How to create an infoproduct in 7 steps

If you went online looking for information on how to create an infoproduct to sell, you’ve come to the right place.

Creating an infoproduct, in the beginning, can be difficult, we know that. But don’t be too worried. Follow all the tips that we will bring along this article and start putting together your project for a digital product to sell today.

By the time you reach the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what you’ll need to start creating a digital product and earn a lot of money from it. First of all, first of all, let’s talk about what a digital product is.

Digital product – what is it

Infoproduct or, popularly known as a digital product is, in fact, a type of product that is developed in digital format and its distribution is also done over the internet, for example:

  1. Ebooks;
  2. Online courses ;
  3. Audiobooks;
  4. Membership programs etc.

In other words, the main objective in creating an infoproduct is to help, in some way, the customer to solve a problem he has and, consequently, clear any kind of doubt. Furthermore, they serve for these people to gain new knowledge. Some of the subjects that an infoproduct can cover are, for example:

  1. First steps to playing the guitar;
  2. How to make healthy candy for your pet;
  3. How to decrease abdominal fat after childbirth;
  4. Learn to draw anime;
  5. Delicious truffle recipes for sale;
  6. Healthy sweets for children’s parties;
  7. How to care for curls;
  8. Learn to organize the house;
  9. How to care for orchids.

The subjects are quite varied, so use your knowledge and result in the increase of your money earnings on the internet sharing with people what you have mastered.

It is also a possibility for you to partner with a person who is an expert in the field, so you can pay for the content to be created or translate and license a product of foreign origin.

Infoproduct – Formats

A single infoproduct can take on multiple formats, and you can choose a specific format to get the attention of a specific group of customers. The main formats are, for example:

  • ebook format

sell ebook infoproduct

To create an infoproduct in this format, it is important to remember that a job of developing quality texts is involved, after finalizing it and making it available for download. It is possible for the customer to download the product, which in this case is an e-book, to read on any mobile device such as mobile phone, tablet, Kindle or on a computer.

The cost to produce an e-book is low, which makes it an excellent alternative for those just starting out in the digital products market.

Most importantly, to start developing an e-book, you will only need a text editor. You can use Google’s text editor, Google docs, which is free.

To design our e-book, you can also use free tools. Also, you can use a free tool to create a cool design on your product, which in this case is Canva. Many people don’t know how to make an ebook on Canva, however, this is a super quick and intuitive process.

  • Video format for classes “courses and training”

Another popular format in which infoproducts are created is video classes for customer courses or training. In other words, it’s what we know as an online course.

You can take these video lessons in two ways, for example:

1. The first way to create these online classes as an infoproduct is to structure the content of the classes you are going to record and then record the videos using your cell phone or a professional camera if available. Remembering that before making the videos available for sale, make a good edit.

2. The second way you can record video lessons to sell is through screencasts, which are videos recorded directly from your computer screen.

  • Audiobook format

Audiobooks are narrated books, usually, they are available in MP3 format. To produce this type of format it is necessary to create a script first.

Likewise, if you have already created an e-book, you can use it as a script type to produce your audiobook.

Then it will be necessary to record the audio with good sound quality and a pleasant narration. You can do your own narration or hire someone who is professional to narrate them. It takes a good organization to create an infoproduct in this format, so give it your best shot.

  • Membership program format 

In this type of format, program members sign a contract that allows them to access the content made available by the members program after paying the subscription, whether monthly or annually.

The content that is made available to subscribing members ranges from podcasts to audiobooks, video lessons and e-books. These contents will be stored on the online platform and for as long as the subscription is in effect, as a result, the member will be able to access all the materials on the platform freely.

Digital Products – Advantages

Among the main advantages of creating an infoproduct we can mention, for example:

  1. It is not necessary to invest a lot of money;
  2. The sale, purchase and payment process is automated by digital product sales platforms;
  3. Once you’ve created an infoproduct, you won’t need to spend to produce more.

Now see our 7 steps to create an infoproduct

  • Choose a theme

The first step is to choose what will be the theme of your infoproduct before creating it, preferably a theme that solves a problem or helps to reduce the pain of the public.

Note: people’s main interest will not be in your product itself, but in what it will bring benefits to them.


  • Define the target audience

target audience to sell infoproduct

You must decide who your infoproduct will be destined for. Use parameters such as age, lifestyle, gender or economic standard to choose your targets and then decide which strategies to use to reach them. Remembering that when creating an infoproduct, these issues need to be taken into account.

  • Choose a format

The next step is to decide in which format you will create your infoproduct, the most important thing is that you take into account the best way to transmit the content in question, you can add more than one format in just one product.

  • Creation and revision

Once your digital product is created, using all our tips, review! Reviewing is the best way to know where you can improve before launching your product. In short, this is one of the most important steps to follow.

  • Set a price

The next step is to define a price that your infoproduct will have. Likewise, always take into account your target audience, the cost it will have to produce, to market it and to be paid to affiliates.

  • Sales page

After following the other steps, you will need to create a specific page to sell your infoproduct. Also, on this page, you will have your copy, a description of your product and buttons that will redirect you to the sales platform.

  • Choice of platform

The seventh, and last step, is to choose which platform you will sell your infoproduct on. This choice is very important and should be taken with caution, so study very carefully about the main platforms in the market for digital products.