Girl’s Room: +95 Awesome Decor Models to Get Inspired

For many parents, decorating their children’s room means making a dream come true. After all, they want to receive the child with love and affection, and they understand that having a beautiful and comfortable place for the little ones is also a way to show their care. Therefore, being able to plan and decorate a girl’s room is a goal for many people.

The problem is that many people don’t know where to start thinking about decorating this children’s room. It is noteworthy that a girl’s room is not the same thing as a nursery. We are talking about a period of childhood when the child is beginning to understand how the world works, is learning to express and interact socially.

In addition, the girl has different needs depending on her stage of development, and this needs to be reflected in the choices that will be made to decorate her room. Given this and the doubts that may arise when planning a girl’s room, we decided to share this article with useful tips and model ideas to help you decorate this environment.

Girl’s Room Decorating Tips

The first step in decorating a girl’s room is to choose the decor theme. This choice depends on the child’s age and the durability you expect from this decoration. In general, investing in colors, character references and simple or classic decor is always a good idea.

However, if you are looking for a decoration that is durable, that is, one that can be adapted to other phases of the girl’s life, it is better to invest in timeless colors, simple furniture and decorative objects that can be easily changed or changed.

And talking about furniture, remember that they need to be adapted to the needs of each age group. So, for example, it’s no use using a high bed in a room that will be used by a very young girl. Also, remember that a child’s bedroom is a place of rest and play. Therefore, it must bring together elements that provide both moments.

With that in mind, to help you choose all the decor details, in the next topics we will explain the main aspects of creating a girl’s room, which needs to be beautiful and functional.

Image 1: Girl’s room with delicate decoration in pink and gray.

Pink and lilac girl bedroom.

Choose the color palette

When it comes to decorating a girl’s bedroom, the most used color palette includes white and pink or white and lilac, as they are colors that allow the creation of a delicate and feminine environment. However, you can also create a pleasant environment for children using other colors, such as yellow, blue, gray, green, among other colors. You are free to use your creativity to use different colors to decorate your daughter’s dream room!

However, remember that the type of decoration and colors used must be appropriate for the child’s age group. A girl who is almost into her teens may not like a room with lots of colorful decorations, for example. Think about it and talk to the girl who will use the room before taking your project off the paper.

Image 2: Another room with delicate decoration, but this time with pink and white. In this case, the room is intended for a girl who is almost entering adolescence.

Pink and white decor.

Image 3: As in the previous example, this room is also intended for a girl in her 10s. Therefore, the gray and lilac colors fit well in this decoration.

Lilac and gray decor.

Image 4: In this case, the pink objects provide the touch of color that was missing in an all-white environment.

Delicate and romantic girl's bedroom.

Image 5: In this girl’s room, purple stands out in the decoration, including the wallpaper.

Simple white and purple decor.

Image 6: However, you can use a color palette that uses yellow and still have a delicate girl’s room.

Yellow girl's bedroom with two beds for sisters.

Image 7: But you can also choose to use only white in your decor.

Girl's white bedroom.

Image 8: Another very common color combination includes white and blue, as in the example below.

Children's decor with blue.

Image 9: But you can also decorate the girl’s room using several complementary colors like pink and blue.

Girl's bedroom with colorful decor.

Image 10: You can also decorate your room with neutral colors, with a little color just in the objects. In this case, pink was used in pillows and bedding.

Romantic and delicate decoration.

Wallpaper for a girl’s room

Using a decorated wallpaper is a beautiful and inexpensive way to make a girl’s room more beautiful and inviting. In general, in children’s rooms, more delicate and discreet prints are used, such as light colors, floral designs and geometric prints.

However, you can also use a more modern print, with exposed brick, for example. With that in mind, check out the images below with rooms decorated with different wallpapers.

Image 11: Flowered wallpaper is always a good choice for a girl’s bedroom, especially for creating a delicate atmosphere.

Decorated with delicate wallpaper.

Image 12: But you can also bet on a colorful wallpaper, with a print of colorful birds.

Children's decoration with wallpaper with colorful birds.

