Gamer Room: 80 Ideas to Make Your Decor Awesome

The dream of many game fans is to have their own place to have fun, one that is well equipped and full of references to the universe of geek culture. Therefore, setting up a gamer room is on the wish list of many people passionate about this subject and looking for an ideal environment to spend a lot of time connected.

However, what a lot of people don’t know is that to build a fourth gamer of your dreams you have to think about many elements. It’s not enough to find the perfect super-powered computers, mice, bright keyboards, headphones and sound systems for your gaming experience.

In the same way that it is necessary to think about the set of decorative items for a planned double bedroom project , it is also essential to think about the gamer room decoration, which is full of specifics. And to help you in this project, we present you in this text more than 80 ideas to decorate your gamer’s dream room.

How to build a fourth gamer?

And right now you may be thinking: but where should I start? First, it’s important to keep in mind what your fourth gamer’s main focus is. Based on this reflection, it is possible to think about the rest of the project.

So, if you spend a lot of hours in this place, you will certainly need computers and equipment specific to that lifestyle. On the contrary, if your intention is an ideal environment for a hobby, you might not need that much equipment. Keeping this in mind will help you define the specific space for your gamer setup and will make a difference in the arrangement of the rest of the environment.

At the same time, it is important to remember that this room remains a place of rest and relaxation. Therefore, when designing your project, you need to think about how to combine these technologies with the decoration you want and the comfort you need.

With that in mind, in the next few topics we’ll detail each of the items to remember when designing gamer room decor, including lighting and decorative theme ideas.

Image 1: It is possible to build a fourth gamer of dreams like the one in this image and we will help you in this mission.

Gamer room with led tape and game and movie poster.

Gamer Room Setup

Now that you know how much time you’re going to spend playing, it’s time to think about your gamer setup, that is, the physical space where gamers work or simply play. This is where all the equipment, furniture and accessories you need to play come in.

At this point, it’s important to set a budget and know the technical details of the pc gamer and accessories, such as headphones and mouse, that you need to play. However, our focus in this article is to reflect on the arrangement of these objects in the room, thinking about the decoration for the gamer’s room.

In this sense, it is necessary to define a place in the room where the table where computers, monitors will be installed, which can be more than one, and your favorite accessories, can be accommodated.

Remembering that it is interesting that the place where the table and these equipment is installed is not against the bedroom window, so that the light does not interfere with viewing the monitor, and that the table is close to the sockets that will be used.

So, below we leave some setup ideas to inspire you when decorating your gamer room.

Image 2: The table is simple, but the gamer chair , the stylized cpu and the niches with themed dolls made the difference in this gamer setup.

Gamer setup with niches and themed dolls.

Image 3: Have you ever thought about having such a setup in your room? See how it is possible to set up your table with four monitors and still have a beautiful decoration on your game table.

Modern gamer setup with 4 monitors.

Image 4: This gamer setup differs by being all styled in red, contrasting with the white table and creating a beautiful look.

Red gamer setup.

Image 5: But if your dream is to have multiple computer screens in your gamer room, then you’ll like to see this room, which even has an overhead projector screen.

Complete gamer room with lighting design

Image 6: In this gamer setup what makes a difference is the revamped CPU and the lamps, contrasting with the rest of the objects on the table.

White desk with stylized CPU.

Image 7: This gamer setup is amazing! In addition to the computer desk, you have a projected television. In addition, you can still have various posters and themed objects from the gamer world.

Gamer setup with projection and orange light.

Image 8: Notice how the orange color is used to decorate this gamer setup in a punctual way.

Orange gamer setup.

Image 9: It is also possible to build a beautiful and functional setup with little space, as shown in this image.

Room decorated with HQ Dc Comics.

Image 10: Another way to organize your setup with three monitors is to organize them on an L-shaped table. Note that in this room, all the details are in yellow and that this color makes the difference in the decoration.

Gamer setup with three monitors.

Comfort to play in your gamer room

In the same way that it is necessary to think about the location of your setup, it is also important to find furniture and accessories that promote comfort for the player. After all, gamers often spend many hours playing or using the computer for other purposes.

