Feng Shui for the Bedroom: Learn How to Apply in Decor with +80 Images

According to ancient Chinese perspective, Feng Shui for the bedroom combines Yin Yang energies to harmonize and balance the fluidity of positive vibrations in all spaces in which this technique is applied.

Considering that the bedroom is the environment reserved for rest and recharge of the energy spent throughout the day. This article shows how the Feng Shui philosophy for the bedroom can be applied in this room and bring many benefits to your life.

Image 1: The colors, the position of the bed, the lighting, the cleanliness and the correct organization of the house are some of the factors that must be taken care of so that the environment’s vital energy promotes health, harmony and prosperity.

bedroom with blue and green walls with flowered bedding

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Explaining Feng Shun

Before starting the sequence of Feng Shun bedroom tips, it is important to explain what this ancient Chinese philosophy is . So let’s go!

Feng Shun is a technique developed over three thousand years ago in China, consisting of practices to harmonize environments, bringing together the five elements of nature: Water, fire, earth, metal and wood.

After the study and analysis of Baguio, this Chinese philosophy identifies the energetic vibrations of the environment and allows to potentiate the fluidity of positive energy (Chi) and neutralize the vibrations of negative energy (She) in spaces.

The term Feng means ‘wind and Shun ‘water’, so the ancient Chinese believed that the forces and elements of nature have a significant influence on our lives.

Image 2: Feng Shun can be applied in residential and commercial environments, as well as in specific spaces such as offices, rooms, bathrooms and work desks. As you will see in this article, Feng Shun tips for bedrooms.

minimalist room with light colors and large window for natural lighting

Decorating with Feng Shun technique in the bedroom

The bedroom is an environment of tranquility, peace and recharge of energy. Did you know that Feng Shun master bedroom colors should be light shades such as blue, green, pink and lilac?

The position of mirrors and the presence of objects that represent natural elements such as water, wood, earth, fire and metal are essential to balance the energies within the room.

Are you thinking of decorating this space or making some Feng Shun adjustments in the room? Follow all the tips in this article!

Image 3: Invest in decorative items that convey comfort in these spaces such as curtains and rugs, bedspreads, pillows and lamps, for example.


Tips for applying Feng shut in the bedroom

If the bedroom is for the couple, for example, it can be worked to attract balance and more harmony in the relationship between two. On the other hand, if the room is a single or children’s room, good vibrations can be stimulated to promote a good night’s sleep favoring rest.

Baguio studies nine areas that comprise all aspects of human life. And as you can see in the image below, each area is represented by some of the elements of nature.

In this sense, the areas mapped by begun are: Health, career, spirituality, family, prosperity, creativity, success, friends and relationships.

Image 4: If we look at the area in Baguio that represents relationship as well as love, it is possible to see that the earth element and the pink color in Feng Shui promote harmony between couples and encourage romance.

The analysis of Baguio in the bedroom

The Baguio in Feng Shui is a tool that identifies how the room should be organized to attract beneficial changes and balance the positive vibrations in the room.

This tool can be applied to the floor plan of the house and also to a single room. Below you can see how to apply the begun in the bedroom plan.

From there, the environment can be energized with the elements, colors and objects that represent each area of ​​your life as mapped by Baguio.

Image 5: The area representing the work must be aligned on the wall of the entrance door to the room, in the same way as if it w

The main Feng Shui colors for the bedroom

In the colors for a Feng Shui double bedroom, it is important to choose shades that promote romance and love. As mentioned above, neutral colors and pastel shades are best suited for these locations.

Image 6: Feng Shui colors that promote a relationship are pink, lilac, and light shades of blue and green.

feng shui master bedroom in shades of pink and lilac

The pink and lilac color

Pink is one of the most suitable colors for a Feng Shui double bedroom because they refer to romantic love, happiness and union. While lilac conveys warmth and calm, bringing the necessary balance between love, wisdom and heart.

Image 7: The technique for applying Feng Shui colors to bedrooms are fundamental for harmonizing these spaces.

feng shui master bedroom colors in pastel shades of pink, gray and white

The shades of blue

Blue refers to tranquility and harmony, but if the couple or the person occupying this environment is not very active, the light tones of this color should be avoided so as not to lead to monotony or be balanced with other colors.

