Feng Shui in Decoration: Attract Harmony and Well-Being in the Application of this Technique

Thinking about applying the Feng Shui technique in decoration and not knowing where to start? Although many have heard of this Chinese philosophy, few actually know how to apply it at home.

It was with this in mind that we selected what is most practical for you to introduce this oriental knowledge through small adjustments in the decoration. In addition to knowing the power of color vibrations and essential decorative objects to balance all areas of your life.

From now on, you will check out the Feng Shui teachings that have proven throughout it’s nearly four thousand years of existence its potential and benefits for those seeking prosperity and harmony.

Improve your home’s Feng Shui with decorative items

Throughout this article you will be able to check, in a simple and practical way, how Feng Shui decoration can be applied in every room in the house.

Plants, scented candles, wind chimes, incense, paintings, mirrors, pillows and decorative objects such as Buddha images can easily compose environments according to your personality and personal taste.

It is important that the house reflects the identity of the resident, so when investing in powerful Feng Shui decorative objects, allow it to reflect your taste. Otherwise, it will have no effect on the successful balancing intention.

If you don’t like incense, bet on scented candles. If you don’t like the sound emitted by the wind chimes, bet on the dream filter. Don’t you like the color? Try a mandala of various colors.

This philosophy can be applied in every room in the house. But if it’s not possible for you, use the powerful force of Feng Shui for the bedroom, living room, kitchen or any other environment that wants more harmony.

Image 1:  Do you want to apply Feng Shui in home decor to work prosperity in your life? Invest in gold!

golden buddha feng shui decoration

The Importance of Colors in Feng Shui Decoration

The zymology of colors in Feng Shui stimulates certain areas in life and energetically enriches environments according to the vibrations you want to flow in each room in the house.

How about stimulating success? Bet on details in the red color. Creativity? White and pastel tones are ideal. Spirituality? The shades of blue, green, violet and lilac are perfect.

Realize how easy it can be to apply Feng Shui in the house according to the characteristic of each color.

Restore balance and harmony by applying colors in the environments and activate this technique in the decoration with Feng Shui that we are going to inspire you through this article.

Image 2:  As you can see in the image below, in Baguio Feng Shui the areas of success, relationship, prosperity, family, creativity, friends, spirituality, work and health are associated with the colors in our life.

bagua features feng shui elements and colors for decoration

The neutrality of white and neutral tones

The neutral tones and the white color represent peace and convey a feeling of cleanliness. It is the ideal color for Feng Shui decoration in the kitchen, bathroom and any other room in the house.

The recommendation is that this color is always balanced with other tones in the decoration so as not to cause excessive monotony.

The radiant joy of orange

For the Feng Shui decoration in the room, bet on this radiant energy color. Did you know that she is responsible for radiating joy as well as stimulating communication and optimism?

The good luck of yellow

In this case, bet on decorative items that are in accordance with the manifestation of cosmic energy that you want this environment to emanate.

The vibrant power of red

This color is vibrant and energetic and should be used in small details in the decoration. The color of power and fire must be used in balance for their effect to be positive.

The calming energy of blue

One of the colors of spirituality is very suitable for Feng Shui decoration because it is associated with tranquility and relaxation. As with other colors, it should be combined with other shades to avoid sleepiness and monotony.

The stimulating pleasure of rose

Promotes joy and pleasure, this color is ideal to stimulate romance between couples for those who want to stimulate the area of ​​love and romance in the decoration of the room.

Feng Shui Objects for Home Decor

According to Chinese philosophy, all areas of life deserve special attention, so use the decoration items wisely and get rid of any kind of stagnant or negative energy in your home.

Symbolism of wind chimes in the house or garden

One of the decorative items in Feng Shui is powerful because it balances and harmonizes the flow of energy, attracting good opportunities and prosperity. Ideal for indoors or outdoors such as windows, balconies, gardens and balconies.

