Infoproduct platform: how to choose?

In this era of education and online income, having or not a good infoproduct platform can determine the direction of a digital business. There are those who earn R$50 million with a single online course, as there are those who only earn R$1500 in revenue.

Between these two extremes, there are a multitude of factors, and among them is probably the platform used for the processes involved with the digital product.

As you read this article, you’ll know why to invest in digital products, what criteria to use, and what makes HeroSpark a good platform choice. Good reading!

Why have an infoproduct platform?

Distance learning has been consolidated, in this period of social distance, as a flexible learning method that offers more quality in the process.

After all, students can attend classes at home, following their own schedule and at their own pace. Apart from other innovations, such as gamified content, varied file formats, etc.

Even unlike more common products or commodities, digital education products have the potential to create businesses from scratch or significantly transform them.

In addition to these advantages for the consumer, who is an infoproducer also enjoys the privilege of geographic and time freedom. It also escapes the headache of dealing with inventory, high taxes and physical spaces.

Other benefits of digital products are:

High profit margin

No matter how complete and complex your digital product becomes, knowing how to price, the profit margin is guaranteed. Expenses with traffic and with the platforms themselves are very small compared to the sale price.

More free time

Every time you finish creating an infoproduct, you have hours to create another, study, whatever. The sale will continue on its own and there will no longer be a need to waste time on the product—unless it is mentoring.

Infinite sale

As long as the product exists on the market, it can be sold without any problems. Preferably, it is advisable that you update and improve the content over time. But there are those who don’t do this and keep selling.

Encapsulated market

Encapsulates are physical products that have caught on with some digital entrepreneurs. They are different from medicines and you can order them from a company in the field, which already offers the ready-made formula, at a certain cost and sell them with a large profit margin.

That’s why advertisements for collagen, supplements and other capsules are constantly appearing on the networks.

This niche is pretty hot and accepts affiliates, but keep in mind that there is still spending on advertising, influence marketing, and organic traffic.

Therefore, creating and distributing a product, whether physical or digital, especially in competitive markets, also points to the need to have a good platform. She is the main connection between the brand and the students/customers.

How to choose the best infoproduct platform?

In this market, there are already many options for digital product platform. Find out some of the most relevant criteria to make the right choice:


What varies the most between platforms are exactly the features they offer. See what they are:

Sales management with analytics reports and dashboards

The sales tracking functionality is essential to monitor project results, so knowing what the product’s strengths and weaknesses are, what public objections make it difficult to close the purchase, etc.

Having a sales pipeline and a data dashboard, therefore, is increasingly significant functionality in this age of data.

Affiliate marketing

It is the user network that helps to sell the infoproduct and earn a commission amount.

Affiliates drive digital product numbers and, for small digital entrepreneurs, can be an alternative to saving money on ad campaigns.

Consulting and mentoring

The infoproduct market usually attracts newbies to digital marketing. The reason for this is that many people have knowledge and finally decide to pass it on to the public in a scalable way. For this reason, offering training and consulting services can be an important feature of an infoproduct platform.

Sale of physical products

Some platforms also sell physical products, in addition to digital ones, such as encapsulated ones.

The downside is that the company may have as much focus, neither on the info-product nor on the physical product, and have a less than qualified service.

Commercial fees and costs

The financial impact is what matters most to people, right? The platform may be impeccable, but if the price is much higher than expected, the search for other options will continue. Typically, fees vary in these ranges:

  • 3 to 50% of the sales value, commission;
  • Fee from R$1 to 2.49 per sale.

Some platforms charge only the commission, others only the fee, but most combine the two charging modes.

Redemption terms

These are the periods of time that platforms offer for the entrepreneur to withdraw money from product sales.

It is possible to find periods that vary from the snapshot (on the fly, via Pix), as much as 45 days. Many factors can determine this deadline, especially the types of applications involved with payments.

Reputation in Claim Here

Another interesting criterion to be evaluated is the brand’s reputation or popularity on consumer review sites. The grades in Reclame Aqui, on the platforms, have ranged from 6.2 to 9.1.

In addition, you can search the brand’s social networks, see if it deletes or responds to negative comments, etc.


All platforms have their features, but you can look for which ones are the most original and which specific audience they can help.

How to take advantage of the features of an infoproduct platform?

Each of these features mentioned can have an important role in the final result of your business with digital products.


For example, a good sales process often takes place in two possible paths: direct sales with a landing page or nutrition flow, via email marketing.

Thus, it would be strategic to have a platform that, in addition to marketing the product itself, would also contribute to these processes.

Diversity of Infoproducts

On the platform, what kind of digital products can you create and sell? It is important to explore different formats, at first, to get to know the students and find out what types of infoproducts most contribute to their learning.

And the same goes for your point of view: study the launches and understand what kind of infoproduct best fits your business model. In an ideal scenario, releases could be made on the same platform to avoid bias in this assessment.

Why use HeroSpark to create and distribute an infoproduct?

HeroSpark solves, in one place, several needs of those who have an infoproduct. Not only is it complete, it’s integrated and secure.

In these ‘all in one’ tool, you have the following solutions:

  • Creating a sales funnel;
  • Members area itself, for the creation of the online course;
  • SparkPay, HeroSpark’s payment system;
  • SparkStart, a training program for the digital entrepreneur who has never had a digital product or wants to learn how to sell it better.

All these features can be tested free of charge for a limited time. Fees and redemption terms are competitive and you can attest to all of this by knowing the products of customers who have already used the platform.

Thus, making a good choice of infoproduct platform is starting on the right foot and building the foundation of a thriving digital business. Therefore, keep in mind the criteria we mentioned here and try to make your decision with awareness.