Floors that Imitate Wood: 80+ Awesome Ideas and Types

Floors that imitate wood have been widely used to replace wood itself in recent years.

That’s because they don’t need maintenance, are cheaper, easier to clean and install.

In addition, there are several products that resemble wood not only in appearance but texture as well.

Ready to discover the 80+ amazing ideas and types of wood flooring that we’ve set aside for you? So take a look at this very inspiring selection we’ve put together for you. Check out!

Image 01: Floors that imitate wood being used on the floor and for cladding pillars.

wood floors in the living room

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Types of floors that imitate wood

  • Carpet
  • cementations
  • Laminate
  • porcelain
  • vinyl

Today on the market we have several materials used for floors that imitate wood. So, find out below the main models used by architects and interior designers.

Image 02: A beautiful option for a small room with wooden porcelain tiles to give a welcoming air and much more coziness.

floors that imitate porcelain wood


Image 03: In a more classic house model, the shiny wood carpet model can be a great choice.

floors that imitate carpet wood

Image 04: Likewise, even in modern homes it can be used without fear. So, in this case, bet on more matte models.

wood flooring carpet in the kitchen

Image 05: Environments of very spacious rooms with little furniture can have the wooden carpet as an attraction.

wood floors in the living room

Image 06: Likewise, in environments with more rustic decoration, carpet can be a versatile and very practical alternative. So just take a look.

light wood floors

Image 07: But what about him in baby rooms? It looks cute when combined with white bricks.

baby room wood floors


Image 08: In the search for elements closer to the natural, the cementations floor that imitates wood is one of the most requested options.

floors that imitate cement wood

Image 09: In addition to this strong resemblance to the aesthetics of wood, it is still perfect for leaving outside.

imitation wood floors

Image 10: As in circulation areas, it can also be applied to the wall to create a beautiful panel in your garden.

floors that imitate wood floor and wall

Image 11: Your home’s stairs will also look charming with these pieces found in various widths and lengths. However, they are still thermic products.

wood floors on the stairs

Image 12: The cementations details up close are even closer to the wood.

closer details


Image 13: For indoor environments and that do not receive contact with water, laminate is a great option.

close-up view of the film

Image 14: Just as it looks amazing installed in rooms.

imitation wood floors

Image 15: However, its installation is very simple, just fit the pieces together.

laminate installation

Image 16: Gourmet balconies make the environment even more charming.

near the pool

Image 17: Laminate is able to leave the loft with the subtle touch of a rustic environment.

in the apartment room


Image 18: Like other materials, porcelain tiles that imitate wood are very popular for making panels and also for the flooring of the house.

wall and floor

Image 19: They are able to provide the necessary coziness for your integrated kitchen.

rustic floor model

Image 20: In addition to making your barbecue even more modern.

modern barbecue floor

Image 21: For details of toilet linings is also released.

"L" in the bathroom

Image 22: And if you are looking for well-differentiated models, you will surely find them.

aged wood in porcelain


Image 23: Bringing the comfort of temperature, the vinyl still doesn’t make noise when stepping on it.

zig zag for installation

Image 24: As long as there is no accumulation of water, it can be installed in kitchens.

kitchen installation

Image 25: Another bedroom installation model.

imitation wood floors

Picture 26: In modern rooms can also be used.

gray wood

Image 27: If you want a more rustic model, you can also find it.

for large rooms

Amazing Wooden Floor Ideas

Image 28: The aged effect porcelain tiles combine with the cut steel one.

wood floors in the pool

Image 29: Porcelain tile to be used in modern bathrooms.

bathroom area

Image 30: Likewise, it can also be affixed to the walls of the bathtub.

bathroom with dark wood

Image 31: Floors that imitate wood in living rooms.

imitation wood floors

Image 32: Linear cementations models to give an even more natural effect in the indoor room.

cement for indoors

Image 33: In cellar environments the wooden floor is a luxury.

in bars

Image 34: For commercial environments it is also worth the bet.

commercial environments

Image 35: So if you have a house in the country, don’t leave imitation wood floors aside.

high ceiling room

Image 36: If you don’t want to put it on the floor, you can also bet on using floors that imitate wood on the wall. So look at this example.

gourmet space

Image 37: To make a beautiful fireplace.

fireplace with cement floor

Image 38: With a good installer, you can compose this very modern model on the wall and ceiling. However, in this case, vinyl planks are the most suitable.

modern barbecue with wood floors

Image 39: To make the totem of your façade, floors that imitate wood are a very interesting alternative.

floor on the facade

Image 40: And here we have a beautiful composition of a gourmet space with the warmth of wood.

