Feng Shui for the Living Room: 7 Tips for Harmonizing and Decorating + 80 Inspiring Images

Before applying Feng Shui in the room, it is essential to be clear about the type of use this room has in the house. Is the living room to receive friends and visitors or is it a space reserved only for family gatherings?

The Feng Shui technique is to neutralize negative energies so that positive vibrations emanate in the environments directly influencing the lives of all living beings.

From now on, you will see tips for correctly applying Feng Shui in the decoration of your living room and dining room. But first, it is important to be clear about the use that will be made in this environment to analyze what type of energy you want to encourage in it.

Image 1:  The living room is an environment of the house reserved for relaxation and tranquility. It is in it that different energies circulate and concentrate.

feng shui living room

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Tips for Balancing Energies with Feng Shui in the Room

Chi energy is vital vibrational energy that is present in the universe as a whole. According to Feng Shui, it is this energy that flows through the universe promoting harmony and balance in nature, positively affecting everything that is present in the universe.

Learn in this article how to balance each area of ​​your life by applying the Feng Shui technique in the living room with some adjustments to the furniture and decor in this room.

Image 2: Apply Feng Shui in the living room by mapping your house or just this space with the Baguá.

baguá to apply in the living room or at home

1 – Furniture layout

Just as the bed is the key piece of Feng Shui in the bedroom, the sofa is the main element of the living room. Therefore, this piece of furniture must be positioned in front of your home’s main entrance door.

This position allows you to have a global view of the people, energies and possibilities that come into your home. The sofa is about interaction, communication and joy.

The sofa should be positioned on a solid wall without being fully leaning against the wall, so leave a small space for air to flow. Also avoid placing this furniture below a window or beams.

Image 3:   The sofa must be positioned in the command position, he is the protagonist of this room.

feng shui sofa room in control position

2 – Bet on neutral tones and balance the colors

Living room colors in Feng Shui should be vibrant and cheerful. The orange color symbolizes joy and is the most suitable for this room.

In Feng Shui Colors, the tones of the five elements can be used to decorate your living room according to the type of vibration you want to circulate in this space.

Throughout this article you will be able to check out more about the effect of colors and their varied energetic vibrations.

Image 4:  Soft, neutral tones energetically enrich the space bringing peace and tranquility. Always mix with other colors!

balanced neutral room with colorful pillows

3 – Include plants in the Feng Shui decoration in the room

Natural plants connect any indoor environment with nature. In the theory of Feng Shui plants it is no different. Plants not only refresh the environment but also bring health and vitality to all those who share this space.

Did you know that plants can be indicators of luck in the house? Understand more!

The health of plants is related to the energy and well-being of everyone around the house. As long as you maintain the proper lighting and watering of your plant and it has lifeless aspects, pay attention to the vibrational energy of this space.

Image 5:  On the other hand, if the house plants are healthy, beautiful and blooming, interpret it as an indicator of luck and good energy in your home. Interesting isn’t it?

feng shui plants

4 – Avoid broken objects and unused items

A house full of rubble and unused objects represents a stagnant energy source. If you’re one of those who accumulate an arsenal of useless, broken, cracked or patched items, it’s time for a change!

Pay attention to what kind of energy you want to preserve within your relaxation and leisure environment.

Image 6:  Stopped clock, calendars and old magazines, empty boxes are totally contraindicated. This attachment to material things can reflect emotional problems and stagnation in residents’ lives!

feng shui small room

5 – Make room for energy circulation

Let natural light and fresh air into your home. One of Feng Shut’s golden tips in the living room is to open the windows every day so that this space is always well ventilated and light.

Image 7:  Did you know that the act of opening the windows allows the air to blow out negative energy from the environment giving space for the circulation of positive energy?

feng shui large room

6 – Keep the environment clean, organized and scented

Are you thinking of applying Feng Shui in the living room and dining room? Start by keeping the house clean, tidy and fragrant. This action is fundamental for the good vibrations of space to flow freely and reflect an organized life in all aspects of it.

It’s important to clean and organize the house regularly because the good energies don’t like dirty, dusty and cluttered places.

Image 8:  Allow the good energies to live with you and make your home a special place.

feng shui room organized and clean environment

7 – Invest in decorative objects that clean and neutralize energy

According to the Feng Shui theory in the room, to keep the energy of the environment balanced, it is important to have the presence of the five elements of nature in the decoration.

The harmony of these objects must represent water, fire, earth, metal and wood. Bet on a variety of textures and finishes and balance the colors so that only one does not dominate the environment.