Image 13: Another romantic and delicate girl’s bedroom with roses wallpaper. Even the pillows are produced with the same print.

Decorated with flowered wallpaper.

Image 14: If you want to innovate, you can use checkered wallpaper on shelves, niches and other spaces in the room.

Decorated with plaid wallpaper.

Image 15: But you can escape the traditional flowers and use a wallpaper with a more colorful print, as in the image below. Besides, you can also get this effect through wall painting.

Children's decor with wallpaper with flowers.

Image 16: In this room, the wallpaper was used to decorate this wall that would be empty. Without it, the result of the decoration would certainly be dull.

Decorated with simple flowery wallpaper.

Image 17: However, you can also use the exposed brick pattern wallpaper.

Girl's bedroom with white brick wallpaper.

Image 18: Using wallpaper with geometric print can be a modern way to decorate a girl’s room.

Decorated with geometric wallpaper.

Image 19: You can also use a polka dot pattern wallpaper or get the same effect by painting the walls. Also, see how this colorful wall painting makes the room more cheerful.

Decorated with painting on the wall.

Image 20: But you can also use a wallpaper with a discreet print.

Decorated with simple and unobtrusive wallpaper.

Escape the traditional!

But you don’t need to stick to colors traditionally considered delicate or childish. After all, the time when pink and lilac were the only colors used in a girl’s bedroom decor is over. In addition to the colors mentioned above, such as gray and blue, you can use strong colors, such as orange and black, or make unusual combinations, with yellow and green, for example.

However, remember to preferably use light or neutral colored furniture and apply the colors, especially if they are flashy, in the rest of the room. In addition, you can also combine these bold colors with other, more neutral colors, in order not to overshadow the look of the room.

In fact, it all depends on your expectation regarding the decoration of this room and, of course, if your goal is to create a very different room with a striking decoration, this is also allowed. Just be careful that the look doesn’t get too exaggerated.

Image 21: Use orange in your bedroom decor.

Decorated with gray and yellow.

Image 22: But you can also use the combination of green and blue in the girl’s room.

Blue and green girl bedroom.

Image 23: If the child is already 10-11 years old, it may also be a good idea to use a decoration like the one in the image, with red and white.

White and red girl bedroom.

Image 24: Another suggestion is to use gray and pink in the decoration, as in the photo below. Also, see how the room decoration makes the environment more modern.

Girl gray bedroom with white brick wallpaper.

Image 25: However, you can also use black and white colors, which are classic and timeless, in girl’s room decor.

Simple black and white decor.

Image 26: Using the exposed brick wall can also be a good idea in decorating a girl’s room.

Girl's room with exposed brick wall.

Image 27: However, you can also choose gray as the main color of your decor, combining gray with black and white elements.

Cottage bed and gray decor.

Image 28: A room that uses light green and yellow in its decoration can be delicate and cheerful.

Girl's room for sisters with yellow and white decor.

Picture 29: But if you want a modern room, you can mix different elements, such as the chandelier, the upholstered headboard and the wallpapers with different prints.

Girl's bedroom with blue wallpaper and upholstered headboard.

Image 30: You can also use black or dark wood in girl’s room decoration. Although not very common, the result of using this color can also be delicate and modern.

Girl's bedroom with black and blue decor.

Girl’s bedroom furniture

In children’s rooms, it is important that furniture is adapted to the children’s needs. Therefore, when decorating a girl’s room, you need to take into account the age and height of the room user, as well as what activities the child will develop inside the room. For example, if she is already at school, it may be necessary to install a desk in her room.

On the other hand, when it comes to the design of the furniture used, you can choose both traditional furniture, with straight lines, and planned furniture, in which case you will have greater freedom to organize the room, especially if the room is small. In addition, you can also invest in furniture with different materials and finishes, as long as they match the theme of your decor.

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See the examples of a girl’s bedroom that use different types of furniture in their decor.

Image 31: Invest in cabinets with chests of drawers so that children can keep their belongings, such as toys and books.

Girl's room for sisters.

Image 32: A girl also needs to study. Therefore, a desk can help children to play and study. Also, using this furniture can be a great way to decorate your room.