barbecue with wooden floor

Picture 41: The living room panel next to an electric fireplace also deserves the charm of the imitation wood floors.

floored TV panel

Picture 42: Do you have a cottage or country house? Then bet on linear floors that imitate wood for a composition closer to real wood.

chalet with wooden floors

For indoor areas

Image 43: And what about this composition in a kitchen?

wood floors in the kitchen

Image 44: Another beautiful model of imitation wood floors in a narrower kitchen.

square imitation wood floors

Image 45: Start your floor that imitates wood from the entrance of your house.

floorboards that imitate wood ruler

Image 46: A brighter floor in the bedroom can give an air of glamour.

imitation wood floors

Image 47: Your dining room can be demarcated with a different wooden floor from the rest of the space.

imitation wood floors

Image 48: An entire bathroom of floorboards that imitate wood.

wood flooring for bathroom tiling

Image 49: Even if you’ve already used the wood information in your kitchen furniture, don’t forget to insert it in the floor as well.

imitation wood floors

Image 50: Lofts can be realized with wider strips of floors that imitate wood. However, the dark colors bring even more an air of modernity.

imitation wood floors for lofts

Image 51: Another room with wooden elements.

wood floors in a modern room

Image 52: Light wood models are also quite graceful.

imitation wood floors

Image 53: A beautiful example of an apartment balcony to have a relaxing space.

imitation wood floors for the balcony

Image 54: Don’t be afraid to bet on floor and wall combinations.

imitation wood floors

Image 55: Play area environments deserve the warmth of wood. So just take a look at this option.

wood flooring for games room

Image 56: Bet on mixtures of elements, from wood to oxidized stones.

linear floor

Image 57: In apartment balconies they give all the sophistication.

perfect on mezzanines

For outdoor areas

Image 58: That external living room deserves the warmth of wood. Just look at this example of a floor that imitates square wood.

install merge

Image 59: The beautiful facades containing imitation wood floors on your floor and also on the walls look very modern.

facade floor

Image 60: Want something more slip-resistant? So bet on porcelain tiles that have high fillet relief to avoid accidents.

non-slip effect

Image 61: On the same floor, you can have several alternating wood tones to play with paging on the floor. So take a look at this beautiful effect. The more differentiated one from the other, the more natural it becomes.

imitation wood floors

Image 62: Even applied in large areas, floors that imitate wood outdoors are the basis for any decoration.

pool deck

Image 63: And we have more toggle options on the same floor. And you can bet on the floorboards that imitate wood for the stairs.

stairs and passage

Image 64: Another beautiful example.

imitation wood floors

Image 65: Cement ruler for making steps in the garden.

isolated models

Image 66: The natural wood of the pergola next to the porcelain that imitates wood on the floor.

in outdoor pergolas

Image 67: Want to emphasize the light color of the pool? So see this composition.

pool deck

Image 68: However, that corner of yours on the balcony in contact with nature also deserves a floor that imitates wood.

house porches

Image 69: In rulers also give a charm to the pool.

pool deck

Image 70: Square floors laid in different positions give a really nice effect to the pool deck.

cement floor

Image 71: And here in this example, we have the composition of floors that imitate wood both on the floor and sidewalk, but also a detail on the facade in the middle of the garden.

floor and facade

Image 72: Likewise, to be the floor of the pergola, floors that imitate wood are very nice and withstand the elements.

wood floors in the pergola

Floors that imitate wood on the wall

Image 73: In compositions of bathrooms for walls and floors.

bathroom composition

Image 74: Here we have another mounting option.

imitation wood floors

Image 75: In bathrooms, there is nothing better than betting on lighter wood and intercalated rulers.

imitation wood floors

Image 76: The composition with cementations and geometric elements makes the wooden floors even more graceful.

on the barbecue

Image 77: Likewise, more rustic models can be used for compositions like these.

on the entrance wall

Image 78: And why not use it as a beautiful panel on the headboard?

on the bed panel

Image 79: And here we have another bathroom model integrated into nature with floors that imitate wood.

wood in the box

Image 80: Even in small apartments, wood on the wall can be a beautiful covering option.

imitation wood floors

Have an environment with imitation wood floors

After contemplating this beautiful selection of ideas for floors that imitate wood, it is even difficult to choose which type and which materials to use to make in your work, isn’t it?

But it’s important to emphasize that you need to harmoniously combine this idea with the rest of your decor so as not to weigh on the context or even leave the idea too vague.

So, don’t forget to tell us here in the comments about your preferences about this style of decoration and show if you already have a corner made with imitation wood floors and, if not, which of these ideas suits you the most!

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