Feng Shui in the Kitchen: Tips for Promoting Prosperity and Balance in the Home

Did you know that this is the room in the house that represents wealth according to the millenary philosophy of Feng Shui in the kitchen? Symbolically the stove is the main element of the house that represents prosperity and abundance.

In short, this room represents the wealth, well-being and health of the whole family, as it is in it that food is transformed into vital energy necessary for the human body.

In this article you will discover why the stove is the appliance that attracts beneficial influences, as well as giving tips to harmonize this room, symbol of abundance and abundance for the environments and individuals that surround them.

Learn how to maintain positive vibes in the kitchen with Feng Shui

The kitchen has received increasing attention, nowadays it is very common for the family to be together to prepare their own food. What used to be a space in neutral colors with traditional decor, is now gaining more and more different colors and textures.

In addition, by paying more attention to the positioning, maintenance and cleaning of your stove, it is possible to create a good energy proposal compatible with the fire element represented by this appliance.

So pay special attention to the stove to maintain positive vibrations. Go for simplicity, choose the right colors, keep your kitchen organized and frequently clean, and add natural flowers or herbs to bring a touch of life to it.

These are some of the tips proposed in this article that you will be able to understand better.

1 – Avoid wasting good energy

Bet on Feng Shui elements like wood to attract prosperity and tighten family ties, and metal to bring clarity and productivity. Did you know that plants belong to the wood element? Understand more!

Picture 1:  The Bagua is nine areas of life such as relationships, friends, work, spirituality, health, success, creativity, family and prosperity. And it associates each of them balancing with the five elements of nature, they are: Earth, fire, water, wood and metal.

yin yang for feng shui in the kitchen

2 – Keep cleaning and organization up to date

Image 2:  The kitchen is the space in the house where food is stored and prepared that energizes everyone. Be careful how you handle this space. As in other rooms in the house, cleaning, hygiene and organization is essential for prosperity to materialize.

organized kitchen

3 – Lighting and ventilation for the fluidity of Feng Shui in the kitchen

The sun has active energy and creates a harmonious flow pattern improving the distribution of Chi energy, positive vibrational energy. In this case, natural lighting and ventilation must be abundant.

4 – Invest in mirrors in the small kitchen with Feng Shui

It may seem strange at first, but mirrors widen the spaces. So if your kitchen is too small, invest in mirrors to expand this space and eliminate the energy of limited and restricted money.

It is important to remember that wherever you place a mirror in the house, keep this space always organized, as it duplicates everything it reflects.

Discover the most suitable colors for the kitchen in Feng Shui

The kitchen color must be selected according to its identification mapped by Baguá. The most suitable are neutral tones and white.

Below you can check out more Feng Shui color tips. But of course you can apply the color that suits you best as long as there is balance between them.

Significance of Feng Shui Leaks for the Kitchen

Leaking faucet represents plenty going down the drain. This is not just because of the value of the water bill. Water is a positive vibrational energy flow and a leak represents a waste of that energy.

Image 3:  Fix any type of leak you may have in your home, this does not only apply to the kitchen, but to all other rooms that are wasting this natural resource.

faucet to prevent leaks

The importance of the kitchen stove for the application of Feng Shui

At the beginning of this article we mentioned the importance of the stove for Feng Shui in the kitchen. Just as the sofa is the protagonist according to Feng Shui in the living room and the bed is the main furniture in the bedroom. In the kitchen it is no different, and more!

Among all the environments mentioned, the stove is still the most important item in the house as it is associated with prosperity.

Image 4:  That’s why this appliance must be in perfect working order, all the burners must be used, besides of course keeping your stove always clean.

clean stove for feng shui prosperity


The stove should never be positioned so that you have your back to the door or beside the sink. In fact, it should be placed so that whoever is cooking has a direct view of the door.

This is the ideal command position for you to take control of your life. But not everything is lost! If it is not possible to position it this way, just place a mirror behind the stove reflecting its flames.


Another factor that demands your attention in relation to the stove is its cleanliness. Good energies only flow in clean and organized environments, in addition to being ventilated and illuminated.

So keep your appliance always clean if you don’t want negative energy to vibrate through the space in which you prepare the food that feeds your soul.