Image 8: Blue represents calm, harmony and tranquility and should be used in balance with other neutral tones.


The vibrant of red and orange

On the other hand, red represents vitality, enthusiasm, power, vigor and is associated with the color of passion. Orange conveys strength, luminosity and energy.

These shades should be applied in just a few details to avoid the tired feeling that the energy of these vibrant colors can cause.

Image 9: Warm colors like red and orange cannot be overused. These shades must be balanced with other neutral colors.

feng shui in bedroom decor in orange, pink blue and wood element

Other colors like white, black, yellow and green

And finally, among several other shades that involve Feng Shui colors , white refers to peace and cleanliness, black absorbs negative energy in excess of the place.

Yellow is associated with wisdom and communication, while green is associated with achieving goals and achieving distant projects.

Image 10: Feng Shui is the study that interferes with energetic vibrations and positively transforms through the ordering of spaces in order to improve energy flows.

 lamps, pillows, lighting and double pillows

The position of the bed in the bedroom according to Feng Shui

Feng Shui in the decoration of this environment, the bed is the main furniture in the room and directly influences the balance of your energy in this room of the house.

Image 11: Did you know that the bed must not be supported on the wall below a window? This position creates vulnerability and insecurity

correct bed position according to feng shui

The fluidity of energies must be everywhere, so be aware of these tips!

  • Ideally, the head of the bed is against the wall facing the door, but your feet must not be pointing directly at it.
  • It is not recommended that the bed has one side against the wall, as this position puts pressure on energy and brings limitations to the lives of those who sleep there.
  • The headboard must also not be supported by a wall that gives access to the bathroom because it can cause emotional problems.

Image 12: Feng Shui headboards symbolize protection and stability in life. They should be wooden, upholstered and secured to the bed. Understand more below!

illustrative image of the bed positioned beside the baguá

Types of Headboards Ideal for Feng Shui Beds

In this case, solid wood or padded headboards are ideal. The frame must be closed and fixed to the bed and not to the bedroom wall.

Also, the headboard size should be softly contoured and proportionate to your bed (not too high and not too low).

Avoid metal headboards as this element conducts energy from the body. Or with hollow spaces, because these ‘holes’ can waste their potential.

The split-head model, on the other hand, promotes the energy of separation rather than unity, so consider what kind of union you want for your relationship.

Image 13: Also avoid headboards with niches or chests to store objects. Storing items under the bed and wall mounted shelves above the headboard are also not recommended for composing Feng Shui decor in the bedroom.

feng shui bedroom correct bed placement

Importance of wardrobe organization

Of course, the wardrobe is also a fundamental piece of furniture for harmonizing Feng Shui in the bedroom. If you want to use this ancient technique to attract good energy, start with cleaning and organizing your closet.

From there, remove everything that is excess, separate shoes, clothes, accessories and items that you no longer use and donate. Avoid the accumulation of things from the past and unused objects.

In Feng Shui wardrobe, with these tips and organization items you can keep your closet organized for much longer, improving the circulation of good energy in your room.

Image 14: Arrange the pieces separating them by model and color. Opt for organizer boxes, drawer separators and abuse hangers.

suggested wardrobe organized with hangers and boxes

Suggestions for harmonizing and balancing Feng Shui in the bedroom

When applying Feng Shui for a double room, it is indicated that the objects are in pairs. Understand more below!

Decorative objects for Feng Shui in the bedroom that can also be in pairs are paintings, lamps, lamps, plants or other furniture that will compose this environment, such as the chests of drawers on the sides of the bed, for example.

For Feng Shui bedroom decor, lighting is also a very relevant aspect. In this case, allow natural light to enter through the window to renew the energy of this environment.