Decor with desk and beds for sisters.

Image 33: Using wooden furniture can help you create a more comfortable, simple and rustic environment.

Girl's bedroom with wooden bed and decorated wallpaper.

Image 34: But if you have little space, you can opt for custom furniture. In this case, even the bed was designed on cabinets, to take advantage of the environment.

Mena bedroom with built-in bed.

Image 35: Another option for those who have a small room is to use the bunk bed in the decoration, especially if the room will be shared by sisters.

White bunk bed for girl's room.

Image 36: You can also use a wooden bench, made as a planned furniture, to decorate this children’s room.

Designed girl's room with extended desk.

Image 37: But you can also use more natural looking furniture in your decor. In this case, the nightstand is made of bamboo and the headboard has a different design, in addition to being finished in fabric.

Bamboo nightstand and pink headboard.

Image 38: Using a chair with a different design can also be a good decoration option.

Children's decor with clouds wallpaper and decorated chair.

Picture 39: Have you ever thought about putting a swing in your room? In this room, it was possible to use the swing both as a decorative element and as a source of entertainment for the child.

Girl's bedroom with swing and lilac decor.

Image 40: But you can also use the traditional bed and nightstand, investing in other decor elements in the room. In this case, the stickers on the wall, as well as the light strings and other decorative objects, contributed to the creation of this girl’s room.

Girl's bedroom with pink decor and red upholstered bed.

Learn to use decorative objects

Decorative objects make all the difference in a girl’s bedroom. After all, they will be the main responsible for creating this childish and delicate environment. These objects should be chosen according to the theme of your decoration, the choice of color palette and the age of the girl who will be using the room.

In addition, generally objects such as dolls, books, baskets, boxes, pictures, stickers, pillows and toys in general are widely used to decorate the children’s room. Therefore, it is free to use your imagination and choose the necessary elements to compose the decoration of a girl’s bedroom.

Image 41: This girl’s room was decorated with simplicity, using the world of mermaids as a decoration reference, present in the painting and on the stickers on the wall.

Girl's bedroom with mermaid decor.

Image 42: In this girl’s room, even the cloth flags were used in the decoration, as well as decorated pictures on the wall, the embroidered curtain and the cozy armchair.

Children's decoration with little flags and frames.

Image 43: Another room that uses baby green as its main decoration color. In addition, dolls, a painting, a lampshade, among other objects, are used to create this delicate atmosphere.

Delicate decoration with baby green and white.

Image 44: In this environment, the heads of teddy bears hanging on the wall draw attention and decorate the room.

Decoration with teddy bear.

Image 45: But you can also use a light sign in the girl’s room. In this case, the sign used is small and has a wooden base.

Girl's bedroom with bright sign and butterflies.

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Image 46: Using a bed curtain can help create the princess atmosphere your daughter deserves.

Pink girl's bedroom with delicate curtain.

Image 47: But you can also use dolls, vases, picture frames and other decorative items to fill the niches and shelves present in the environment, as in the example below.

Children's decoration with wooden panel and niches with toys.

Image 48: Investing in themed bedding, as well as decorative objects that follow a color pattern, helps a lot in decorating a girl’s room. Note that, in the case of the example below, a decorated mirror and even a set of sofas proportional to the child’s size were used.

Princess children's decoration.

Image 49: In this case, the niches inserted in the wall, the suspended television and the yellow nightstand, contributed to the creation of this modern environment.

Girl's room with niches built into the wall.

Image 50: However, you can also use colorful objects to decorate your room. In the example below, even the chandelier is colored, as are the niches and cushions.

Child's decoration with colorful chandelier.

Pictures for a girl’s room

One of the simplest and easiest ways to improve a girl’s bedroom decor is through the use of decorative frames. You can buy ready-made frames or frame posters, phrases and pictures that you have printed at home. Or you can use drawings and even paintings on the wall to achieve the same effect.

Also, if you don’t want to spend on painting or wallpaper, you can simply use these items in your decor, to create a more delicate and fun room. See the selection of decorated rooms below that use paintings in the composition of the environment.

