Frosted Glass: Know All About This Glass and See 64 Inspirations

Frosted glass is a perfect alternative for those people who want to combine beauty, modernity and functionality for the decoration of their homes and apartments. With this type of glass, it is possible to make divisions between rooms, without giving up the aesthetics, natural light and privacy.

In addition, blasted glass can be used in different ways, according to the personality, style and personal taste of each person. In this text, we will explain better what frosted glass is, how the process that gives rise to it is, how and where to use it and what its average value is. We are also going to talk about how to make sure that the glass lasts a long time without losing its characteristics.

What is Frosted Glass?

Image 1: Glass door, which separates the dining room from the other room.

Frosted glass door.

Sandblasted glass is a type of glass that undergoes a process that leaves it with a matte and opaque effect. In addition, depending on its level of application, sandblasting creates a barrier in the glass, which prevents you from seeing what is inside the room or furniture where it is installed, without losing the passage of light.

Glass blasting is a technique that throws sand at high speed over a clear glass, creating a blasted surface. This new surface allows light to enter through the glass, even though it is opaque.

Therefore, it is widely used in home environments that require privacy, such as doors, showers, closet doors, among others. It is also widely used in corporate environments, as a partition between rooms.

In addition to this technique made at the factory, there is also the possibility of applying a film over a common glass, bringing the same blasted effect to it. This is a cheaper option. With the adhesive, it is even possible to customize the glass, make different designs, shapes and even company logos.

The sandblasted effect can have different colors and the main ones are:

Green frosted glass

This type of glass is widely used in bathrooms and is perfect for people who want to diversify their surroundings but still remain lightly decorated.

White frosted glass

The most common color of this type of glass, it is widely used in partitions and in corporate environments.

Black sandblasted glass (smoked)

This is already a perfect option for people who want a more sophisticated and neutral decor.

Where to use this type of glass

One of the advantages of this type of glass is its versatility. It works in different environments and in different ways. In addition to what we talked about, blasted glass can be used both in corporate environments and in homes and it works very well in projects, even helping in the decoration.

Now let’s look at some suggestions for places where this type of glass can be used.

Frosted glass windows and doors

As we said at the beginning of the text, sandblasted glass is the ideal alternative for people looking for privacy, but at the same time not wanting to lose light or the aesthetic concept of their decoration.

Thus, it proves to be perfect to be used as a room divider, both in houses and residential apartments, as well as in companies and corporate spaces. In fact, due to its beauty, elegance and neutrality, frosted glass is perfect for use in companies.

Image 2: Glass entrance door, which maintains the privacy of the house and the entry of light.

Glass door.

Due to its characteristics, this type of glass is also perfect to be used in doors, both internal and those facing the street, and in windows.

Frosted glass table top

Image 3: Beautiful example of a table with etched glass top.

Frosted glass table.

Placing frosted glass on your table top will help you create a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere and will contribute a lot to your decor. Also, this type of glass is very easy to clean, so it’s perfect for spaces like this.

Frosted glass cabinets

Image 4: Super elegant frosted glass closet and light wood supports.

Glass cabinet.

Whether in the kitchen, in the bedroom or in any other environment, it is very important that the closet doors of our house preserve our privacy.

Using blasted glass in kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, closets, etc., will make you able to keep their interior protected and still bring beauty and lightness to your home.

Sandblasted glass in the bathroom

Image 5: In this modern bathroom, frosted glass was used to give more privacy to the shower.

Frosted glass shower.

In the bathroom, this type of glass is perfect to be used as a shower door and partition, as it preserves privacy and allows light to pass through. Also, in this room, the frosted glass can be used in cabinets.

Another cool idea is to use it as a frame for your mirror, creating a very nice effect.

Frosted glass decoration objects

Image 6: Beautiful decorative bottles made with colored frosted glass.

decorative bottles.

It is possible to use the sandblasting technique, especially the one made with adhesive, on decorative objects. You can use it on bottles, glass vases, mirrors and any other object or furniture that has glass details.

How much is it?

The value of blasted glass can vary, according to the thickness of the glass that will receive the technique and the region where it is made. If the blasting was carried out on tempered glass, for example, the value could reach R$1000 per square meter.

As mentioned above, an option that is more accessible is the application of a film that imitates the effect carried out in the factory. You can find film options worth R$ 11.90, with a size of 100cm x 0.50cm.

What precautions to take with this glass

Caring for frosted glass is not difficult and, if maintained properly, it can last for many years.

Cleaning should be done with a mixture of water and alcohol and a clean cloth. Abrasive substances such as: ammonia, bleach, soap powder and other products that may stain the surface must not be used.

It is noteworthy that the blasting done on the glass does not fade naturally. In other words, if this happens, it will be caused by the use of abrasive products.

See now another 62 photos to get inspired and choose the best way to use this glass in your project!

+58 Photos and Ideas of Frosted Glass

Image 7: Sliding door made with sandblasted glass. The perfect type of glass for doors!

Sliding glass door.

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Image 8: This is a more modern version of the glass that super matched the home decor style.

Frosted glass partition.

Image 9: Another beautiful bathroom inspiration with frosted glass.

Shower box with frosted glass.

Image 10: In this bathroom, glass was used to separate the toilet area from the others.

Bathroom with frosted glass.

Image 11: Office partition made with frosted glass. The black supports gave a more modern look to the environment.

Frosted glass office partition.