Image 15: The plants in Feng Shui , and super decorative, have a significant role in this theory. They increase the vibration of the environment and have benefits for your well-being while you regain your energy while sleeping.

bedroom with plants and strong presence of the wood element

Check out pictures of decor inspired by Feng shut bedroom

Image 16: To apply this ancient Chinese technique in the bedroom, it is necessary to energetically map the environment with the help of Baguio.

adjoining space living room and bedroom curtains and pillows in shades of red

Image 17: Energies are integrated into everything all the time.

sleeping space with lamp above the headboard and side cabinet

Image 18: Did you know that opening the windows of the house, keeping the room clean and tidy, allows sunlight to radiate into this space creating a constant flow of movement of new and vibrant energies?

room with large glass, light walls and wooden furniture

Image 19: In Feng Shui colors in shades of blue convey tranquility and plants absorb negative energy from the environment.

walls in shades of blue to balance the energy of the environment

Image 20: Electronic devices decrease the quality of sleep, avoid television, cell phone or radio in this environment.

room side wall in red

Image 21: Bet on decorative objects in pairs.

double room harmonized with feng shui

Image 22: Vibrant colors like red should only be in the details in the bedroom decor.

feng shui room colors crystal windows and red in little details

Image 23: Light and soft tones are the determining colors for applying Feng Shui in the bedroom.

feng shui room decor in pastel shades

Image 24: Did you know that Feng Shui in the bedroom, when properly applied, can help to ward off insomnia?

feng shui decoration with mirrored furniture

Image 25: Neutral tones are suitable for all environments because they radiate energy of peace and relaxation.

Brick walls bring the earth element in the decoration composition

Image 26: Avoid stimulating colors like yellow and metal headboards.

room according to feng shui

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Image 27: Did you know that bedside electronics can interfere with sleep?

colors for feng shui bedroom

Image 28: Green helps reduce stress and tension. It encourages moments of balance and peace.

bedroom light green walls with plants and natural lighting

Image 29: The color violet should never be used alone. In Feng Shui colors, the ideal is that it is mixed with white so as not to generate dispersions.

single bedroom in lavender and white

Image 30: And the color yellow helps to clarify ideas, in addition to helping to achieve wisdom and encourage communication.

bedroom in shades of yellow

Image 31: Keeping your room always clean and organized attracts good energy to the environment.

single bed with wooden headboard

Image 32: Light colors are great for bringing harmony and renewing vibrations.

bedroom in shades of white to represent peace and harmony

Image 33: Lilac, blue and green are the three Feng Shui favorable colors to encourage calm and bring balance.

bedroom with mandala on the wall and carpet

Image 34: Feng Shui frames for bedroom.

bedroom frames with inspiring image

Image 35: Here, the Feng Shui double bedroom decor idea has personality and presents neutral elements to compose a Zen space that inspires relaxation.

elements to decorate the room with personality

Image 36: Another suggestion for inserting colors and elements in Feng Shui bedroom decor.

elements that add character to feng shui room decor

Picture 37: If you like, bet on crystal wind chimes and small plant pot to balance the energy of the room.

crystal wind chimes and small plant pot to balance the room

Image 38: This Feng Shui decoration object inspiration is perfect to compose any clean environment.

feng shui decoration element

Image 39: A way to insert the water element in the decoration of this ancient Chinese technique.

feng shui room decoration water element

Image 40: Feng Shui in the nursery in neutral tones.

feng shui baby room shades of light blue and white

Image 41: In this image the application of Feng Shui in the child’s room inspires peace, doesn’t it?

feng shui baby room beige shades

Image 42: On the other hand, this application of Feng Shui in the child’s room inspires security and calm.

wooden children's bed in light tones

Image 43: Here the Feng Shui color in the child’s room in shades of white is purifying and evokes the feeling of peace.

children's bed in clean light tones

Image 44: Color Feng Shui in the baby’s room conveys serenity and reflects confidence and inner peace.

feng shui baby room in shades of light blue and white

Picture 45: Color Feng Shui in single bedroom in pink has relaxing and affectionate effect.

single room decor in pink and gray

Image 46: Black reflects inner wisdom and courage. See how to insert this tone in the details of your decoration.

 feng shui single room elements

Image 47: Feng Sui in the male single bedroom.

feng shui single room in shades of blue

Picture 48: Feng Sui Small bedroom with orange accents to convey confidence and enthusiasm.