Image 51: Using a set of frames above the headboard can make a difference in the room’s decor.

Girl's bedroom with princess decor.

Image 52: But you can also choose paintings or stickers to decorate the girl’s room.

Girl's bedroom decorated with fabrics.

Image 53: If the girl’s room has two beds, you can use the colored frames to mark the division between the spaces.

Frame for a girl's bedroom with two beds.

Image 54: Another decoration option is to use drawings or printed images attached to the wall.

Girl's room decorated with illustrations.

Image 55: In this room, the ballerina table helps to compose the romantic decoration of the environment.

Children's decoration with ballet frame.

Image 56: Yet another example of how decorative frames are an excellent option to be fixed above the headboard. Also, see that the pictures on the frames match the stickers used on the wall.

Frame for pink girl's bedroom.

Image 57: But you can also use a decorated and modern frame in your decoration.

Children's decoration with pink and green.

Image 58: Using a set of frames or picture frames with drawings can also help you decorate a girl’s room.

Girl's bedroom with delicate frames.

Image 59: In addition, you can also frame posters and phrases to use them in decoration, as in the example below.

Children's decor with blue and pink frames.

Image 60: In this room, even the colored frames, without any drawing or photo, were used in the composition of the environment.

Modern children's room.

Girl’s bedroom rug

Another decorative element that can transform the decoration of the environment is the rug, which can have different shapes and different composition materials. Plus, being a versatile item, it can be used in almost any type of decor you choose.

As with furniture, pay attention to the age group and the needs of the child who will use the room and choose a rug that adds to the functionality and beauty of the environment.

Image 61: If the girl is very young, using a rubberized and colorful rug can be a beautiful and practical option to be used in your decoration.

Children's decoration with rubberized mat.

Image 62: The play mat is another useful option for decorating and for child’s play. But it’s important that the interactive rug matches the rest of the room’s decor.

Pink and lilac girl bedroom with fun rug.

Image 63: However, using one or two simple rugs can also work in the room’s decoration, depending on the other objects used.

Children's decor with simple rug.

Image 64: But you can also use colorful rugs to color the girl’s room even more. Note that, in this example, the colors used were pink and green, which are also present in other decorative items in the room.

Pink childish decor with colorful rug.

Image 65: But if you want a classic princess decor, in addition to the decorated furniture and bedding, it’s worth investing in long pile rugs to cover the bedroom floor.

Girl's bedroom with princess decor and high-pile rug.

Image 66: Another example of how the long haired rug contributes to decoration.

Delicate girl's room with high hair.

Image 67: The simple rug with a geometric print, usually associated with a more adult decoration, can also be used in a girl’s bedroom.

Delicate girl's bedroom with geometric print rug.

Image 68: In this example, the simple rug also made a difference in this room decorated with a cloud theme.

Girl's room with delicate decoration, clouds and simple rug.

Image 69: In this themed girl’s room, with a decor that resembles the seabed, the pattern on the rug matches the wallpaper used.

Girl's bedroom with wallpaper with sea animal print.

Image 70: But you can also use a simple and round rug, with medium pile, to compose the decoration of your girl’s room.

A girl's bedroom with delicate pink and white decor, with a round, medium-pile rug.

Girl’s bedroom lamp

A good lighting project can transform any room, including a girl’s bedroom. This is because lighting fixtures can help create a more delicate and cozy environment for the child. In addition, these lighting objects can be used as decorative items, as you can see in the images below.

So, if you can, invest in lighting fixtures that can add to your room’s decor, such as lampshades, hanging pendants, LED spots on the ceiling and shelves, modern lighting fixtures, fiber optic lighting or chandeliers. That’s right, the chandeliers can also be used in the children’s room and can make the environment even more beautiful.

Check out the examples below of rooms with light fixtures that make a difference in decor:

Image 71: Despite being a children’s room, you can use a modern chandelier in the decoration.

Girl's bedroom with modern chandelier.

Image 72: Another example of a girl’s bedroom decorated with a modern chandelier and lamp.

Children's decor with modern chandelier.