The Power of Feng Shui Decoration Plants

As in other cultures, in the Feng Shui theory of plants, the Sword of St. George protects homes from negative energies, envy and bad vibrations. Due to its sharp points, it is not recommended to have this plant inside the house because it encourages discord among its residents.

Get inspired with 77 Feng Shui tips and decor items

Image 3:  From now on, check out the advantages of this millenary philosophy in decoration to promote a harmonious energy between body and mind.

colorful feng shui decoration

Image 4:  Combine your home with your style when decorating the house to bring good vibes that this ancient knowledge provides.

round objects for feng shui decoration

Image 5: There are always alternatives to apply this technique when the intention is good.

room decorated in neutral tones

Image 6: The important thing is to fill the house with colors and decorative objects that emit good energy.

orange feng shui decoration

Image 7: Bet on all colors!

room decorated feng shui colors

Image 8:  How about investing in red pillows to attract prosperity!

red pillows

Image 9:  Or in blue to attract tranquility.

kitchen in shades of blue and white

Image 10:  Pink promotes love.

feng shui decorated room

Image 11:  While the yellow is wisdom.

house decor yellow light fixture

Image 12:  The wind chime is a powerful tool in this technique.

wind bell

Image 13:  Plants are also excellent options for decoration. Just like the colors!

plants to decorate with feng shui

Image 14:  It is essential not to apply a single color in the environment to balance the elements in each area of ​​life.

room with clean decor

Image 15:  So bet on colors on the walls, decoration items or even on the furniture of the house.

decoration feng shui color varieties

Image 16:  Activate prosperity with Feng Shui in every way in your life and use colors to attract good things.

zen style decorated room

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Image 17:  Ensure that your home environment is harmonious, light and full of good energy.

bedroom feng shui decoration various colors

Image 18:  See how Feng Shui bedroom decoration can be applied in a simple, joyful and fun way.

decorated bedroom with patterned bedspread

Image 19:  The purple symbolizes prosperity and spirituality.

clean decorated room with print

Image 20:  The element of this color is wood and the indicated stone is malachite. See how beautiful this combination in the decoration!

mandala decorated room in bed

Image 21:  Did you know that clutter, stationary and excess things are a problem for the flow of good energies.

hippie feng shui decorated room

Image 22: Get rid of everything that no longer serves you!

dining and living room feng shui decor

Image 23: And balance areas of your life with decorative objects in Feng Shui.

feng shui room decorated in orange tone

Image 24:  For vital energy (chi) to flow through all the spaces in your home, it is essential to keep the environment clean.

yellow feng shui sofa

Image 25:  Cushions are excellent decorative objects that can be added to your living room decor, did you know?!

blue pillow for feng shui decoration

Image 26:  Mix prints and textures and create a cozy and harmonious space.

pillow covers and different textures

Picture 27:  The Feng Shui room decoration in the house will look beautiful and elegant.

colored pillows

Image 28:  It is important that the colors are mixed with other colors so as not to make the environment hostile and generate a lack of motivation among the residents of the house.

neutral color environment and pastel shades

Image 29:  And don’t forget to decorate the door too, that’s where all the good things in your life come in!

front door bagu

Image 30:  Don’t let the decorative objects become obstacles in the way, keep the passage always clear.

Buddha's head to decorate

Image 31:  Mess spread around the house can reflect difficulties in life.

corner room zen space

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Image 32:  So make sure the energy in your Feng Shui decor doesn’t stagnate.

pink feng shui color in the room decor

Image 33:  And apply the decorative items so that it flows clean and vibrant.

green feng shui color in the room

Image 34:  See these decorative items that, in addition to subtly lighting, are a charm, isn’t it?!

decorate with lighting

Image 35:  A vase and even a tray beautifully make up your home decor.

decorate with pink objects in the room

Image 36:  Check how the white color, the wood element and plants can be inserted in the room decoration with Feng Shui.