That’s why it’s important to use appropriate chairs, such as gamer chairs, which are a dream of many people’s consumption. This type of chair is not only more comfortable, but also generally has a different design, combining an ergonomic look with a good finish and a geek universe.

In addition, this type of chair “hugs” the person, making him/her stay in the correct position and not have a lot of back pain, for example, after spending many hours in an inappropriate position.

However, these chairs are generally much more expensive than conventional ones. So, if this item is not in your budget, you can look for other conventional chairs, which are also ergonomic and comfortable.

It is also important to remember that the table that will be used to install your gamer setup must really accommodate all the equipment that will be used. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate its dimensions properly. Otherwise, if the table is small, for example, using the setup will be more uncomfortable, and we don’t want that here.

Image 11: It is possible to combine comfort and functionality in your gamer room. See how this simple and small room managed to combine these two points.

Gamer room with simple decor and blue accents.

Image 12: The decoration in shades of gray, with yellow accents and the themed decorative objects transformed this room into a place that combines comfort and the ideal setting for playing.

Gamer's room in shades of gray and yellow lighting.

Image 13: In addition to the setup and the open wardrobe, the themed graffiti draws attention in this room, contributing to the creation of this modern room .

Gamer's room with graffiti.

Image 14: This is also a modern room due to the use of the gamer chairs and the built-in round-end rack. Note that the gray tones harmonize with the decor and create a cozy atmosphere.

Gray gamer room with modern decor.

Image 15: This is a fourth gamer’s dream! Note this particular gamer chair, as well as the television that doubles as a computer monitor. In addition, the design of the headboard and the bedroom lighting also draws attention to this amazing room.

Gamer's dream room with lots of technology.

Image 16: In this room, the focus of decoration is on the bed and decorative objects. However, you also have a table fully prepared to spend many hours playing.

Modern and comfortable gamer room.

Image 17: Another room worked with gray tones and yellow details. The gray color makes the environment more serious, in addition to conveying a feeling of comfort.

Gamer room with gray and yellow decor.

Image 18: These rooms in light tones differ from the others, both for the colors used and for the few objects distributed in the room. The result is a modern, minimalist look.

Gamer setup with white and modern decor.

Image 19: In this room, light colors are also used, which convey a feeling of comfort. The gamer look is reinforced by the presence of several action figures on the shelves.

Gamer setup with simple decoration.

Image 20: Another room in which you can see the association between comfort and the gamer theme in its decor. Note that there aren’t many game-related decorative elements, except on the desk.

Comfortable white gamer room.


A good lighting design can make a difference in your gamer’s room. In this case, in addition to being interesting to think about the lighting of the complete environment itself, it is also essential to think about the lights that can be used in gamer setup decoration. After all, for a lot of people, this is the most important part of the room.

However, just as the lighting is planned for other rooms, it is worth remembering that it is essential to choose lighting that favors the creation of a relaxing environment when the setup is turned off and the player goes to sleep.

Therefore, warmer temperature lights and lamps, which may or may not be differentiated, as well as the use of indirect light, can make this room more cozy and relaxing, regardless of the gamer’s room decor theme.

In addition, depending on the type of lighting project you are going to install in your room, you will also need to work with a plaster ceiling , to install lighting fixtures and spotlights.

fourth gamer led

Generally one of the most used lighting resources in gamer room decoration, regarding gamer setup, are LED strips and themed or futuristic lighting fixtures. These items make a big difference in the composition of the game table and can make all the difference in the final result of the room.

It is noteworthy that in addition to the lights used in the setup, it is also possible to use luminaires aimed at lighting specific objects, such as action figure collections, funkos or any other valuable object in the decoration of this environment.

In addition, whatever the purpose of the LED light in decoration, remember that in the case of setup and heart objects, anything goes in terms of color. Usually gamers use a lot of colored and neon lights in the decoration. So it’s free to dare and abuse your creativity in developing your dream gamer’s bedroom lighting project.

Image 21: What draws attention in this gamer setup is the use of led strip and light sabers that refer to the Star Wars saga.

Gamer setup decorated with Lightsaber.

