Gate Models: +80 Design Types to Inspire

The choice of the gate model is an important fundamental phase in the construction of the house’s facade or of the commerce, and often, the project for the property’s facade ends up being made according to the chosen gate, after all, it will need to meet basic needs, such as security and ease of handling.

Before choosing your gate model, you will need to analyze what type of opening will be most convenient for the space, what material is most viable and what type of model will best suit your needs.

Regardless of the model chosen, the main thing is that the gate is functional and safe and adds the chosen aesthetic to the facade of the property. Below we have selected some models and materials of gates for you to analyze.

Models and Types of Gates

There are several options of door models to choose from, the most common for homes with smaller facades are the tilting models, followed by the opening and split gates.

There are also the sliding or sliding models, they are more common in homes and buildings where there is more space, and since they need the same footage they have to be fully opened.

Image 1: Automatic swing gate made of iron structure. Overhead gates are ideal for places with limited opening space.

facade with black gate

Image 2: Automatic split wooden gate, makes the facade beautiful and elegant and guarantees the privacy of the residence.

wooden gate model

Image 3: Model of gate in white aluminum, contrasting with the gray facade and landscape project with iron stone and palm tree.

aluminum gate model

Image 4: Model of hollow gate in white aluminum, counterpoint with social gate and wooden truss.

white swing gate model

Image 5: Automatic wooden gate with hinged opening, the dark varnished wood makes the facade modern and sober

black modern facade

Automatic gate

The automatic gate is one of the most popular models, as it combines practicality, comfort and safety. The automatic models allow the resident to trigger the opening of the gate from inside the car, promoting a faster and safer entrance to the garage.

Regardless of whether the gate is sliding, tilting, split or opening, it is possible to install the motor so that there is automatic opening and closing of the gate. Obviously, having an automatic gate requires a bigger investment, so make sure you think you really need this type of device in your gate.

Image 6: Iron Gate with swinging opening, note that the social gate is integrated into the main gate and has a cutout for a mailbox.

swinging iron gate model

Image 7: White aluminum gate, with a 3D panel on the facade and light gray paint.

aluminum gate model

Image 8: Automatic aluminum gate with white electrostatic painting, the hollow model makes the façade and the landscaping project lighter.

plain white and beige facade

Image 9: Automatic sliding gate model made in metal and painted black. The pilasters received sconces to brighten the façade.

iron sliding gate model

Image 10: Automatic wooden model, fully closed, ensuring privacy and security for the interior of the residence.

swinging wooden gate model

Manual gate

For those who do not want to invest a lot in an automated gate, it is possible to install one of the models below, with manual opening. This type of gate model does not offer the same practicality as automatic gates, but, on the other hand, they have a lower investment cost.

For those who choose a manual model, it may be worth investing in good lighting for the gate area, in order to increase the security of the place.

Image 11: Manual model made of iron and with arabesque work, the classic style of the gate makes the facade of the house sober and elegant.

black open gate template

Image 12: Manual sliding gate, made of iron and painted white. Ideal for places where there is space for such an opening.

manual sliding gate model

Image 13: Rustic varnished wood gate, metals and country-style latch give the gate personality.

manual opening wooden gate model

Image 14: Another classic style model, made of iron and with a frontal opening, ideal for larger and more refined facades.

imposing classical facade

Image 15: In this house, there is no space for a car, but even so the green aluminum gate has a front opening and is separate from the social gate.

colored aluminum gate model

Opening gate

The open models fell a little out of use with the popularization of the tilting models, since this model requires space for the full opening of the gate, while the tilting models do not occupy lateral space.

But, if you still want an open model, it is possible to make it articulated, besides, this model can be ideal for sloping terrain, and smaller spans.

Image 16: Different model, this gate opens outwards because it is on a rugged terrain, made of steel and painted black, it brought sobriety to the facade.

rough terrain gate model

Image 17: Classic and simple gate model, made of wood with light gray paint, which left the façade more discreet.

wooden open gate model

Image 18: Differently, this opening gate is articulated so as not to take up space during opening, an intelligent solution for those who need a large gate and do not want to invest in automatic tippers.

iron and wood hinged gate model

Image 19: Another articulated model, painted white and gray, this gate facilitates the closing of large spans where there is no space for a sliding gate.

iron hinged gate model

Image 20: Classic style opening gate, made of wrought iron and with bars, the brown paintwork highlights the beige facade and makes the entrance elegant.

classic style house

Sliding gate

Sliding gates are widely used in larger places, as they need a space with the same footage as they have for their full opening. It can be installed either from the inside or from the outside, and be automatic or not.

The advantage offered by the sliding models is the practicality of use, making entry and exit from the garage faster. Below, we’ve separated some running models for you to see.

