Garage Coverage: +60 Awesome Ideas for your Home

To prevent the wear and tear of cars and their exposure to environmental weather, such as excessive sun and rain, many people want to install a garage cover. However, far beyond just protecting your vehicle, this coverage also needs to contribute to the ornamentation of the house’s façade. That’s why in this article we’ll introduce you to the roof types and several examples of amazing models that you can get inspired by and choose your own garage cover.

Types of Garage Coverage

There are several options for garage cover that you can use in your construction. They vary according to the type of material used and the form of installation, in addition to providing different effects on your home decor. Therefore, it is essential to know each one of them. So, in the next topics, we’ll introduce you to the main types of garage coverage.


The garage cover made of polycarbonate is one of the most used. Despite its apparent fragility, polycarbonate is a versatile and resistant material, standing out for its lightness. It can be installed together with various types of support structures such as wood and aluminum.

Furthermore, its use has the benefit of letting in natural light. However, it is necessary to carry out the installation and sealing correctly, to avoid the appearance of fungus. It is also good to remember that frequent cleaning is important to avoid the accumulation of dirt, which will impact the appearance

Image 1: The polycarbonate cover gives a modern and pleasant look to the space.

Polycarbonate garage cover.


Glass is a material that conveys elegance and sophistication, in addition to being used in modern structures and constructions. Although it also appears fragile, it is possible to use extremely resistant and safe versions of this material in its construction. However, to use it as a garage roof, it is also essential to choose resistant structures as support, such as steel.

In addition, this type of cover can also be used in other spaces, such as the winter garden, and it offers better acoustic comfort than that offered by polycarbonate.

Image 2: This glass cover was made in a metallic structure, making the house modern and with an innovative and differentiated look.

Cover for garage of glass with metallic structure.

Aluminum / Metallic

The garage cover made of aluminum or other metallic material, such as steel, is widely used in parking lots and shops, for example. Aluminum, in particular, stands out for being cheap, versatile, light and resistant, even against oxidation. In addition, it has good durability and can be installed on structures made with other types of metals, such as iron.

Image 3: The metal cover has a simple look and practical installation.

Garage cover with aluminum tiles.


Wood is a very versatile material in construction and can be used in the making of garage roofs. This type of material stands out for giving a rustic touch to the environment, but it can also be used to make the space more elegant and sophisticated. To avoid problems such as pests and moisture, it is essential to choose good quality wood.

Remember that you can also use a wooden structure and a glass or polycarbonate cover, for example. However, it is also possible to use a structure with only pergolas, for example.

Image 4: You can opt for the wooden roof, which leaves the space with a rustic and charming appearance.

Cover for garage with wooden beams.


The canvas garage cover stands out for having a more affordable price and its practicality, and can be used in a rented house, for example, since it can be disassembled and taken elsewhere. Also, it can be found in different colors, so it’s good to think about the impact of these colors on your façade decor. In the case of canvas, it is also important to use a good quality product, resistant to heat, and avoid coverings in straighter versions, which accumulate water.

Image 5: It is possible to choose a metallic structure as support for the installation of the canvas, leaving it with a more modern look.

Red canvas garage cover.

Retractable garage cover

The retractable garage cover is ideal for those looking for a functional and modern option. After all, it allows opening or closing according to the user’s taste. That way you can close it on rainy days and leave it open on a sunny day, for example. Usually this model is made to order, to use all the available space. In addition, there are manual and automatic options, with remote control, and it can be made of various materials, such as glass and canvas.

Image 6: The retractable cover draws attention as it makes the space more versatile in terms of its use.

Cover for retractable garage.

Garage roof with ceramic tiles

In addition to all the garage roof versions highlighted above, you can also opt for the more traditional version – the ceramic roof. In that case, you can build a custom roof for your garage. The advantage of this type of construction is the beauty, versatility and durability, especially because you can use different types of tiles and trims in your project. The disadvantage is that the work to install it takes longer and, depending on your project, it can be more expensive.

Image 7: For people who prefer a traditional look, it’s worth investing in the construction of a specific roof for the garage.

Garage cover with wood and ceramic structure.

+53 amazing garage roof ideas

We have prepared a selection of different types of coverage to help you choose the ideal model for your construction. Check it out below!

Image 8: Choose a decorated support structure to support your garage cover.

Metal structure to protect the car.

Image 9: Canvas cover is widely used in environments where you need to protect several cars.

Metal structure with canvas awning for cars.

Image 10: But you can also opt for a roof with galvanized steel tiles.

Metal structure with galvanized steel tiles for cars.

Image 11: The roof covering, with wooden pillars, is the best option for those who prefer a more traditional decoration.

Wooden and ceramic roof for car.

Image 12: In addition, it is possible to install a metallic structure with glass plates in your garage, making the environment more modern and interesting.

Project with metallic structure and glass for cars.

Image 13: However, for a more modern and lasting decoration, it is worth investing in a more robust metal structure and wooden lining.

Modern structure of concrete and wood for cars.

Image 14: But it is also possible to use a structure with wooden pergolas.

Wooden structure to protect cars.

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Image 15: A simple metallic structure can be useful for installing both the glass and polycarbonate cover.

Cover for metallic garage.

Image 16: The canvas awning type cover is also widely used in residential buildings.