Image 22: In contrast, this room is all decorated with neon light and cold light, which gives a modern and futuristic air to the environment.

Modern and futuristic gamer setup.

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Image 23: The lighting design of this gamer room has light rails, neon lamp and even LED tape on the desk.

Modern room with Star Wars decor and neon light.

Image 24: An example of how lighting design can make a difference in the space dedicated to games and exhibition of your collectibles.

Geek themed rack decor.

Image 25: This room has several interesting elements in a lighting project: plaster molding, spots, LED strips and light fixtures contrast with the blue environment.

Gamer room lighting design.

Image 26: In this room, the focus of the decoration is the gamer setup that has several monitor screens, LED ribbons and decorative stickers.

Gamer setup with fluorescent lighting.

Image 27: The decoration of this room is more special with the use of these neon lights in the lamps and in the window.

Modern room with neon lighting.

Image 28: This fourth gamer has a special lighting project on the ceiling, with several posts. In addition, it also has special lighting in the wardrobe niches.

Modern gamer room lighting.

Image 29: This modern room decorated in the Star Wars theme has been given lighting that reinforces this concept of modernity, including these special wall-mounted light fixtures.

Modern Star Wars gamer room.

Image 30: Another room with this Star Wars theme that can be used as a theme for your gamer’s dream room. Note the light spot inside the niche on the wall and the lighting under the bed. These details make the difference in the decoration.

Gamer's fourth with Star Wars paint.

Gamer Room Decoration

Using themed items in your gamer room can also go a long way towards creating the decor you want. Elements such as posters, paintings, video games, funkos, action figures, bedding, pillows, among other items, can be what is missing to make your room even more beautiful.

Furthermore, it is worth remembering that today it is already possible to find many of these elements easily on the internet, meeting different budgets. In other words, you don’t need to spend a lot to acquire these objects. Remembering, of course, that the more details and thematic the item, the higher its price. So it’s good to do a lot of research.

A nice alternative to implement your decor can be to make use of posters and paintings that fit your decor theme. These items are cheaper, and you can find options that can be printed at home. Once printed on good quality paper, all you need to do is frame it. The end result of using these elements can also be amazing!

However, it is good to remember that it is also necessary to have common sense and balance in the choice and use of themed objects in your room. The excess of objects can give the impression of a messy environment and can even harm the construction of the theme of your gamer room. Therefore, be careful when using them so as not to harm your decor.

So, to encourage your creativity, we’ve separated some images in which you can see how these themed objects can help in decorating a gamer’s room.

Image 31: A viable and inexpensive option for gamer room decoration is the use of themed frames, such as those from the Super Mario Bros. game.

Super Mario decorative frames.

Image 32: Using posters and themed or collector dolls can also transform your decor.

One Piece poster in gamer setup decoration.

Image 33: See how this simple environment, just with the gamer setup, stands out for the use of funkos and design posters.

Poster and funky in gamer room decor.

Image 34: Using framed posters from movies and games can also make a difference in your bedroom.

Poster in gamer room decor.

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Image 35: Another low cost option for decoration is the use of stickers, like the one in the image. Note that it is not necessary to have many thematic elements and that, in this case, the protagonist of the decoration is the sticker.

Game sticker used in decoration.

Image 36: Another example of how posters make a difference in decorating a simple room .

Simple gamer room with poster decor.

Image 37 : The gamer setup in your room can be even more beautiful with the presence of themed dolls and posters about anime, movies and games.

Gamer setup decorated with poster and themed dolls.

Image 38: An interesting idea to decorate your room is to use old video game consoles in your decor. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in series like in the photo. Using these consoles on time can help you characterize your room in the theme you want.

Nintendo Game Boy Collection.

Image 39: And remember to use niches in your decoration, especially if you have special objects to display.

Gamer setup with decorated niches.

Image 40: And of course using posters and stickers of your favorite bands is also allowed. You don’t have to stick to the gaming world if you don’t want to. Be creative and use the references that are important to you.

Fourth gamer rock.

Themes for fourth gamer

Choosing the theme of your bedroom decor is extremely important to define the previous elements such as themed objects and lighting design. Defining this theme will help you not clutter your environment with unnecessary objects and will even help you create your dream gamer room, exactly as you envisioned.

