How to capture leads: 6 foolproof steps

If you want to have a successful business investing in digital marketing, knowing how to capture leads is critical. The leads are basically possible buyers of your brand.

Do you know those people who show interest in your product or service? They are your leads or potential customers.

The more leads you have, the more likely you are to sell. And that’s what you want, isn’t it? But how to do this?

In this post you will find foolproof steps for your business to become a real machine for new leads. Are you curious? So keep watching!

How to capture leads: basic elements

Before we get into the tips, it’s important that you understand how the lead generation process works. It can take many forms. But, in all of them, there are fundamental elements, which are:

Landing page

It is the page where the user lands when he clicks on an advertisement. In it, he fills in the data (such as name, surname and e-mail) to receive a product or service.

The landing page can be used to advertise your products/services, but it also has another important function: capturing relevant data from potential customers (called leads).

With HeroSpark you can easily create your landing page, host online courses and automate emails in a single tool.


The form is where the user fills in the data. It is important that it be simple, direct and streamlined so that your potential client does not get tired and give up on passing information along the way.


CTA is an acronym in English that means call-to-action (call to action). This call indicates what the user must do, such as “register your e-mail”, “fill in your data”, among others.

How to capture leads in six steps

Now that you know what the basics of capturing are, it’s time to check out the 6 foolproof steps to generate leads.

Offer quality content

Offering qualified content is the foundation of the process. This is the main way to attract and direct people to your product or service.

But it is important to consider that, in first contact, the consumer does not want to know details about your product. First of all, he needs to know his own needs and then find out how your product or service can help him.

For example, if you start your customer contact by talking about the amazing sunscreen your company offers, it may not get their attention, making communication inefficient.

Now, if the contact brings content that says experts recommend the use of sunscreen every day, as both the haze and the artificial lights emit radiation that can cause blemishes, premature ageing and even cancer, your client’s chance to be interested in knowing your product becomes much bigger.

So, give advice, tips and offer assistance. This process is time-consuming, but brings very positive returns.

Define the channels used

Digital marketing provides several channels that can be used in your lead capture strategy. The main ones are:


This is the main tool used by those who carry out Content Marketing strategies. The blog has the potential to help your company gain authority in your industry, by sharing quality content.

In addition, the blog helps your site to be at the top of search engines, if it has a proper SEO (search engine optimization).

But getting hits on your articles won’t let you in on people, right? Therefore, posts must include attractive CTAs, which arouse the interest of readers to click on landing page links.

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing can be used to make personalized offers for products/services and establish a closer relationship with your contact base.

But remember that no one likes to have their inbox always full of spam. Send messages only to those who requested and select a few days of the month to send.

Paid media

Yes, web advertisements can also be used to generate leads. The most used platforms are Google Ads and Facebook Ads. With them, you can take advantage of different media formats to promote your content.

Your ad can drive people to your landing page and thus bring more contacts to your base.

Social media

How to capture leads without social media? Difficult. They support your content strategies and can also be used to gather information from followers.

For that, you need to create a closer relationship with them. Some ways are:

  • Start a direct message conversation and ask people to contact you;
  • Promote your blog articles so that, on the blog, users click on the landing page link to fill out the form;
  • Create Facebook groups to chat with your audience and generate more leads.

Social networks are rich tools that, if used with creativity and strategy, can make all the difference in your company’s marketing.

Optimize your content for people to find you

It’s no secret that, when someone has a question, the first reaction is to rush to “ask Google”.

Your company can take advantage of this to answer these questions through quality content and, of course, a product or service.

How to generate leads this way? Using tools and strategies to drive traffic. In other words, you need to get Google to show your site in the first search results.

Invest in SEO strategies, do term research and use a keyword planner to find out what questions your audience is asking. Here are some tips from the HeroSpark marketing team to optimize your content:

Create e-books

Even if your blog hosts many articles, you can use e-books to provide deeper content, delivering even more value to your potential customers.

When you deliver more in-depth content about your company’s knowledge related to the industry, you become a reference in the subject.

Furthermore, the e-book tends to become viral content, due to its ease of sharing. If it really adds value to people’s lives, it is more likely to be shared voluntarily.

An e-book shared on social networks and indicated via links on other websites and blogs is more likely to be well positioned in search engines.

You can provide the link to the material on your landing page and request user data for the download to be released. It’s an exchange process.

Always leave your forms in sight

As mentioned above, it is through the form that the user will send information to become a lead.

Therefore, always leave it in sight, that is, in a prominent position on your blog, landing page, website, among others.

Also, take every opportunity to promote your landing page. This way, you have a much better chance of bringing more people to your base.

Create CTAs that are impossible to ignore

In the digital universe, companies and people are constantly vying for the attention of their stakeholders. Therefore, it is not enough to offer content, it is necessary to be persuasive to make people consume it.