wood element in the decor

Image 37:  And the elements of nature in shades of gold. Simple and elegant!

nature elements for feng shui decoration

Image 38:  But be careful not to exaggerate, the ideal is that the items talk to each other.

outdoor space feng shui decoration

Image 39:  Candles and mandalas when combined with white create ideal spaces for relaxation.

zen space feng shui decoration

Image 40:  In order not to overload on information, start with the simplest tips.

style in feng shui room decor

Image 41:  Or with unique pieces of decorative objects.

multi-color feng shui lamp

Image 42:  Candles, plants and Buddha’s are excellent for composing any space.

room coffee table

Image 43:  Environments in neutral colors are beautiful and bring a light and healthy energy.

white furniture and plants

Image 44:  Ensure good vibration circulation.

object to decorate Buddha's head

Image 45:  And feel your life flow more smoothly.

simple object to decorate with incense

Image 46:  Bet on Feng Shui decoration items that bring good luck!

feng shui decoration plant

Image 47:  Mirrors in Feng Shui must be positioned properly to shift energy flows.

harmonized room feng shui decor

Image 48:  Succulents are perfect to decorate any space in the house.

succulents and buddha

Image 49:  Candles are ideal for activating the power of the fire element.

candle lit fire element

Image 50: Invest in scented candles and benefit from this powerful element.

Large, colorful candles to decorate the room

Image 51: The power of fire represents success and power.

decorative feng shui candles

Image 52: And it can bring material rewards.

various candles for decoration

Image 53: On the other hand, mandalas provide balance.

wooden mandala for feng shui decoration

Image 54: In addition to bringing peace and serenity to any environment.

blue color mandalas in feng shui dining room decor

Image 55: The mandala added to the benefits of Feng Shui makes any environment pleasant.

mandala detail in the bathroom decoration

Image 56: See how this room gets much cozier.

mandala to apply on the bedroom wall

Image 57: Easily attract good energies into your life.

bedroom blue wall and mandala

Image 58: And perfect decoration with Feng Shui in every room.

frames for feng shui decoration

Image 59: Start little by little to invite the good vibes to live in your house.

feng shui in decoration

Image 60: And even in the space reserved for work.

home office decorated with feng shui

Image 61: How about applying Feng Shui in home office decoration too?

large home office feng shui decor

Image 62: Make this space more productive and prosperous.

feng shui in the home office

Image 63: Create a suitable working environment.

home office clean feng shui decoration

Image 64: And apply Feng Shui in this environment.

feng shui decorated home office

Image 65: With simple adjustments it is possible to promote a balanced energy flow.

fire and water element for feng shui decoration

Image 66: But don’t forget about cleanliness and organization in all spaces.

potted plants for feng shui decoration

Image 67: Bet on wild landscaping plants.

white vase in crystal orange plant

Image 68: And also in the lighting and clarity of the environments.

plants in feng shui kitchen decor

Image 69: And don’t forget to bring some color to balance the energies.

plant in feng shui room decoration

Image 70: Did you know that mirrors duplicate the reflected image?

plant and round mirror for feng shui decoration

Image 71: They have the power to change the energy flow of any environment.

peace lily for feng shui decoration

Image 72: So be careful how it’s positioned.

plant and mirror for feng shui decoration

Image 73: Round furniture in Feng Shui harmonize the environments.

feng shui round table

Image 74: Make small changes to the decoration with this technique.

Saint George's sword in the decoration

Image 75: And prevent negative energies from entering your home.

earth element and green feng shui color

Image 76: Minimize any energy imbalance you encounter.

plant decoration

Image 77: And easily attract positive vibrations.

round furniture feng shui decoration

Image 78: Decorate with pictures, pillows and flowers.

feng shui decoration round furniture

Image 79: And allow the energies to circulate in all spaces.

rounded table and armchair

Image 80: Did you like it? Start applying these tips at home and feel the difference!

round coffee table feng shui

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