How to work with digital marketing: foolproof tips

Digital marketing is formed by a set of strategies aimed at online sales. Do you know how to start working with digital marketing?

The areas of digital marketing through SEO, content marketing and email marketing, help to attract customers in the digital world, strengthen your brand and expand your network of contacts. To work with digital marketing, you need to be analytical thinking and master social media.

These strategies consist of using digital media (blogs, emails and social networks, for example) to personalize the company/target audience’s communication. This is true for the different areas of digital marketing. The focus is to offer valuable services that solve people’s problems, according to the context (social, economic, geographic) in which they are inserted. And, with that, convert them into customers.

It is a social exchange process. When an article on your blog answers someone’s question, that person has great chances to use your site other times and, who knows, maybe be interested in purchasing your infoproduct. It is a two-way street: you help and you are helped.

Working with digital marketing: the importance of the Internet

The Internet is increasingly the protagonist of our lives. In the same way as “those who are not seen, are not remembered”, those who are not on the Internet are invisible to the competition. With the diversity of purchase options today, it is essential to draw attention. So, take advantage of all the resources available in the digital environment to reach the potential customer.

If you still don’t know how to start working with digital marketing, keep reading our article and see what is essential to know to even enter the digital market, which is full of infoproduct sales opportunities: courses, e-books and templates are some examples.

How to work with digital marketing: see tips


No planning, nothing done. Set goals to be met in the short, medium and long term. Before, know “where” you want to go, “why”, “how” and what results to get. Draw communication, attraction and customer retention strategies.

Analyze the metrics, including the return generated by your traffic (organic and paid). If you don’t look at your stock reports, it’s impossible to have a benchmark. Therefore, there will be no way to measure your profits and your performance in the market.


The persona or avatar is a specific concept, in which there are details regarding the potential buyer’s work and daily life. It’s a semi-fictional profile based on your ideal consumer. So, do some in-depth research on your target audience (likes, age, and lifestyle). Working with digital marketing is to segment actions to save time, money and achieve goals.

Online presence

This is command number one for anyone who wants to find out how to start working with digital marketing. Don’t put your info-products up for sale and sit around waiting for the money to come into your account.

Try to update your website constantly, guide the visitor to access other sections of the blog, as well as social media. Regardless of the marketing area, strive to build links with the audience and deliver solutions.

Pay attention to the online presence on mobile devices (mobile), as your website must have a responsive design, adapted to mobile phones, since purchases mediated by these devices have grown a lot.

Social networks

It is necessary to be aware of the main characteristic of the network(s) you choose. Instagram, for example, is an image platform, so selling through Instagram requires some particularities. So be mindful of the look and harmonize your posts feed with a color palette that suits your brand’s style and niche.

LinkedIn is a corporate network, focused on texts, certifications and achievements. There, you can publicize a webinar or an interview you have given to the media. This is related to the next tip.


When you have a headache or a fever, you go to the doctor, an authority on the subject, to find out how to solve it, right? The same goes for digital marketing. More and more, people turn to the Internet in search of answers to their questions. Just as they are looking for an expert to care for their health, they are looking for an authority, among the areas of digital marketing, to learn.

So, how to start working with digital marketing? Invest in knowledge and technical notions in your area. This conveys credibility to the customer.

Working with digital marketing: how to be an authority

  • Develop a content plan;
  • Build a publishing calendar;
  • Study your niche, take courses and specializations;
    Compare your marketing strategy with your competition;
  • Bonus: Do you have a book or academic article related to your market? Share with your customers and/or followers on the Internet. This shows that you are someone who is trustworthy, an expert.

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Content production

The production of valuable content is the “gold mine” of digital marketing. With a defined avatar, think of information and tips that would be helpful and relevant.

Don’t let the quality of your texts drop and bet on creative posts for social media with matching images. Recording videos on different platforms (YouTube, IGTV, reels etc.) is also a good alternative. Working with digital marketing requires dedication and resilience.


In addition to a relevant topic that responds to the pains of the lead or the customer, it is essential to “write the way search engines like”. That’s what Search Engine Optimization is for.

It fits in with organic traffic (spontaneous, free) and is crucial to consolidating your brand on the Internet and having a better chance of being found. Keep an eye out for trends in SEO. In paid traffic, there is an effort to create ads based on the profile of the target audience, so that they appear to the right people, who have a strong intention to buy what you offer.

The keywords, headings (H1, H2, H3, hyperlinks, multimedia material (photo, audio, video), short paragraphs and a well – structured text relative to the semantic and syntactic, are attributes that win any browser and attract leads.

Also, invest in copywriting mental triggers that touch the potential buyer. The digital marketer must put himself in the audience’s shoes: most people want to consume cohesive and coherent material.

E-mail marketing

Email is more “alive” than ever. In this strategy, you trigger messages (product ads, promotions and news from the niche) to cultivate the relationship between you and your customer, in addition to convincing and selling more.

To measure the effectiveness of this method, it is possible to track the reach of emails, the spam rate and the open rate. There are automation tools that can help. More and more companies and marketing agencies are using email marketing.

It was possible to see the importance of knowing how to work with digital marketing and how content marketing and presence on social networks are great allies of the digital world. You’ve just noticed that the various areas of digital marketing offer good tools for your business to grow.

Knowing how to start working with digital marketing means more chances of being seen and recognized as a reference in the market. Don’t sell a product, but the benefit it provides.

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