And the possibilities of themes for the fourth gamer are many. For example, you can use a specific theme, a game like Battlefield, Warcraft, League of Legends, Final Fantasy, GTA, Minecraft and FIFA, and use objects, colors and images that refer to your favorite game.

Furthermore, it is worth remembering that the fourth gamer concept can also be applied to the entire geek culture. So if you are a fan of cartoons, comics, series and movies, you can use these themes in your decor. Movies like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Trek, or series like Game of Thrones, can be used as themes and create amazing scenarios in your room.

It is even possible to unite several different themes to create a decor for a gamer’s room full of different references. You don’t have to stick to a single theme if you don’t want to. However, to make this mix, it is important to have balance and use creativity to create a pleasant decoration with a pleasant combination of colors , consistent with your theme.

Faced with so many possibilities, we present you with some images, separated by type of decoration, to help you have more ideas for gamer room themes.


Rooms that use games as themes are quite common. After all, fans of this gamer universe are really passionate about the games and franchises they like the most. Usually, this preference is also transferred to the choice of decoration theme. If you are looking for decorating ideas with this theme, you need to see the images below.

Image 41: This game room with GTA decoration can be a very useful inspiration to decorate your room. See how the themed sticker makes a difference in decor. You can do the same on a wall in your bedroom.

Fourth GTA gamer.

Image 42: And you can use the same method as the previous image to create other themed decorations. In this case, a giant WarCraft photo was used to decorate this room.

Fourth Warcraft gamer.

Image 43: But of course a room decorated with elements of the classic Super Mario could not be left out of inspirations for gamers rooms.

Gamer room with Super Mario Bros. decor.

Image 44: Another example of how to use a panel of some themed game makes the gamer room decoration different. In this case, the panel references the Assassin’s Creed game.

Gamer's fourth with Assassin's Creed paint.

Image 45: Another classic theme that could not be left out is the famous game Pacman, which still has many fans.

Room with Pacman decor in the aredes.


It is possible to take inspiration from the video game consoles themselves and use them in your decor. Whether old or modern models, these objects can also help you create that gaming atmosphere. Also, they can be used as decorative themed object. Xbox, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation, Game Boy etc, they can all be used as protagonists in your bedroom decor.

Image 46: The design of this fourth gamer brings several elements that refer to the Xbox video game.

Room gaber with Xbox decor.

Image 47 : This television has been remodeled to look similar to Nintendo’s Game Boy.

Game Boy Room Decor.

Image 48: This room, with its simple decoration, stands out for the use of joystick stickers on the wall.

Joystick sticker in the bedroom.

Image 49: In this fourth gamer, the owner chose to leave all used consoles exposed as decorative items as well.

Collection of video game consoles.

Image 50: Another room where consoles are also protagonists as decorative elements.

Decorated with video game consoles.

Image 51: And although Nintendo fans generally use Super Mario and Game Boy as a reference in decor, there are fans who are already using Nintendo Wii as a gamer room decor theme.

Fourth Nintendo Wii gamer.

Movies, series and comics

There are so many options of movies, series and comics that can be used as thematic inspiration, that it is difficult to name just a few examples with this theme. However, even so, we’ve separated some pictures of the most famous themed rooms to help you get inspired.

Image 52: Have you ever thought about having a bed with a headboard that resembles Batman in your bedroom? This can be a great way to decorate your room if you’re a fan of the comic or the movie. Note that LED lighting also makes a difference in bed decor.

Batman's bed.

Image 53: It is also possible to design a room with a very futuristic decor using light colors, modern accessories and painting from a series you love, such as Star Wars.

Futuristic gamer room with Star Wars paint.

Image 54: Another room whose desk is filled with objects reminiscent of Star Wars, a theme well-crafted in gamer bedroom decor projects.

Gamer Setup with Star Wars Decoration

Image 55: In this modern room, the decoration gains this gamer characteristic due to the objects that refer to the comic book and the films “The Avengers”.

Decorated room "The Avengers."

