How to make money on Instagram

Ever wonder how to make money on Instagram?

The digital transformation brought with it a new perspective on ways of working and building heritage. Not everything involves the traditional path of higher education diploma, employment regime and contribution retirement.

With the exception of some professions, many people manage to make money with social networks and save enough to guarantee private pension even without having 5 to 10 years of schooling in their history.

How to make money on Instagram: 11 ways to monetize your account

Instagram was created by a Brazilian software engineer named Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, another engineer, but American. In 2 years, Facebook bought the platform and heavy investments in giving a commercial side to the social network were intensified. Understand how to benefit from it and earn money.

1. Become an affiliate of some digital or physical product

In Affiliate Marketing, you sell a digital product from another entrepreneur, or a physical product from a store, and receive a commission for the sale. It is feasible to sell both in a mixed, personal and professional profile, as well as in a niched profile for the product.

So, to illustrate, you have an Instagram about literature. Alternate your regular content with targeted posts to links to online creative writing courses and/or Amazon books, an example of a company that has an affiliate program.

2. Create an online store in the app

Instead of renting a point and selling in person, take pictures of the products, post them on Instagram and close sales there. The application has stickers that boost e-commerce accounts, automatic responses to streamline service and an exclusive section for you to place items with prices.

If you provide services such as manicures, technical assistance, among others, share them on the network as well. Follow profiles and hashtags related to the region you serve and engage locals.

3. Drop shipping

Drop shipping is an alternative model of e-commerce. In it, you advertise a product, close the sale, and order the item from the supplier and he sends it to the customer. Thus, you outsource the costs and processes involved with inventory and shipping.

Most of the products come from China and neighbouring countries because they are cheap, have excellent transport logistics and are quite differentiated. So avoid selling bags, watches and other common objects. Instead, order innovative items such as kitchen accessories, modern pet toys, etc.

4. Create a detachment profile

Almost everyone does books they no longer read, newly bought clothes that have never been worn, electronics leaning against video game consoles and cameras, and more.

Therefore, a good idea is to have an Instagram for the sale of these detachments. The user base is more trustworthy than that of used product sites, such as OLX and Mercado Livre, and you can count on your friends’ help to spread the word.

5. Sell Your Close Friends

Do you understand a lot about a subject? Create Close Friends and talk about it to followers who show interest. If you find that the feedback is positive, consider ways to improve the quality of that content so you can monetize it.

When your profile has been on the network for a long time and you already follow more than a thousand people, while more than a thousand individuals follow you, it is really difficult to keep track of each user. At Close Friends, this is possible, which is another justification for you to use this resource with strategy.

6. Take Reels course

Every now and then Instagram releases new features and one of them was Reels, a video resource very similar to TikTok. The catch is that a lot of people find it difficult to produce this type of content: both because of the type of subject that must be addressed with it, and because of the issue of editing.

As Reels is a tool ‘valued’ by the algorithm, many people decided to ride this wave: dominate the functionality and sell consultancies or online courses teaching how to make Reels that sell.

7. Create filters

Before Reels, filters were the best resource for moving an Instagram profile. Today it is still because many filter creators reinvent themselves, create versions of TikTok filters for Instagram, among others.

Filters help to dialogue with customers, can generate more followers, provide millions of impressions, standardize stories, strengthen brand identity, etc. For all that, many people are willing to pay to have a custom filter.

Facebook has a free course on how to make filters, just take the training.

8. Publicize services

Are you a digital entrepreneur outside of Instagram? Create an audience, help them and thus get more customers.

Designer, video maker, social media, agency owner, and co-producer: all these areas, which are also 100% online, benefit from an account focused on the dissemination of these services that someone always needs.

9. Sell your profile

You know that 13-year-old cousin of yours who loves internet memes? Even he can make money on Instagram! Just create an entertainment account, which is one of the most profitable types of profiles on the platform, make it grow quickly and sell it. Hyeser Souza, who became a social media strategist and partner of big business, started like this.

For the buyer, the idea of ​​acquiring an account previously managed by someone else may not be the best one. But the practice is quite common and doesn’t break any Instagram rules.

10. Become a digital influencer

It’s a tip that’s a little more difficult to put into practice, but it’s completely valid. That’s because, in most cases, it’s a long way to go to become a digital influencer — the user who receives payments and/or products from companies in exchange for profile disclosure.

The most common path adopted is, once again, to consistently create entertainment — whether with memes, lifestyle or ‘reality shows’ from everyday life in the stories, as Carlinhos Maia did and managed to establish himself as a businessman.

11. Become a brand ambassador or partner

The digital influencer can also be a brand ambassador or brand ambassador. For this, it is necessary to know a certain company in depth, share its vision and values, and also propose to help consumers solve any problems with the company in question. Therefore, the ambassador can also be just an employee or a special customer.

The partner, on the other hand, unlike the influencer who proposes to receive a closed payment from a sponsored post, is the entrepreneur who manages to have, in exchange for recurring disclosures, a percentage of a company’s profits. Anitta and Thiago Nigro, for example, are great Instagrammers who decided to go down that path.

Understand how to make money on Instagram? The platform has several options, for those who are starting and for those who already have authority, so enjoy this phase!