How to win subscribers on youtube: tips for 2021

Faced with so many content options, the question often arises: how to gain subscribers on YouTube? The answer is not simple.

Just like any other social media, it takes a lot of work to gain a large audience, given the number of stimuli people are exposed to every day on the Internet.

However, the results acquired for your brand can be incredible and even become your main source of income. Also because, according to data released by HubSpot, 78% of people watch videos every week, which increases the possibility of being successful on this network.

In this article, we’ll feature 8 tips on how to earn YouTube subscribers, plus a bonus tip at the end.

1. Use keywords

Did you know that keywords also work on YouTube’s search engine and not just Google? That’s right! In addition, Google also presents YouTube results when users search for it.

The chance of your videos appearing in searches is greater if you can use SEO techniques — which include your keyword — in the description and title of the video.

For example, when searching on Google itself “what is over-delivery”, the first result that appears (until the date this article was published) is a YouTube video, precisely because of the description.

The description of the video is important for the SEO of the Youtube Channel. | Image: Reproduction

2. Create attractive thumbnails

YouTube uses analytics for some metrics to recommend your video to others. Therefore, if the algorithm perceives a high rate of clicks and viewers’ retention, the tendency is to deliver to more users.

And what does this have to do with attractive thumbnails? Imagine that you are at the mall and you are faced with an ugly and disorganized window. The tendency is not even to enter that store, isn’t it? However, when the window is attractive, you tend to enter the store.

Likewise with the YouTube audience. The better the thumbnail, the more likely people are to be interested in consuming the content. Thus, if the content is good, your channel will gain subscribers.

3. Use hot topics

Your YouTube channel doesn’t have to become a gossip space or anything like that. However, it is important to address some topics that are related to your niche or, even if not, you can use your creativity and make some relationships.

Another tip is to make videos that other channels are also making, such as the old “VEDA” and “Draw My Life”, which attracted many new subscribers. That’s because the video style became famous and viewers looked directly for them.

Hot topics reach a peak in demand. To identify them, we indicate the use of Google Trends. But don’t get caught up in being always on the lookout for trends, so you don’t get forced.

4. Promote to your target audience

Instagram, TikTok, Telegram, Newsletter and Facebook. These are just a few of the different channels people are on at the same time. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to follow the profile of brands and professionals they like on all social networks.

So, when posting a video on YouTube, also share it in the other channels you have contact with the target audience. The more the audience perceives that you are frequent and bring good approaches, the more they will be interested in subscribing to your channel.

But be careful, use common sense. For example, if there are publications every day, it will be tiring for the audience to see it every day. Thus, it is important to dose this disclosure outside of YouTube.

5. Give useful tips

In 2021, people are more at home and venturing into doing new things, which often requires the search for “how to do this thing?” It is true that many answers are already on the internet, but there is still a lot of space for those who innovate and produce content. In fact, the growth of social networks is just beginning.

If within your niche, you deliver a lot of quality content, people will subscribe to the channel so they won’t miss any more tips or forget your channel’s name when they need it.

Also, with the high retention rate, YouTube tends to recommend your videos to more users who are interested in the topics covered. This further increases the possibility of being found by potential new entrants.

6. Be authentic

As we talked about in the previous tip, it is likely that many answers are already on the internet. However, if you are authentic and bring the answers in a different way, you will reach many loyal subscribers who will follow your channel.

For example, there are YouTubers who make animated videos or even drawings on paper. This different way of presenting can catch the attention of users looking for something different from the ordinary.

7. Do collabs

When a friend or family member indicates something, the possibility of you buying is greater than if you simply saw an ad on the internet, isn’t it? The same happens with collaborations.

Collab is the partnership between brands to link the name of one another. With this, the visibility of both increases and conquers a new audience. As such, brands that make videos on YouTube together can reach new subscribers.

In addition to these joint projects, it is also possible to conduct interviews — in person or online — with people who have the same target audience as you. Probably, the person will publicize the interview on their own channels, which will attract visitors to their profile.

8. Reinforce the importance of people signing up

A Call to Action (CTA) — or Call to Action — is what directs the people who are following you. For some, it may be obvious how important it is to subscribe to channels they are interested in, but for others, it may not be.

So always do a CTA in the middle and one at the end of the video asking them to subscribe. Avoid doing this before starting the video, as the audience doesn’t even know if they liked you and are likely not to follow through. Rather, use the first few minutes to get the viewer’s attention.

The call to action is not about asking viewers to like the video, comment, share, subscribe and more. Focus on what you have as a goal — in this case, the subscribers — because the excess of stimuli ends up confusing and the public may not do anything that was asked. When the CTA is objective, the person doesn’t even hesitate to do it.

Bonus tip: Beware of hacks

It is common to find promises of growth in a short time through shortcuts, such as gaining YouTube subscribers that are paid or trading profiles that already have many subscribers. Apparently, it’s a great idea, but besides the channel being banned by YouTube, it’s still going to ruin all your credibility.

Make your channel grow little by little, but through practices that bring a qualified audience. Also because it’s no use having many numbers if they are people who are not interested in purchasing anything you may offer.

Also, your metrics will drop as most subscribers will likely not watch, like or comment on your videos. As a result, your content will not rank well on YouTube.

Now that you know how to win YouTube subscribers, put your ideas into practice and start enjoying the results. It is noteworthy that growth is gradual, but that it can be very large if there is consistency and quality. With that, your digital marketing work tends to be a success!