Have you ever thought about teaching on the Internet? See how HeroSpark can help you

Teaching on the Internet is no longer a mere trend along with the social isolation, resulting from the covid-19 pandemic, which took part of society to the home office. But, did you know that it is possible to take an online course to talk about the subject you dominate and still profit from it?

In this post, we will tell you how to earn money on the Internet with the help of HeroSpark. 

Teaching on the internet became the best option

Remote learning is very positive for those who want to teach on the internet! With the practicality of getting extra income, several companies started to invest in the creation of infoproducts.

Online course platforms are very practical for those seeking knowledge, as they provide greater time flexibility and convenience, save time and money, and offer a wide range of subjects and purposes.

Many entrepreneurs are innovating and looking for other sources of income. The online course market has become an alternative source of income. Comprehensive, teaching on the internet can be a great way to share knowledge and skills and, best of all, profit from it!

The increase in demand for online courses

According to a survey carried out by Google, there was a 130% increase in the search for online courses.

Another interesting data, raised by the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (INEP), indicates that around 1.7 million students enrolled in remote classes during quarantine.

This shows a vast operating market ready to be explored. About a year after the Covid-19 outbreak began, even with the creation of vaccines, the situation appears to be far from over.

Several countries are once again making lockdowns, which can lead the economy to suffer a major recession, which according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), tends to cause the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of countries to fall by around 3%.

It is possible to make money on the internet with an online course

How to earn money on the Internet?

Is it possible to teach on the internet and still guarantee my source of income? For sure! That’s HeroSpark’s mission: to transform all knowledge into high-impact technology ventures.

Through a dynamic, experienced and complete platform, the company brings together people who have something to teach with those looking to expand their knowledge. All this through the development of tools and the support of a community formed by entrepreneurs.

Present in 21 countries, it makes infoproduct creators have their courses spread throughout the world. It offers both mentoring and professional courses in order to allow everyone to share the subject they are experts on.

For not having experience in the field, it is common for some people to be afraid about the success of the online course. Therefore, HeroSpark provides a structure that gives all the necessary resources for the product to triumph:

  • dissemination of essential knowledge for creating a digital business
  • tool to implement and obtain the first sales
  • support and networking teams.

Check out each tool available on HeroSpark to teach on the internet below!


Turning clicks into money is a dream of many people! This task may seem difficult and time-consuming, but with the right strategies, it is possible. With that in mind, HeroSpark created SparkFunnels, a tool for building sales funnels and digital results.

With the SparkFunnels tool, it is possible to assemble your company’s sales funnel fund in less than 5 minutes, without depending on designers, programmers or agencies.

SparkFunnels offers:

Landing pages: creating pages that convert leads through an easy editor, with several ready-mades and validated templates

Email triggering: sending emails with an automation feature integrated in your sales funnel from templates used by the largest digital producers

Streaming webinars: live streams and lead generation or sales right from the browser

Tracking results: metrics and lead management in one place.


  • Speed ​​and practicality: sales funnel made in 5 minutes
  • Investment savings: there is no spending on programming, marketing, design or hosting to create the sales funnel
  • Metrics and results: monitoring of all steps and data
  • Automation and integration: sales funnel integrated with the sales platform, emails, landing pages and webinars.

You can purchase the SparkFunnels tool starter service for free or the PRO (full) service. Simplify your sales process in just three steps:

  • Choose your funnel model
  • Manage your leads
  • Track your results.

Click here and sign up for the SparkFunnels tool!


Within SparkMembers, it is possible to have your online course published in the HeroSpark member’s area. This guarantees 100% security, stability and ease of use. Furthermore, it is possible to use videos, audio, PDFs and many other contents in a rich environment.

SparkMembers offers:

Full member’s area: easy-to-use environment, with multiple students who receive access and consume content in a simple and unique way

Automated Certificate Delivery: This part is super simple! Just choose from the many customizable templates available and, thus, certify the students who complete your course online.


SparkPay is a payment platform that uses 100% integrated checkout. In other words, you charge and receive payments with complete security. Among the advantages, it offers:

  • Current Market Conversion Tactics
  • Access to everything with just 1 click
  • Integration: information about your company’s transactions will be available on the platform itself integrated with SparkFunnels and SparkMembers
  • HeroSpark Support: exclusive area with a specialized team to answer questions about payments on the platform.

How does the payment work?

The SparkPay platform makes it easy to charge and pay for your online courses or e-books. Just create your account, enter your bank details and financial information. Thus, you will not depend on any other tool to collect your students.

When making a sale you will receive a notification in your email. Your student will have access and the money will be visible on their dashboard within the HeroSpark platform. The current rate is 9.9% and the amount can be withdrawn on D+30.


Now, if your goal is to master digital entrepreneurship and learn the strategies that will make your business profitable, the SparkStart free course is the best option. It’s actually a 2-in-1 combo: SparkStart + SparkFunnels.

Like this? Well, the purpose of HeroSpark’s online course is to teach you the strategies necessary to create a profitable digital product (SparkStart) and provide the right tool to start your first sales (SparkFunnels).

This is the complete package for those who want to take ideas off the paper, know how to make money on the internet, have the right tool at their disposal to create the sales funnel and, of course, start selling. Before, for R$697 and now for R$0.00 (FREE)!