Image 56: Another room whose decoration revolves around Pacman and joystcks. This shows that you don’t need to have a lot of themed objects to create a beautiful and interesting decoration in your gamer’s room.

Room decorated with Pacman game.

Image 57: Another room with simple decoration, but with elements that refer to games and series.

Gamer room with Minecraft decor.

Image 58: In this project, the prominent decorative elements are also posters of classic films and the sci-fi universe.

Room decorated with game and movie posters.

Image 59: Many girls also love to play. Therefore, the decoration of this gamer room is all geared towards girls who are also fans of movie and game franchises.

Gamer room with feminine decoration.

Screenshot 60: If you are a fan of movies like Star Wars and Star Treck, you would definitely be happy to create a room like this. If it is not possible to copy the same elements of this room, you can be inspired and use the objects you have to create a room with this futuristic theme and a touch of sci-fi.

Room with space station decor.

Image 61: You can also transform the headboard of your bed into the cockpit of a spaceship. This one was amazing!

Headboard of the bed in spaceship.

Image 62: Harry Potter saga fans can also use objects themed about the series to decorate their room.

Harry Potter themed bedroom.

Image 63: And if you are a big fan of Batman, or any other character, you can use a sticker as the main decoration object of your gamer room.

Batman sticker in bedroom decor.

Image 64: Fans of “The Avengers” can also be happy using the same decorative elements in this room. See how the themed wallpaper and posters stand out in this decor.

Decor The Avengers for bedroom.

Image 65: In this case, the red color highlighted the giant posters about comics used to decorate this room.

Geek themed room.

Many references

Certainly the decorations full of references to the game world and geek culture could not be left out either. Here are some examples that can help you decorate your room with a beautiful mix of gamer room themes.

Image 66: This space is full of references to several famous series and games. But see that everything was organized in a harmonious way and that the end result is great.

Joystick, games and action figures collection.

Image 67: Another organizational inspiration for those who like comics and manga, and are still collectors of action figures.

Organization of action figures and HQs.

Image 68: This futuristic room with elements reminiscent of the Mass Effect game and intergalactic battles can serve as an inspiration to create your fourth gamer of dreams.

Fourth gamer Mass Effect.

Image 69: A room full of references to space, Star Wars and even Pokemons.

Room decorated with Star Wars.

Image 70: An example of objects that can be used as a reference in gamer room decoration for girls.

Gamer setup for girls.

Image 71: A room full of references to successful comics and movies.

Gamer room with geek collection.

Image 72: In this room, the highlight of the decoration is Mario in a pixel image, contrasting with the other decorative objects in the environment.

Room decorated with Super Mario.


But if you prefer a room with a simpler or minimalist decor, no problem. It is possible to combine a gamer and technological setup, with little or no reference to games and movies, and still have a fourth gamer of your dreams.

Image 73: Few decorative elements in this fourth gamer. The differentiated lighting worked in plaster also stands out.

Designed room with a discreet gamer theme.

Image 74: The gamer setup located at the bottom of this bunk helps to save space and is ideal for small rooms.

Bunk bed and gamer setup.

Image 75: A minimalist gamer’s room with no reference to games or geek culture, but still with attention-grabbing decor.

Minimalist room with discreet gamer setup.

Image 76: Another gamer room with white decor and a well equipped table with joystick and computer.

Simple, light-toned room with a table for games.

Image 77: The element that draws the most attention in this fourth gamer is the wallpaper associated with the paintings about the Pacman game. However, despite this reference, the decoration of this dresser is very neutral and almost without decorative elements.

Room with simple decor over the pacman.

Image 78: In contrast to the other rooms, this room contains more references. All of them are on the shelves above the gamer setup. In addition, another thing that draws attention is the photographic panel, which makes this environment more modern, even with so many elements in neutral tones.

Modern and futuristic room with simple gamer setup.

Image 79: But unlike the previous room, this room planned with black and white tones, plus a few objects that refer to the game universe.

Minimalist and sophisticated gamer room decor design.

Image 80: Another example of a gamer’s bedroom with few decorative elements, but with a flashy lighting design.

Simple gamer room with good lighting design.

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