How to partner on Instagram: 5 tips

How to partner on Instagram is one of the biggest questions for those who work with the Internet. A digital influencer has an audience engaged with content on social media. For this reason, he is able to influence the acquisitions and behaviours of the people who accompany him.

This professional can be a great ally of companies when it comes to promoting their products and services. After all, it’s on the Internet that most — if not all — of the people who are inside the avatar of your digital business.

As you can see, knowing strategies to close partnerships on Instagram is essential, not only with influencers but also with other brands, through comarketing.

In this post, you will understand what a partnership is and the importance of dissemination on the social network. In addition, we’ll give you five digital marketing tips for partnering with other Instagram profiles. So here we go!

What is a partnership?

A partnership on Instagram works as a kind of agreement between a digital influencer, from micro-influencers to mega influencers, and a company that wants to promote its brand in some way. Or even between two brands.

Everything works and varies according to the purpose of the partnership, including the amounts and payment methods for each advertising action. The influencer often looks for brands that provide a space for growth, in addition to products that help in the production of online content.

In the case of companies, most want to link the image and engagement of the influencer or other brand with their product or service and, thus, create a good image for the audience.

Who can be considered a digital influencer?

When studying how to close partnerships on Instagram, the number of account followers will certainly be a determining factor in the choice. There is no exact rule on what can be considered an influencer or not.

Currently, it is not enough to have many followers, digital authority is another strong requirement. However, we have some information according to the number of followers to help you rank more specifically. Here are the two most common categories of digital influencers:

  • Mega influencers: have more than 1 million followers and certainly a high power of engagement;
  • Micro influencers: are those who accumulate from 10 thousand to 100 thousand followers. Usually, these have more delimited niches and reach a more specific audience in a more intense and accurate way. Therefore, they are an interesting and accessible way to reach your company’s target audience.

5 tips on how to partner on Instagram

1. Define your goals

To get partnerships on Instagram, you need to define what your brand’s goals are with it. Do you want to sell a specific product, expand brand awareness as a whole or surprise your customers with a differentiated action on the social network?

The partnership’s strategy changes according to its intention. So, it’s good to think about this before you start looking for a digital influencer to integrate the action. In addition, having prior planning when getting partners on Instagram makes a difference, conveys credibility and security.

2. Keep your business’s social network active

It will be more difficult for an influencer (or even companies that have the same audience) to accept the partnership if your brand’s social network is stopped, without periodic and quality content. For this type of strategy to make sense to both parties, invest in content production for the company’s networks frequently.

Another important point is to encourage the engagement of your followers. Creating a brand’s own hashtag is also a good way to occupy social networks, as it expands the reach of posts and allows monitoring the performance of your Instagram profile.

By the way, if you want to know how to get more followers on Instagram, check out the video below:

3. Consider offering a media kit

A media kit is a tool for the commercial presentation of your brand or its portal. This is a way to present your service to the digital influencer in order to show the benefits of partnering with your digital business. The same goes for those who work on the internet and want to close trades and advertising with other brands.

Typically, the media kit is made in PDF file format and slides. The goal is to convince you that promoting your products is something positive not only for you but for the digital influencer or other partner as well.

Therefore, it must contain important information, such as a brief description of the business, the profile of the audience, what the partnership will bring positively, among other elements. This will make it easier to understand how to partner on Instagram.

4. Seek a partner with values ​​aligned with your brand

This is a very important question when choosing a partner. Just like the partner company or the influencer, your brand has a series of values ​​and principles that guide its presence in the market and influence the consumer who is engaged.

For this reason, it is essential for the digital marketing of your business that the person who will promote your products is aligned with these principles and values. Thus, the partnership will be consistent with what your brand proposes to the world.

For example, if the disclosure is about a makeup course, it doesn’t make sense to partner with an influencer who doesn’t talk about the subject or, even worse, who openly demonstrates that he doesn’t like the use of these cosmetics.

The same goes for a brand that defends eco-friendly solutions with a partner that supports actions that intensify deforestation. In the two examples, the purpose is very different from each other. The choice must be consistent with the product, service, brand and partner.

5. Track and analyze the results of the action

During and after carrying out the actions of your partnership, it is essential to monitor the results they brought to the company. See if there has been any change in the number of followers and if the interaction has increased after advertising and partnerships, and measure Instagram metrics carefully.

So the next time you look at strategies for partnering on Instagram, it will be easier to see what went right and what could be improved. Metrics are essential throughout the partnership process.

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