Garage cover with gray canvas awning.

Image 17: However, you can replace the canvas with the glass frame.

Coverage for two-car glass garage.

Image 18: In this case, the structure is made of wood, but the cover is made of polycarbonate.

Garage cover with wood and polycarbonate structure.

Image 19: This example stands out for the roof built with wood and canvas, leaving this house with a modern and differentiated look.

Modern wooden garage cover.

Image 20: In compensation, in this example, the wooden structure was covered with metallic tiles.

Wooden garage cover with metallic tile.

Image 21: But you can also use an aluminum cover with a metalized and decorated support.

Cover for metallic garage with decorated structure.

Image 22: However, the wooden structure makes the look of your garage more rustic and cozy.

Wooden structure and tiles to protect cars.

Image 23: In addition to the wooden structure, it is possible to add a canvas as a cover.

Wooden structure and screen to protect cars.

Image 24: But you can also opt for the versatility of the retractable roofing cover.

Retractable polycarbonate frame to protect cars.

Image 25: The polycarbonate cover can be used in different situations.

White metallic structure with polycarbonate to protect cars.

Image 26: Like the previous example, this cover is also made of polycarbonate. However, it presents a structure with a straight design.

Straight polycarbonate structure to protect cars.

Image 27: However, if you are looking for a more elegant solution, you can invest in glass covers.

Metallic structure with glass to protect cars.

Image 28: And you can also use the glass cover to protect part of your garden.

External area with metallic structure and glass for protection.

Image 29: The retractable cover makes your construction look more modern.

Cover for retractable garage with metal structure.

Image 30: But you can also opt for a metallic structure with green canvas.

Green canvas garage cover.

Image 31: Polycarbonate roofing can also be an excellent choice for a modern look.

Cover for garage with metallic structure with polycarbonate.

Image 32: In addition, you can opt for a roof with metal frame and tiles.

Garage cover with metallic tile.

Image 33: On the other hand, this hollow concrete cover gives only a slight shading to the space.

Coverage for garage with concrete structure.

Image 34: But you can also opt for the white stainless steel tile covering.

Garage cover with white galvanized steel tiles.

Image 35: The wooden structure is an option for those looking not only for a covering, but also for a decorative element.

Cover for garage with wooden structure.

Image 36: But it is also possible to opt for the simplicity of the polycarbonate cover.

Retractable metal frame for protection.

Image 37: In this case, the wooden structure was covered by glass, leaving the environment with a more modern look.

Roof with wood and glass structure.

Image 38: You can install a glass cover in the garage area and on the porch around the house.

Roof with metallic and acrylic structure.

Image 39: In small spaces, the glass cover allows light to enter the space.

Metallic structure with glass to protect the car.

Image 40: However, you can still use a wooden structure that works as a sunshade.

Modern wood-frame house in the car area

Image 41: The roof with curved design and made with polycarbonate is also an interesting option for small spaces.

Metal structure with polycarbonate roof.

Image 42: In this example, the metallic structure with polycarbonate cover and the hanging garden made this environment much more modern and stripped down.

External area with metallic and acrylic structure.

Image 43: But you can also opt for a metallic structure painted and brown, resembling wood, and covered with bamboo.

Rustic house with wooden garage cover.

Image 44: Polycarbonate and glass roofs are widely used in housing developments.

Two-story house with glass garage cover.

Image 45: In addition, you can opt for a frosted glass cover.

Modern glass garage cover.

Image 46: It is also possible to use a decorated metallic structure as a support for the awning.

Garage cover with gray awning.

Image 47: But you can also opt for a stainless steel tile roof.

Simple house with metal garage cover.

Image 48: It is also possible to install a canvas awning in a small area.

White canvas garage cover.

Image 49: The structure with this arch allows for greater ventilation in the space.

Metal structure with polycarbonate roof at the entrance to the building.

Image 50: The polycarbonate cover also gives your home a modern look.

Roof with wooden structure and polycarbonate tiles.

Image 51: But you can opt for simpler covers, made of aluminum.

Cover for metallic garage.

Image 52: In this construction, the rustic wooden structure was covered with a straw canvas.

Rustic house with wooden structure to protect cars.

Image 53: But you can also use an elegantly designed aluminum cover.

Garage roof with metallic tiles.

Image 54: The polycarbonate cover also matches the rustic wooden structure.

Rustic wood structure and polycarbonate tiles.

Image 55: But you can also opt for a copper colored polycarbonate coating.

Garage cover with smoked polycarbonate awning.

Image 56: This cover is ideal to be used in your garage or in the leisure area.

House with polycarbonate garage cover.

Image 57: The type of structure you will choose as support makes all the difference in decoration. In this case, for example, the wooden fabric promotes a rustic and elegant look to the environment.

Simple house with wooden structure and polycarbonate tiles.

Image 58: In addition, it is possible to opt for a white and slightly curved metallic structure, which also gives more elegance to the space.

Garage cover with white awning.

Image 59: However, if you prefer a modern roof, you can be inspired by this example, which has a distinctive design and blue polycarbonate cover.

Modern garage cover with smoked polycarbonate.

Image 60: Another example of how canvas canopy works well in open garages and condominiums.

Garage cover with blue awning.

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