Image 73: But you can also use a special designed lamp, like the one in the image, which resembles flowers.

Girl's bedroom with modern chandelier.

Image 74: How about using hanging pendants in the form of clouds? In this room, the presence of this type of lamp made all the difference in the decoration.

Girl's bedroom with cloud lamp.

Image 75: But you can also use plasterboard in the girl’s room decoration. In this case, they used the work on the ceiling to install the plaster molding and LED spots.

Girl's bedroom with plaster molding.

Image 76: In this room, they used a modern central lamp, in addition to fiber optic lighting, forming these points of light on the wall and ceiling.

Children's decor with fiber optic lighting.

Image 77: However, you can also use a fun chandelier in the decoration, like the one in the image below. In addition, you can use LED spots on the shelves, which is a good way to highlight your room’s decorative objects.

Girl's room with fun chandelier and shelves lit with LED spots.

Image 78: Wall lamps are also excellent options to decorate your girl’s room.

Girl's bedroom with modern chandelier and wall lamp.

Image 79: But you can also use the traditional chandelier in your decor, in addition to using indirect light and lampshades in your lighting project.

Princess girl's bedroom with chandelier and indirect lighting.

Image 80: Using a chandelier with a design that matches the rest of the decor will make a difference in your girl’s room.

Colorful children's decor with modern chandelier and LED spots.

+ 15 girl room models to inspire you

If you still haven’t found the girl’s bedroom model you want, then you need to check out this selection with different environments to get ideas and plan your decor.

Image 81: To decorate a girl’s room in a classic and delicate way, it’s worth investing in rustic furniture and white color in your decor.

Delicate girl's bedroom with rustic furniture.

Picture 82: Another classically decorated room, reminiscent of the Baroque decor style, with a beautiful and delicate decor using pastel tones.

Princess girl bedroom with modern chandelier.

Image 83: But you can also opt for a simpler decoration, using wallpaper and neutral tones such as pink. Note that, in this example, even an upholstered side headboard was used.

Children's decor with patterned wallpaper.

Image 84: The bed in the shape of a house is a hit among the youngest, especially because it encourages the imagination. You can use this piece of furniture to compose a decoration using a palette that includes green, gray, pink and white.

White and green girl bedroom with little house bed.

Image 85: A bunk bed that has a bed and a little house upstairs can be successful in a girl’s room, especially if it also has a slide to play with.

Children's bunk with bed and slide.

Image 86: You can also use the print of dots, or polka dots, in the decoration of your planned children’s room.

Pink and gray girl's bedroom with dot decoration.

Image 87: You can also decorate the bedroom ceiling using wallpaper or paint. The result can be beautiful, as in the example below.

Children's decor with decorated lining and bunk bed.

Image 88: It is also possible to obtain a modern girl’s room using custom furniture. For example, in the room below the bed is behind a wooden partition that resembles a cloud.

Girl's room with modern and colorful decor.

Image 89: A delicate girl’s bedroom, with rustic furniture and romantic decor, can also be a good idea for a girl’s bedroom.

Ballet-inspired decor.

Image 90: You can also use black in your girl’s room decor. Although black is a strong color that conveys seriousness, in association with the right elements and balance, the result can be a beautiful and modern environment.

Girl's bedroom with red and black decor.

Image 91: But you can also opt for classic decor, with decorative elements with a light pink base, as well as rustic furniture.

Princess decoration with chandelier and flowery wallpaper.

Picture 92: In addition, you can also use a decorated mirror and modern acrylic chair in the girl’s room.

Girl's bedroom with flowered wallpaper and decorated mirror.

Image 93: However, it is also possible to decorate a girl’s room with delicacy using nude tones.

Girl's bedroom with classic and neutral decor.

Image 94: A girl’s room with two beds, for sisters, can also have a cozy and fun decoration. In this case, it is important to know how to use the available space well, so that children can use the space in comfort.

Girl room decoration for sisters.

Image 95: Combining a fun wallpaper with pictures and decorative objects, in addition to a light string, can also highlight the decor of a girl’s room.

Girl's room with fun wallpaper and light cord.

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