Image 21: Fully closed metal gate, painted black, sliding model, contrasting with the white facade.

black and white facade

Image 22: Gate with modern design, made of iron and white electrostatic painting, sliding model.

iron gate model with modern design

Image 23: Another example of a sliding gate made of iron and painted white, the highlight of this model is the glass details.

light green and white facade

Image 24: Barn style, this gate was made of wood and installed on the outside of the façade, taking advantage of the wall space for opening.

barn sliding gate model

Image 25: Similar to the previous one, this model made of wood preferred to use two sheets to make the opening and closing.

two-leaf sliding gate model

Swing gate

Undoubtedly, it is the most popular model for properties where the façade does not have space for sliding or opening gates, this type of gate opens upwards and may or may not have the social gate integrated and be automated or not.

The biggest requirement for this model of gate is that the space has enough height and air space to fully open the gate. Below are some examples of this gate model.

Image 26: Traditional model, with embossed details made in the same material, this swing gate has an integrated social gate.

simple white swing gate model

Image 27: Aluminum gate model with hinged opening and embossed details.

open-up white gate

Image 28: Model of a modern gate, made of cast iron, highlighting the yellow details of the facade.

white and yellow house facade

Image 29: Iron Gate painted in black and with a hinged opening, the hollow details make the façade lighter without losing privacy.

black modern gate template

Image 30: Hinged opening gate with hollow grids at the ends, the brick columns provide the necessary support for the gate.

facade with column of bricks

Split gates

Similar to the tilting model, this model has an extra articulation in the gate to make up for the lack of space for opening the gate, being more used in places where the air space available for opening, as well as the height are insufficient for the full opening of the gate. Gate.

The extra articulation can either open inwards or outwards, this detail will depend on the space where the gate will be installed. Below are models and examples of split gates.

Image 31: Split gate made of iron and painted in hazelnut color, ideal model for smaller openings and with little height.

iron split gate

Image 32: Split opening model made of cast aluminum, the white paint contrasts with the textured paint on the façade.

white split gate model

Image 33: Split gates made of wood, great option for those who need to save space when opening and want privacy.

wooden split

Image 34: White split model gate, made of aluminum and with an integrated social gate.

white aluminum split gate

Image 35: White split gate with hollow details to let in light and ventilation, without losing privacy.

white aluminum split gate

Sliding Gate

The sliding model can be used both vertically and horizontally, it is more common to be automated, so that the sliding occurs easier and more practical, it is usually chosen for closing large spans and larger facades.

Image 36: Black sliding gate made of aluminum, note that for this model of gate it is necessary to have space for its full opening.

black sliding gate

Image 37: Gate with a design worked in metal and with an upper opening, note that the social gate is large and with a sliding model.

black gate worked with abstract design

Image 38: Iron Gate, with hollow design and sliding opening, note that it is not a garage door, but a gate to be part of the façade.

iron facade

Image 39: Another model with a different design and painted black, the gate slides upwards, in front opening.

black iron gate with floral design

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Image 40: Automatic sliding gate, made of wood and iron. The dark color of the varnish makes the façade discreet.

automatic sliding gate

Gate Materials

There are several types of materials for making gates, from the most traditional, such as iron and aluminum, to the most innovative, such as closed gates with blinded.

Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages, so evaluate well before choosing the material, remembering that some require more maintenance than others.

Image 41: Double gate in sliding model, made of aluminum and painted white, contrasting with the brown paint on the façade.

two-leaf sliding gate

Image 42: This model, worked in iron and imitating wood, slides up and is separated from the social gate.

iron gate imitating wood

Image 43: Wooden and iron gate with geometric design, with top sliding.

wood and iron sliding gate

Image 44: Original, this iron and glass gate has a sliding opening upwards and gives a view of the house’s facade.

Image 45: Hollow sliding gate, made of aluminum and with white paint, the motor at the top of the gate opens the two leaves automatically.

automatic double gate


One of the most common materials for the manufacture of gates is iron, the main attraction of this material is the cost, usually cheaper than aluminum and wood, and it offers versatility of use and can be worked with different designs and models.

Although the cost can be lower when compared to other materials, it requires painting and more frequent maintenance so that it is always in good condition and aesthetically beautiful.

Image 46: Iron Gate in Venetian model painted in black, opening is front and manual.

manual black gate

Image 47: Iron Gate with artistic appliqués and front opening, in a classic style, brings sophistication to the facade.

wrought iron gate

Image 48: Black Iron Gate with geometric design in relief, opening is swinging and automatic.

big black iron gate

Image 49: iron Gate with artistic details on the top and swinging opening.

wrought iron gate model

Image 50: Iron model with front opening and work in arabesques, leaving the facade elegant and sober.

model of wrought iron garage door


Wood, like iron, offers versatility in the design of the gate, however, the wood needs to be treated so that it can be exposed to the weather. Normally, wooden gates receive a layer of nautical varnish, which from time to time needs to be renewed so that the gate is always protected and looking good.