feng shui single room

Picture 49: Feng Sui bedroom girl.

feng shui girl's room

Image 50: Nowadays this oriental technique has conquered space in the western world.

feng shui double bedroom light blue wall

Image 51: Its capacity for energetic transformation and empowerment brings harmony in all the environments around us.

feng shui bedroom shades of blue

Image 52: On the sides of the headboard, the ideal is to have two chests of drawers. According to Chinese philosophy, these items guarantee support, comfort and protection for life.

feng shui solid wood headboard

Image 53: As mentioned at the beginning of this article, curtains bring a feeling of warmth and affection to relationships.

feng shui double bedroom side mirrors

Image 54: Here the blue is present in the details and the wood element composes this beautiful wallpaper.

feng shui blue bed quilt tranquility and peace

Image 55: Lilac represents tranquility and calm for the environment.

feng shui shades of lilac

Image 56: This pink background brings Feng Shui color to ideal double bedroom.

feng shui double bedroom in shades of pink romance

Image 57: Here the Feng Shui colors for women’s bedroom are neutral and create a clean space.

room decor feng shui pastel shades of pink, gray and white

Image 58: Feng Shui pillows and frames with geometric prints bring different shades of colors to the environment.

feng shui room elements in green

Image 59: See how to subtly insert the rose into the decor and inspire joy and pleasure in the environment.

feng shui to the bedroom

Picture 60: A minimalist room with neutral colors has wood and plant elements to balance the energy in the environment.

feng shui bedroom with plants

Image 61: The ideal Feng Shui headboard can also be cushioned. See this image!

padded feng shui headboard shades and shades of blue peace and tranquility

Image 62: A detail to balance all areas and add the energy of dynamism to the environment.

room with objects to harmonize the environment

Image 63: Another environment Feng Shui frames for bedroom with neutral colors.

minimalist feng shui bedroom with neutral tones

Image 64: Bet on neutral tones for Feng Shui in the master bedroom.

shades of pink and gray double bedroom feng shui headboard wood double dresser

Image 65: Feng Shui colors in blue, white, yellow, red and wood element.

bed with white and yellow striped covers

Image 66: In this image, the cozy atmosphere is due to the pillows, rug and light bedding.

feng shui double bedroom decoration

Image 67: The bedroom is a private environment and its energy must be preserved.

feng shui couple bedroom shades of red

Image 68: It is advisable not to have a lot of circulation from outsiders such as friends and visitors, for example.

single feng shui room

Image 69: To inspire hippie style with many dream filters for the fluidity of positive vibrations to emanate in the environment as a whole.

hippie feng shui room

Image 70: According to this Chinese philosophy, the ideal is to avoid mirrors on the ceiling and facing the bed.

padded headboard feng shui double bedroom

Image 71: See in this image the ideal Feng Shui headboard in solid wood.

solid wood feng shui headboard

Image 72: Natural and artificial lighting is important within this philosophy to keep spaces bright and light.

double bedroom feng shui decoration

Image 73: The windows must be opened daily for natural air to enter and the consequent energetic cleaning of good vibrations.

feng shui double bedroom decoration

Image 74: Keep the wardrobe and entrance doors to your room always closed so that negative energies do not occupy this environment.

feng shui room decoration

Image 75: Remove unused objects and photos from the past from your resting place that might bring back sad memories.

details to harmonize the environment with feng shui in the decor

Image 76: Opt for curtains made of light fabric and neutral color.

bedroom wall deep blue with small feng shui mirrors

Image 77: Blue is one of the most suitable Feng Shui colors for this environment, but don’t forget to combine it with other colors.

shades of blue feng shui room decor

Image 78: Here the clean environment shows us a perfect combination of elements.

plain wood headboard and geometric patterned pillows

Image 79: Colors energetically enrich environments and must be in tune with your wishes and goals for the future.

bedroom bedspread in various colors feng chui

Image 80: And to conclude this article, beware of excess white. This peace symbol color can generate lack of motivation and hope. But it’s beautiful, isn’t it? Be sure to match objects of other shades!

double bedroom feng shui clean natural elements

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