works for users who access it via cell phone. More and more visitors are switching from desktop to mobile. In 2019, Google launched mobile-first indexing to analyze the mobile pages of websites as primary versions, leaving desktop versions as secondary.

The SEO for mobile has become even more relevant in 2021, it is essential for the success of your site. A study released by the World Advertising Research Center (WARC) says the future will be even more mobile. It is expected that, by the year 2025, approximately three quarters of the world’s population will use only their cell phones to access the internet.

4. Zero-click searches

Zero-click, a function implemented in March 2020, corresponds to the results that appear at the top of the first page and has been growing more and more. More than 50% of Google searches end without the user clicking on anything.

The mechanism works similarly to featured snippets , a shortcut launched in 2017 to gain relevance on Google. The only difference is that Google can identify individual passages on a webpage to show relevant content in search results.

What is SEO and how to do website optimization

SEO Trends for 2021: How to Optimize Websites

5. Security

Google, when analyzing your relevance and ranking, considers your site’s safety status. Thus, if you want success in your SEO strategy , you should check its security, giving the visitor a feeling of security when browsing your pages, keeping your hit rate high.

6. Long contents

To achieve higher rankings in surveys, focus on long, quality content, providing users with information that maintains engagement and is shared.

The State of Content Report brings data that confirm the relevance of long content. According to the study, long reads of more than 3,000 words provide three times more traffic , four times more shares, and 3.5 times more backlinks than the average articles with an average length of 901 to 1,200 words.

To make content more engaging, copywriting mental triggers can be very helpful. Watch the video to learn more:

7. Search

Google released Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers , the BERT algorithm. A technology that seeks to optimize understanding of what search terms represent in a context. Briefly, the algorithm gives Google the possibility to interpret the intention of a specific search, even if it has a language with more colloquial terms.

8. EAT

Google has already stated that content quality is essential for successful optimization. But what will “quality” be for him? To understand, we must analyze the meaning of the acronym EAT: specialization, authority and reliability. These factors help determine whether a page is relevant or not. There are some strategies for getting quality content.

  • First: elaborate the persona of your potential customers, understanding in this way what kind of content they value
  • Second: do a search intent survey, helping to map the consumer journey
  • Third: use the information acquired to create content that fits your visitors’ preferences
  • Fourth: always remember EAT when creating your content

9. Better user experience

In 2020, Google launched Core Web Vitals with the aim of providing the user with the best possible page experience. Google in its Central Blog , defined the three factors that will be analyzed by the algorithm:

  • Large Contentful Paint (LCP): Responsible for measuring exactly how long it takes for a page to load and display its main content
  • First Input Delay (FID): Measures the time it takes for a page to become interactive
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): Refers to the volume of unexpected layout changes in visual content.

10. Google My Business

The pandemic generated a greater appreciation of local commerce, due to several factors, such as the economic crisis, which made people support the local market and limited transport, which led people to seek establishments close to their homes.

That way, comes the Local SEO , which has been around for some time and has Google My Business as one of its main tools. From it, local companies were able to update their customers on, for example, changes in schedules and delivery options. In 2021, then, the use of Google My Business becomes paramount in order not to be left behind the competition.

Website Optimization

These were trends in SEO to keep an eye on in 2021. It is important to understand that the Search Engine Optimization technique is essential to improve the results and optimization of websites . That way, your business will be at the top of Google’s list. The HeroSpark can help you in this challenge. Learn more on the website !