Beware of aspects of utensils and pans

The phrase that an old pot makes good food does not apply to Feng Shui concepts for the kitchen. According to this Chinese philosophy, dented, damaged or scratched utensils and pans transmit negative energy to the food. Interesting isn’t it?

Food storage

The cabinets, the refrigerator and the place where you store food must be immaculate not only for the sake of hygiene, but also for the type of energy you want to flow in this space.

See other tips and images for applying Feng Shui in the kitchen

Image 5:  Be sure to put into practice the tips we have prepared for you. Discover them all from now!

feng shui tips for the kitchen

Image 6:  Apply Feng Shui teachings and feel your life balanced in all aspects.

feng shui for blue and brown kitchen

Image 7:  If natural lighting is not possible, good artificial lighting, air circulators and exhausts are excellent substitutes to meet this need.

adequate ventilation and lighting

Image 8:  Neutral tones and white are ideal for this room.

large kitchen in harmony with feng shui

Image 9:  Color balance is critical to activating all areas of life!

colorful kitchen

Image 10:  By doubling the image of the stove’s flames, you also duplicate the prosperity and abundance in life.

stove position in kitchen for feng shui

Image 11:  After meals, clean and care for the stove. Avoid leaving pans with food leftovers on it and food remnants around it.

black and white kitchen

Image 12:  Review your pans and utensils and if necessary, don’t hesitate to exchange for new ones.

pans in good condition for balance

Image 13:  One of the principles of this practice is organization. Learn to organize your home and bet on organizing niches and shelves for closets.

feng shui organized kitchen pantry

Image 14:  The stove in the wrong place, in bad condition and dirty can be a source of negative energy in your home. Be careful!

flame stove feng shui kitchen fire element

Image 15:  Add personality to this room and get inspired by the following tips for applying the Feng Shui technique in the kitchen.

blue color for feng shui in the kitchen

Image 16:  You can play with colors and textures and make this environment peaceful, fun and welcoming.

orange color for feng shui kitchen

Image 17:  Orange is the color of joy and optimism, but don’t overdo it.

vibrant color in the kitchen

Image 18:  The ideal is to mix colors and elements to add balance in all areas of life.

happy kitchen

Image 19:  Escape from neutral and classic and play with colors.

white kitchen with stools and black lamps

Image 20:  Add value to your kitchen by investing in functional items and optimizing meal preparations.

kitchen in green and white

Image 21:  Green is the color of hope and is associated with nature.

family kitchen

Image 22:  Take good care of your kitchen to attract prosperity.

kitchen strong presence of nature

Picture 23: You can bet on neutral colors or dare in color like this purple Feng Shui kitchen. The color of success and money!

prosperity kitchen

Image 24:  Or choose shades that harmonize any environment, such as light pink. Very sweet, isn’t it?

pink kitchen

Image 25:  Did you know that the kitchen is a symbol of how we treat our resources and how we take care of ourselves?

successful kitchen

Image 26:  It is in it that our health, well-being, wealth and family are represented.

feng shui cooking tips

Image 27:  To keep your closets organized, how about investing in dividers like these to expand the space?

tips for organizing the dishes

Image 28:  According to Feng Shui theory in the kitchen, keeping organized in this environment reflects positively on your financial life.

wood element in utensils

Image 29:  Careful cleaning and leave everything in order!

fen shui for open kitchen

Image 30:  With this you can also keep control of your financial life organized.

feng shui blue kitchen with red countertops

Image 31:  Another important point in Feng Shui for the kitchen is related to the condition of appliances and utensils.

feng shui cuisine and prosperity

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Image 32:  Everything must be in perfect condition, even the edge of your knife.

feng shui small kitchen

Image 33:  If something is broken, chipped or unused, repair or dispose of it so that positive energy can flow there.

Feng Shui in the Organized Kitchen

Image 34:  Another curiosity concerns the sink and the garbage. Did you know that both must be away from the stove?

feng shui in the kitchen shades of red

Image 35:  The water elements of the sink and the stove fire cannot be close together.

feng shui for colorful kitchen

Image 36:  In Feng Shui in the kitchen, glass doors in cabinets increase the flow of positive energy in this location.

feng shui for island kitchen

Image 37:  Add metal element to the decoration to increase the feelings of calm, productivity and clarity.

feng shui for big kitchen

Image 38:  It is very easy to identify this element, it can be present in taps, handles and even in lighting fixtures.

