Landing page: meaning and importance for the digital business

But, after all, what is the meaning of a landing page? And why is this page so important to your digital business? In this text, you’ll know the answer to these questions and more!

Remember that this digital marketing tool is very important to your new customer attraction strategies. So it is essential that you know how it works.

What is the meaning of a landing page?

The term landing page, also known as a landing page or conversion page, means a place where people fill out a form to receive something in return. By completing this process, they are no longer just visitors and become leads or customers.

Therefore, landing pages are used to advertise a product or service, as well as to capture relevant data from potential customers. They can be linked to a website or blog page as long as they have good visitor traffic.

For example, you can use an LP to make a free e-book available and, in return, collect the email and phone numbers of those who download this rich material. With this acquired data, you can have an overview of the type of person who is interested in your content or infoproduct.

In addition, you get a basis for studying ways to reach this audience. And you can even use this data to contact the lead through email marketing and build a closer relationship with them.

At first, you might not believe that landing pages are capable of generating so many results. But understanding the elements used in its structure, it is possible to see the reasons why this method is so efficient.

How is a landing page structured?

Now that you know the meaning of a landing page, it’s time to get to know the fundamentals that cannot be missing from a successful conversion page. It is worth noting that these items can be customized according to the role of the LP. Follow up!


Studies indicate that people read the title and subtitle first before continuing to read the content.

This means you need to create creative and engaging headlines to get visitors interested in your offering.

Furthermore, they must be aligned with the content to prevent the audience from becoming frustrated with it.


It is also necessary for the LP to have a form for data submission, that is, for conversion. Keep in mind that it’s not ideal to demand too much information from the lead.

In that case, less is more, otherwise, people don’t fill it. Therefore, most of the time asking for the name, telephone number and e-mail is enough.

Visual identity

The construction of your landing page layout is also very important, as it is a visual element that catches the audience’s attention.

For this, use colours and letters related to your brand.

As well as insert images aligned with your visual identity.

But remember not to overdo the elements, as a heavily polluted page often doesn’t get the expected results.


A call to action is a call to action. That is, you use to encourage people to take some action after reading your landing page content.

Remember, it needs to be aligned with your conversion page goal.

Just as an imperative phrase like “Download now” should be.

Persuasive content

Make a great description of your offer. In this case, there are good practices that indicate that you should use bullet points, short sentences, and direct language, among others.

Also, it is important to talk about the benefits they offer will provide to the audience, as well as using mental triggers such as social proof.

If you want to learn more about how to build a landing page that converts, watch this video prepared by the HeroSpark marketing team:

What are landing page types?

In addition to knowing the meaning of a landing page, it is important to know the most common types used in the digital market. This way, you will know which one to use in each marketing action. See what the LP types are, below.

Capture page

This type of landing page serves to capture people’s data to turn them into leads. In that case, there is an offer of rich material, such as a webinar or an e-book.

But to download it you need to fill in a form with your name, email and telephone number. Thus, you can create a base of leads to use in your email marketing strategies.

Pending confirmation page

This type of LP is used to help your lead to do a certain action. Do you know that email you receive to confirm your registration when you fill out a request on the website or blog to receive a newsletter?

So it contains a pending confirmation page. This landing page is very useful to direct the lead to do what you need to get the expected results.

Sales page

A sales or checkout page is a one-page website that offers a digital product or service to its audience.

It should contain a very detailed description of your solution so that it attracts people’s attention.

It is noteworthy that it is important to include the benefits provided by it, as well as testimonials from satisfied customers.

Thank you page

Also known as a thank you page, it is used to finish a conversion. Therefore, this landing page is always sent after any kind of LP. In this case, you thank the user for the action taken and then offer other relevant content or a new offer or digital product.

What is the difference between a sales page and an online store?

As we have seen, the sales page is a type of landing page. It serves to present the offer of a unique product or service. Usually, you will find a detailed description of the solution and a button to make the purchase in it.

In an online store or e-commerce, it is possible to sell a portfolio with different products and services. In this case, there is a page to describe the solution and another to checkout, i.e., finalize the purchase.

It is worth noting that the LP can be done through platforms available on the Internet. On the other hand, the online store needs technical support, that is, you need to hire a developer to create the website, as well as provide maintenance if necessary.

But, after all, what is the best option? It depends on your need. For example, if you only have one product, initially you don’t need to create an e-commerce site, as the sales page will help you fulfil your objective.

However, if you have multi-products, the ideal is to look for one to develop and build a well-structured e-commerce that offers a good shopping experience to your customers.

Why is it important to have a good landing page?

The landing page is essential for the growth of a digital business, as it is through it that you can get to know who your leads are. And from this information, it is possible to create more targeted strategies.

Just as you have at hand the list of people who are interested in your digital products or your content. Thus, there is the possibility of sending a sequence of emails to strengthen the relationship until they become your customers.

Therefore, LP is a great digital marketing strategy. Therefore, all content producers need to know its structure, as well as learn to use it in their daily lives.

Now that you know the meaning of the landing page, how about downloading our e-book with 67 headlines to insert on your sales page? This way, you’ll be able to attract the audience’s attention and, still, achieve the expected results.