Image 9:  Crystals are excellent sources for removing negative energy (She) and channeling positive vibrations (Chi) in the environment.

feng shui living room decoration crystals to renew vibrations

Check out inspiring images and learn to decorate with Feng Shui in the room

Image 10:  Feng Shui decoration objects can also be applied to items such as lamps, candles, mirrors, ceramic vases and paintings, for example.

small feng shui room with zen decor elements

Image 11:  One of the principles for applying Feng Shui in the living room is to arrange the furniture in such a way that it can promote harmony and balance of good energy.

room decorated feng shui with rounded elements

Image 12:  Check in this image how the objects can symbolize the elements of nature in the Feng Shui decoration in the room and bring harmony to this environment.

decorative objects for feng shui in the living room

Image 13:  Rounded decoration items such as these vases, rugs and coffee table are super indicated within this philosophy.

living room with sofa and rounded rug

Image 14:  The proper use of colors energetically enriches environments, blue, for example, calms, and reflects inner peace and confidence.

feng shui in the living room with sofa and light blue wall and neutral tones

Image 15:  And pink, the color of love is linked to joy and pleasure.

the pink color in the living room symbolizes love

Image 16:  Green symbolizes tranquility, renewal, peace and balance.

feng shui living room small blue sofa

Image 17:  Orange promotes energy, luminosity and a sense of humor.

feng shui colors for living room

Image 18:  In this image, red is well balanced with other shades and Feng Shui decorative objects such as mirrors and plants.

feng shui colors for living room sofas red and plants

Image 19:  There are plants that should be avoided indoors because they can attract family conflicts.

feng shui neutral living room with plants

Image 20:  Some plants in Feng Shui indicated are: Azalea, Peace Lily, Ferns, Lucky Bamboo, Basil and Sword of Saint George.

one of the indicated feng shui plants is the fern

Image 21:  A tip for those who have balconies, is to take advantage of this space to create a garden and cultivate your plants.

feng shui living room neutral colors

Image 22:  Feng Shui room with minimalist decoration is perfect to avoid excessive objects in the way.

gray sofa and plant to harmonize the environment

Image 23: Keep a decoration that makes you feel good.

feng shui living room decor items

Image 24:  And invest in objects that induce well-being with meaningful items that convey a positive message.

clean feng shui living room with plants and natural lighting

Image 25:  Analyze pictures, photos, objects and notice the sensations that these items give you when you look at them.

room decorated with feng shui technique

Picture 26:  The Feng Shui room decoration has to radiate a happy, harmonious and optimistic energy.

feng shui applied in the living room with neutral colors and light pink sofa

Image 27:  So avoid anything that can bring negative emotions such as anxiety or anger.

feng shui position living room furniture

Image 28:  Plants and colorful objects are ideal to compose a clean space.

feng shui room color balance

Image 29:  Items that send pleasant memories or pleasant positively influence the subconscious.

feng shui living room decor items

Image 30:  Elements that refer to nature are ideal for energy balance.

feng shui decoration to balance energy

Image 31:  It is important to ensure the presence of the five elements of nature in Feng Shui room decoration.

feng shui living and dining room neutral tones

Image 32:  And don’t forget to align these objects with the Feng Shui room colors when decorating this space.

feng shui room matching tips

Image 33:  Did you know that mirrors enlarge spaces and attract good energy.

feng shui in the large living room, neutral colors

Image 34:  In Feng Shui theory in the dining room, the mirror should be positioned in front of the table to increase prosperity.

feng shui living and dining room

Image 35:  Everything that the mirror reflects, multiplies.

room decoration feng shui bagua

Image 36:  Prevent a single material, color or coating from dominating the entire decor of your space.

feng shui room plants double frames

Image 37:  Diversify textures with pillows, blankets and other decorative objects.

feng shui large vase room

Image 38:  The variety of finishes and objects to bring balance to the space should be aligned according to your personality and taste.

feng shui room balance blue color

Image 39:  If the wood element predominates in the decoration of your room, bet on objects that contain the earth element, such as natural plant vases.

feng shui large mirror room

Image 40:  And remember the fundamental rule of Feng Shui decor in the living room: The sofa should never be facing away from the main entrance door.

feng shui room decoration

Image 41:  It is recommended to position the sofa in front of the door.

feng shui room space for circulation

Image 42:  But if it is not possible, use elements that neutralize this energy.

