How to Build a Profitable Sales Funnel Using SparkFunnels PRO

Chances are you’ve heard the term “sales funnel” and, if you’re in the digital world, you may even have a sense of how one works. However, most entrepreneurs face a barrier when creating a digital business: how to create a sales funnel that earns a high income. But SparkFunnels PRO will solve this problem for you!

But calm down, as I said, this doubt is present in the minds of many entrepreneurs. And it was with this difficulty in mind that HeroSpark developed SparkFunnels, a tool capable of making life easier for every digital producer.

In early 2020 we launched the Survey of Digital Business 2020, among other data, this report showed that 42% of digital entrepreneurs have difficulties in the sales part.

That is, they go through the entire process of creating a business. From choosing the niche and developing the persona, to creating a CNPJ and hiring employees, but they get stuck in sales. Or rather, in the absence of sales.

SparkFunnels PRO, the solution for an efficient sales funnel

SparkFunnels is HeroSpark’s sales funnel, landing page creation and email automation tool. We have a free version and now we also launch a PRO version, for those entrepreneurs who have a bigger ambition in the digital market.

With the free version of SparkFunnels, obviously, it is possible for a digital producer to be able to take their first steps in the online universe. After all, with this version, you can create unlimited LPs, in addition to generating unlimited leads. The free plan also has ready-made email automation and unified metrics tracking.

However, if you want to leverage your sales and create an efficient sales funnel capable of selling automatically, you need to know about the PRO version of SparkFunnels. We at al-jalil garden housing soceity are here to help. Among the biggest advantages of this plan are:

Create Unlimited Email Campaigns for Your Leads

While in the free version of SparkFunnels you are “stuck” to pre-established emails at each stage of the funnel used, with the PRO version it is possible to create unlimited campaigns. These campaigns are email marketing automation that you can create and send to your entire lead base, regardless of which funnel those leads are in.

This Campaign option allows you to keep your lead base warm and always nurtured by content and offers. In addition, you can send regular emails, ie, outside of automation, to your entire lead base.

Import unlimited emails

With the PRO version not only can you import emails from other campaigns and funnels, you can also import and export unlimited leads.

If you already use another funnel creation and automation tool, it’s possible that you take all the backup you already have there and bring it to SparkFunnels PRO. In addition, you can export leads into. CSV spreadsheets to create a monthly history if your business is interested.

Stream Live Webinar

Have you ever imagined creating an LP inviting leads to a webinar, capturing the emails from those leads, creating email streams and, on top of that, broadcasting the webinar using just one tool? Well then, that’s exactly what SparkFunnels PRO does!

With the free version you can do up to 2 hours of native broadcast or, if you prefer, you can integrate with an external platform. In the PRO plan, however, there is no such time limitation and, to top it off, your webinars are still recorded after the transmission.

Manage your Leads

SparkFunnels allows you to create not just a sales funnel, but unlimited funnels. In other words, you can create several funnels and manage your leads between them.

For example, you can create a funnel to capture leads by distributing a free ebook. A few weeks later you can take that list and move it to another funnel when you’re going to launch a product or something.

Analyze Metrics and Results

SparkFunnels PRO allows you to analyze metrics and results from every step of your sales funnel. In addition, you can have an overview of your funnel through easy-to-access and intuitive Dashboards.

The metrics analysis process is critical to a successful marketing strategy, as these metrics are responses that lead give to your content. In other words, it’s almost as if you had a conversation with whoever is following you.

Advisory Support

Have consultants and experts available full-time. In doubt about publishing your landing page? Is your free ebook button not working? Problems with the webinar? No problem, a HeroSpark specialist will help you resolve this issue.

SparkFunnels has an internal chat, that is, an open communication channel between you, your team and HeroSpark. There, doubts and inquiries are answered much faster than by email or social networks.

Exclusive funnel for launches

In recent years, one thing that has become very famous is digital releases. Entrepreneur Erico Rocha consolidated the “launch formula” here in Brazil and, without a shadow of a doubt, this strategy has been showing many results. However, it is not easy to create an efficient launch sequence capable of converting high values.

But don’t worry, SparkFunnels solves that for you too! The PRO version has an exclusive sales funnel: the Launch Funnel. Based on the experience of our specialists and customers, we have developed our own funnel for those who want to work with releases.

This funnel has 6 steps and more than 30 emails ready. These emails were thought of as mental triggers like scarcity, urgency, anticipation and social proof. In other words, you already have a whole strategy designed, you just need to switch to the data relevant to your business and start launching it.

All this in one place!

And best of all, you can do it all using a single platform!

Most entrepreneurs need to hire between three and five platforms to create a sales funnel. You need a tool for creating a landing page and automating emails, another for broadcasting webinars, as well as a tool for tracking metrics. With SparkFunnels you can have it all in one place without having to hire a marketing agency, designers or programmers.

This unification of tasks on a single platform is very important if the entrepreneur wants to create a scalable business. Because this ease of using the tool will give the producer time to focus on things fundamental to the business, such as content and distribution.

Uncomplicated Sales Funnel

SparkFunnels PRO came to revolutionize what we know as the “sales funnel”. With all the certainty in the world, SparkFunnels is the fastest, easiest and cheapest solution for anyone looking to create an efficient sales funnel.

Creating a sales funnel shouldn’t be something complex, however, with the number of options that exist in the market, it ended up becoming a veritable 7-headed bug. Many companies waste days and, in some cases, months creating a sales funnel. Because, in addition to hiring several platforms, it is necessary to integrate all of them and look for specialists who know how to do this.

SparkFunnels shortens this path, as all functionalities are already integrated. And with an easy and intuitive interface, it also shortens the path of having to rely on experts to do a given task. The entrepreneur himself manages to configure his funnel and put it to run immediately.