feng shui for kitchen light green and red

Image 39:  In this article we seek to highlight the simplest tips to be applied in Feng Shui in the kitchen.

feng shui for kitchen

Image 40:  Increases the flow of positive energy and abundance in your home.

pink feng shui flowers in the kitchen in neutral tones

Image 41:  First identify the areas, colors and elements of nature that must be worked on in this location.

feng shui island kitchen stove

Image 42:  For this you will need to map the kitchen with the Feng Shui Baguá.

lighting above the stove

Image 43:  And then harmonize the space according to the ancient knowledge of this Chinese practice.

insert plants in the kitchen

Image 44:  The Feng Shui technique guarantees the circulation of the flow of good energies to the spaces.

kitchen decor with feng shui

Image 45:  Did you know that this reflects positively on your life too?

pink feng shui countertop in the kitchen

Image 46:  Therefore, promote the vibration of positive energy in the environment in which you live.

stone walls and stainless steel countertops

Image 47:  Feel the quality in your life flow in all aspects.

adequate ventilation and lighting

Image 48:  Can you imagine a colorful kitchen to the point of transmitting well-being and joy when sharing this space?

fun kitchen

Image 49:  Well know that using different shades in the kitchen decor with Feng Shui, you are able to feel these sensations.

big kitchen cabinet

Image 50: According to the zymology of colors in Feng Shui, the blue of the water brings calm.

pink chairs

Image 51: While the red of the fire element brings strength and movement.

white color for feng shui in the kitchen

Image 52: The blue color and the fire element are essential to balance the energies of this environment.

large, well-lit kitchen

Image 53: It is in the kitchen and the stove that the forces and transformations that activate wealth, abundance and prosperity are related.

feng shui in island kitchen

Image 54: So review the way you organize everything in this room in the house.

drawer with pans

Image 55: Depending on how you handle your kitchen, the energy flow in this space can be worse than in the bathroom. Stay tuned!

drawers with cutlery

Image 56: Keep closets clean and tidy at all times.

How to Organize Small Kitchen Cabinet

Image 57: Do not accumulate unused utensils. Leave only the essentials!

How to Organize Kitchen Cabinet with Drawers

Image 58: Bet on organizing niches for the pantry.

organization of supplies

Picture 59: And in pots to store food.

food organizer jars

Image 60: This way you optimize and facilitate the daily life in this room.

organizer jars for groceries

Image 61: These tips also apply to your refrigerator.

organized fridge with glass jars

Image 62: Or do you want your life to reflect the same way this closet does? A mess!

avoid mess in the kitchen

Image 63: On the other hand, bet on pots of natural herbs in the decoration.

aromatic herbs for feng shui in the kitchen

Image 64: Take the opportunity to give a special flavor to your meals.

support for growing herbs

Image 65: Bring vital energy to your kitchen.

green energy in the kitchen

Image 66: Within this context, what you consume can also say a lot about you.

feng shui in the kitchen healthy eating

Image 67: The presence of colors that represent plenty is also very important.

clean kitchen blue refrigerator

Image 68: Green, yellow, red and orange should always be present in your kitchen.

feng shui large organized kitchen

Image 69: You can use the colors of plenty in small details of Feng Shui kitchen decor.

modern colorful feng shui kitchen

Image 70: Or use and abuse them and make your kitchen fun and unusual.

organized colorful kitchen

Image 71: There is no standard color for painting kitchen walls in Feng Shui.

feng shui for kitchen with decorated tiles

Image 72: Any color you choose should express your personality and taste.

kitchen tiles and orange wall

Image 73: See this kitchen, for example, clean and colorful at the same time.

blue stove

Image 74: This one in shades of red, yellow and green balances very well with white.

kitchen benches in various colors

Image 75: Kitchen is synonymous with plentiful table, abundance, wealth and prosperity.

little kitchen

Image 76: It is the space where the family gathers and shares meals.

feng shui colors for kitchen

Image 77: This is where food turns into energy and feeds our body and soul.

modern orange kitchen and colorful rug

Image 78: Analyze and choose what kind of energy you want to consume.

green and pink kitchen

Image 79: Now that you know what kind of influence this room has on your life, review your habits!

single kitchen light blue color

Image 80: Take good care of your kitchen and attract not only prosperity, but also health, well-being and harmony into your life.

large, well-decorated feng shui kitchen

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