Image 51: Slatted wood gate with iron and automatic sliding opening. Ideal for large spaces.

automatic wooden gate model

Image 52: Open model made of wood and iron, with a lower height, showing the façade of the house without losing privacy.

low iron and wood gate

Image 53: Wooden gate with hinged opening, the model is separated from the social gate, which follows the same style.

automatic wooden gate model

Image 54: Automatic swing gate with glass details and black iron trim. Sober and elegant model for garage.

wooden gate model with glass

Image 55: Wood and iron make a good combination and are often used for garage doors. Sober and elegant model that guarantees privacy for the home.


With an initial cost higher than iron and wood, aluminum offers the advantage of not rusting and having a durability much superior to other materials. Aluminum suffers little wear when exposed to weather, and may or may not receive a layer of electrostatic paint, which is widely used today.

Image 56: Sliding gate made of aluminum and painted metallic gray, compounded with the gray of the wall, leaving the facade sober and discreet.

gray aluminum gate

Image 57: This residence chose a tilting model made of cast aluminum with white electrostatic paint.

swinging white aluminum gate

Image 58: Similar to the previous one, this gate has a hinged opening and is separate from the social entrance gate.

facade with grafito and white gate

Image 59: This facade received an aluminum gate painted in beet color, the opening is tilting and it is separated from the social gate.

colored facade

Image 60: Opening model made of aluminum and painted green, the social gate is integrated into the larger gate, the work cut into the upper part brings personality.

green aluminum gate to open


With a higher cost than other materials, steel offers durability and the possibility of thermal insulation, the great advantage of this material is resistance that it offers the gate structure and durability.

The disadvantage of this material is its weight, so before choosing steel as your gate’s material, make sure that the structure where it will be installed will support the gate’s weight.

Image 61: Another opener model, but this one was made of steel and gained large metal handles, the dark paint highlights the stone facade.

steel open gate

Image 62: Gate made of steel and painted brown with swinging opening and separate social gate.

tilting steel model

Image 63: Steel model, with gray paint, composing with a modern facade and lighting design.

modern facade

Image 64: This facade chose a gate made of steel and with geometric work in brown color, to compose the facade with clear losses and the glass closing of the balcony.

modern brown facade

Image 65: Large brown painted steel gate with gray appliqués for contrast. The opening slides from the outside.

worked gate


Very fashionable, the glass gates have their peculiarities, the great advantage of these models is the low maintenance, they do not require painting or treatment, aesthetically it is very beautiful and modern, and however, the cost of this type of gate can be very high. Another advantage is the ease of cleaning this material.

Although the glass for this gate model is made to be impact resistant, it is obviously a more fragile material than steel, iron or aluminum. Do a lot of research in your region for the values ​​for this type of gate, as they can vary greatly from one supplier to another.

Image 66: This house chose a large sliding gate made of green glass to highlight and show the facade and garden of the house.

 garage made of blindex

Image 67: Sliding gate made with white aluminum structure and blinded glass closure to make the garden and facade visible.

glass facade

Image 68: This commercial building chose an automatic sliding gate made with aluminum frame and white glass.

automatic glass gate

Image 69: Gate model with hinged opening, made with aluminum frames and glass closing.

swinging glass and aluminum gate

Image 70: Glass facade, with a sliding gate made with aluminum structure and green glass, highlighting the landscape design of the external area.

glass facade with glass gate

10 Gate Model Inspirations

Below we have separated ten more inspirations with different models of gates for you to analyze, always remember to research costs, materials and models before choosing your gate and make sure that it will meet your needs.

Image 71: Aluminum hollow gate with hinged opening, composing a discreet and sober facade.

modern and clean facade

Image 72: White automatic aluminum gate to highlight the facade painted in navy blue with stone detailing at the social entrance.

navy blue facade

Image 73: Steel sheet gate with sliding opening, modern and sober model for more sophisticated facades.

brown steel sliding gate

Image 74: Two-leaf gate with sliding opening and glass niches, ideal model for large facades.

simple house facade

Image 75: White aluminum garage door with hinged opening, painted white, contrasting with the black paint on the facade.

swinging white aluminum gate

Image 76: Hinged gate with integrated social gate, glass details and white paint.

simple house facade

Image 77: Facade with a low iron gate following the wall, a garage door with a swinging opening and a social gate in the background.

modern and minimalist facade

Image 78: Large gate, two leaves, with automatic sliding opening, made of varnished wood.

big wooden gate

Image 79: Silver aluminum gate with large glass windows, giving visibility to the interior of the residence.

aluminum gate with silver glass

Image 80: Large sliding gate, made of iron and painted in earth tone to highlight the large wooden facade and white walls.

big brown iron gate

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