Image 12: Another inspiration for the use of glass, combined with black. In this photo, the partition was used to separate the room.

Image 13: Office partition made with this type of glass. Guaranteed privacy, without losing beauty.

Frosted glass partition.

Image 14: This partition with square parts gives more modernity to the environment.

Glass partition.

Image 15: Another picture of this beautiful closet!

Frosted glass cabinet.

Image 16: Design made on a partition with blasted adhesive.

Partition made with frosted glass.

Image 17: Another design inspiration made with frosted glass.

Partition made with frosted glass.

Image 18: See what a cool way to keep a little privacy, without losing the integration between environments.

Partition made with sandblasted adhesive.

Image 19: See how this modern design gave even more charm to this corporate environment.

Frosted glass in office.

Image 20: Door made with sandblasted glass. See how the light passage is preserved.

Frosted glass door.

Image 21: Example of a super elegant cabinet made with frosted glass.

Cupboard with glass doors.

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Image 22: Already in this bathroom, the glass was used in the door.

Bathroom door made with glass.

Image 23: This glass is used a lot in hotels, like the one below. Even though the shower is in an open environment, the privacy of those who are taking a shower.

Shower with sandblasted glass.

Image 24: Again, the glass used this time as a bathroom partition with a gradient effect;

Bathroom partition made of frosted glass.

Image 25: In this photo, the glass was used with a tree design.

Sliding glass door.

Image 26: Another example of a door with this type of glass, super elegant and modern.

Tempered glass door.

Image 27: These Japanese style doors super match the frosted glass, as we can see in this example below.

Japanese etched glass door.

Image 28: See how beautiful this kitchen is, with this super elegant partition.

Kitchen with glass partition.

Image 29: In the image below, we see another beautiful example of a glass partition, combined with wood, used in a suite.

Wood and glass partition.

Image 29: Look how beautiful this glass shower looks in this minimalist-style bathroom.

Frosted glass shower.

Image 30: An example similar to the previous one. The glass combined with black and white decoration gives charm and modernity to the environment.

Glass shower.

Image 31: In this example, the facade was made with tempered glass on a metal frame.

Building facade made of sandblasted glass.

Image 32: In this modern house facade, glass was also used combined with wood.

House facade.

Image 33: Another example of a beautiful and modern facade, made with sandblasted glass. Along with the wood, it merged very well with nature.

Frosted glass facade in the garden.

Image 34: Another façade inspiration, this time made with black iron material.

Glass facade with black iron.

Image 35: Already this partition combined with the white and minimalist decor of this room.

Iron partition with frosted glass.

Image 36: For small apartments, these dividers are a great alternative, as you can see in this example.

Wood and glass partition.

Image 37: See how beautiful this suite looks with the frosted glass partition.

Suite with glass.

Image 38: Once again, we see in this example how glass blends very well with wood.

Wood and glass partition.

Image 39: Another beautiful inspiration for people who enjoy Japanese style in the decoration of their homes.

Image 40: On this wooden ladder, the guardrail was made with sandblasted glass.

Staircase with glass handrail.

Image 41: In this example, a beautiful closet inspiration made with frosted glass.

Frosted glass closet.

Image 42: See how this black frosted glass combined very well with this marble and made this bathroom super elegant.

Bathroom with glass partition.

Image 43: This yellow frosted glass is beautiful and super sophisticated.

Yellow frosted glass.

Image 44: In this retro door, the glass was used in only one part.

Door with glass detail.

Image 45: And this beautiful iron and glass sliding door? Super modern and stylish at the same time.

Sliding glass door.

Image 46: Another beautiful sandblasted glass and black iron door.

Glass door.

Image 47: In this example, the glass was only used to place a detail on the glass of the shower.

Shower with sandblasted glass.

Image 48: In this house, the sandblasted glass door was used to divide the kitchen from the laundry room, allowing light to pass through.

Frosted glass door.

Image 49: See another example of how this way of using frosted glass is a great alternative.

Kitchen with glass partition.

Image 50: Another example for you to get inspired and use in your kitchen.

Kitchen with glass partition.

Image 51: See what a beautiful and modern bathroom!

Glass shower.

Image 52: Very elegant sliding door with frosted glass strips, made with adhesive.

Image 53: In this example, we see that it is possible to create different shapes and designs with the sticker. More personality for your home.

Door with design made with sandblasted adhesive.

Image 54: What about this partition, which worked very well with the modern style of this bathroom.

Bathroom with sandblasted glass partition.

Image 55: See what a great idea for small apartments.

Glass door.

Image 56: See what a simple and beautiful alternative!

Kitchen partition made of glass.

Image 57: Another inspiration for those who want to use glass as a partition in the bathroom.

Bathroom with glass walls.

Image 58: Another beautiful combination of white, wood and frosted glass.

Glass shower.

Image 59: This hotel used glass to divide the bathroom space, keeping guests’ privacy and optimizing space.

Picture 60: Glass door hides the laundry.

Glass door.

Image 61: See another example of how the door can be used to hide the laundry room, optimizing space.

Laundry room.

Image 62: Look at that beautiful kitchen! The cabinet with glass doors allows items to collaborate in the decoration.

Kitchen cabinet.

Image 63: In this example, we see the glass used in the closet and door of the laundry room.

Kitchen with frosted glass.

Image 64: In this partition, the glass was used with square designs.

Glass laundry door.

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