feng shui living room sofa invisible arrow

Image 43:  For positive circular energy flow it is important that the plants are in the corners of your room.

feng shui living room sofa under beam

Image 44:  Did you know that they represent the wood element in Feng Shui plants and are sources of strength and vitality?

feng shui living room door behind sofa

Image 45:  Take good care of your plants and keep them alive and healthy to promote wellness energy.

living room decoration oval mirror

Image 46:  Avoid dead or dry flowers and foliage indoors to prevent accumulation of bad fluids.

feng shui orange dinner room

Image 47:  According to Feng Shui Colors for Living and Dining Room, excessive neutral colors should be avoided and balanced with vibrant tones.

feng shui living room orange wall behind sofa

Image 48:  Positive, vivid and joyful colors like orange have the power to positively reflect your life.

feng shui colors for living room

Image 49:  This is the best color for this room!

feng shui colors living room

Image 50: Yellow is also another great color for the room because it represents communication and good luck.

harmonized room yellow walls

Image 51: Green is a relaxing color that symbolizes renewal, but it should never be used alone.

colors feng shui green room

Image 52: Red is another vibrant color that together with light tones brings the necessary balance of this color associated with success.

feng shui decor vibrant, neutral colors

Image 53: Check in this image how to balance yellow in the living room, the color associated with healthcare.

strong presence of yellow feng shui color

Image 54: On the other hand, when mixed with blue it inspires inner peace.

living room harmonized decor

Image 55: From now on, check out images to apply Feng Shui in the dining room, after all, this space in the house also deserves our full attention.

feng shui decor in the living room natural lighting

Image 56: Did you know that according to Feng Shui theory, the dining table represents prosperity and family unity?

balanced decor with colorful seat cushions

Image 57: The ideal is to have a mirror positioned so that it reflects the table, a symbol of plenty in the house.

dining room with large table mirror

Image 58: Place flowers and arrangements and always make it beautiful. Take care of even the smallest details.

dining room decor shades of pink

Image 59: Avoid leaving objects such as keys, bags or anything else on the table.

dining room feng shui chairs black

Image 60: The ideal dining table material should be of strong structure such as wood and chairs in pairs.

small dining room

Image 61: High quality wood is the most recommended material for a Feng Shui dining table.

dining room decorated central chandelier

Image 62: Prefer square, rectangular, oval or circular shape and avoid irregular shapes.

dining room white chairs with mirror in front of the table

Picture 63: The ideal dining table for Feng Shui dining room decor should be round.

34 dining room oval table and pendant chandelier

Image 64: Green and blue colors are also related to taste and appetite, so incorporate some subtle objects with these tones when decorating.

dining room minimalist blue pendant chandelier

Image 65: Avoid TV, electronics and clocks hanging on the wall in this room.

dining room oval table

Image 66: Lighting also requires special attention.

dining room with rectangular table

Image 67: She should be pleasant and adaptable to any kind of special occasion.

blue sideboard in the dining room

Image 68: When you are grateful for health, food, and family good things are attracted to your life.

china cabinet and oval table in the dining room

Image 69: Whenever possible, have family meals and be with those you love.

mirrored fenh shui dining room

Image 70: And remember, one of the principles of Feng Shui in the room is organization, cleanliness and not accumulating unused stuff.

room with many objects

Image 71: Regardless of the size and style of home decor, make your living room welcoming.

feng shui living room white curtain

Image 72: All these tips can transform your living room into a balanced and powerful environment.

Zen style feng shui decoration

Image 73: Make your living room inviting for you to relax, interact and have fun with family and friends.

feng shui in the room with red closet

Image 74: Put a touch of personality in every corner of the room, after all, it’s your home!

Zen feng shui decoration objects

Image 75: Allow vital energy to flow through all spaces throughout your home and invest in decorative items that are just like you.

Zen room decor ideas

Image 76: This type of adhesive for wall and decoration items is ideal for those who want to renovate the space with low investment.

wall with mandala

Image 77: See how beautiful when applied parallel to the door. Did you know that the mandala is a symbol of peace and tranquility?

living room wall with mandala sticker

Image 78: In addition to bringing success and prosperity to the environment. Check out how beautiful this application is!

mandala to decorate living room

Image 79: And for those who like to be daring, create specific spaces like this Feng Shui decoration in the room full of personality.

zen relax style colorful room

Image 80: And finally, this room contains a variety of colors for the Feng Shui living room and also has an unusual and original decoration, isn’t it?

zen feng shui room

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