Feng Shui for Prosperity: 12 Teachings to Attract Wealth in Your Life

According to the ancient philosophy, Feng Shui prosperity practices are able to help you develop new habits to ward off energies that are holding you back and attract positivity and wealth into your life.

You’ve probably heard that attracting prosperity and achieving success requires a set of good habits. Realizing and identifying which habits are sabotaging our lives is the first step to leaving a stagnant life and moving towards success.

The Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy that arose more than three thousand years that teaches you how to have a more harmonious life by joining the forces of nature to balance the vibrations and improve the flow of vital energy in the environment.

This technique studies through the analysis of spaces how the organization of furniture, colors and objects in the environments can be adjusted to balance the vibrations in these spaces and achieve everything that is favorable and beneficial to our lives.

In this article you will check Feng Shui teachings to attract money and prosperity, leaving your home environments conducive to the realization of your dreams.

Feng Shui to Attract Prosperity

Here you will discover some Feng Shui practices for prosperity, but this technique alone does not fulfill its effectiveness if it is not in conjunction with the necessary actions and efforts to achieve an abundant life.

It is important to contextualize the meaning of prosperity and wealth since having a lot of money does not mean being rich. True wealth is having a full life, health, safety, comfort and being happy and happy with your finances. Is not it?

Check out these tips and understand more!

1 – Believe in the power of mirrors

Mirrors have the power to duplicate the reflected image, as do the energies that this image reflects. So be careful where you place mirrors in your house!

In the kitchen, the stove is the most important household appliance in relation to prosperity, as it represents the fire element. If the intention is really to attract more abundance into your life, stay tuned for this tip!

Ensure that your stove is always clean and in perfect working order and most importantly, place a mirror behind it so that the flames are doubled and in this way double the prosperity of the house.

The same goes for the dining room. In Feng Shui decor for prosperity, hanging the mirror in a way that doubles the image of the dining table brings plenty and abundance into your home.

If the mirror frame is gilded and the table is beautifully decorated, you will further harness the power of mirrors to attract prosperity.

2 – Use the energy of the crystals

Did you know that crystals are great sources of energy? They have in their natural essence all the strength coming from the depths of the earth. If you still don’t know the potential of crystals, I recommend investing in the raw form of transparent quartz to start in this universe and then in Pyrite, Citrine and Amethyst.

According to the Feng Shui philosophy of prosperity, these are the three crystals that will promote the energy of wealth. Understand why!

feng shui prosperity crystals and stones


It is responsible for the purification and transformation of energy. In addition to this stone attracting money, plenty and good luck, it also drives away and neutralizes negative energy from the environment.


It is the crystal of prosperity and has the power to attract success and open paths. This stone has such intense energy that it has the power to recharge the energies of other stones.


It acts as a magnet to attract everything that is beneficial in life, even professional opportunities, new businesses and unexpected financial gains.

Amazing power of crystals, isn’t it?!

3 – Use Feng Shui colors to attract prosperity

The colors in Feng Shui has important significance and offer many benefits. It attracts prosperity, positive things, avoids financial problems, promotes business, career and professional stability.

According to this Chinese philosophy, colors energetically enrich environments. The main colors for attracting prosperity and wealth are gold and purple.

Gold can be present in decorative items, in the frame of a mirror, trays or any other item that presents beauty and simplicity.

It is very easy to incorporate this tone into your home decor, just choose items such as a pillow cover, book cover or even a frame with details in this color.

The purple color, due to its wide variety of shades, can cause a bit of confusion when choosing an item that represents this color. Research the color of the cardinals’ cassocks for you to reference and get the tone right.

Apply this technique at home and feel the transformation in your life!

feng shui bagua colors

4 – Invest in Feng Shui decorative items for prosperity

There are many images in Feng Shui to attract prosperity that can help you to raise a certain energy for your environment.

Incense, scented candles, wind chimes and the Buddha image are some of the items that help to balance the energies of any room in the house. See why:

decorative items to attract feng shui prosperity


They improve energy and purify the vibration of environments, promoting a pleasant and welcoming aroma in any space. Did you know that incense is the breath of life and lifts our innermost desires, thoughts and prayers to the heavenly universe?

scented candles

Candles activate the power of the fire element, essential for life. This powerful Feng Shui element in decoration can bring material rewards, success, pleasure and joy.

wind chimes

The sound emitted by this item increases the flow of positive energy and promotes air renewal. They move still energy by attracting good vibrations to any kind of environment, indoors or outdoors.

Buddha statue

The Buddha image always brings great vibrations to the house, but there is the specific Buddha of wealth that helps to further awaken financial prosperity in the house. For those who want to apply Feng Shui to attract money, take advantage of all the positive energies that this image represents.

Choose your censer, wind chime, a beautiful image of the Buddha and scented candles. Worth a try!

5 – Bet on Feng Shui plants to attract prosperity

Nature itself already provides us with wealth and abundance. The energy power of plants in Feng Shui is amazing because plants replicate their own energy into the home.

Plants represent the wood element and some of them have the strong power to attract prosperity, such as O Bambu da Sorte, Dinheiro em Penca and Flor da Fortuna.

This is an excellent reason for you to invest in your home’s landscaping . Plants not only decorate the environments, they also raise the energy emitting good vibrations inside or outside your home.

Did you know that there are also plants that protect the environment by absorbing and eliminating all its negative energies?

To promote prosperity, the most popular in this case is Lucky Bamboo. Symbol of good luck in Feng Shui, this plant attracts flexibility, security and a lot of abundance.

Pay attention to the care and maintenance of your plants, as a lifeless plant can have the opposite effect than expected.

Feng Shui Plant Attract Lucky Bamboo Wealth

6 – Invest in the elements that symbolize prosperity in Feng Shui

The water element is the element of wealth and symbol of abundance in many cultures.

Water sources are known in Feng Shui to attract money and should be placed at the entrance of the house or in areas mapped and identified by the Baguá that represent the work and prosperity in your house.

It is possible to apply the representation of water in other ways, not necessarily with fountains. You can invest in frames that represent the image of water such as a sea, river or waterfall.

Fire is another element of Feng Shui ideal for activating prosperity in your life because it encourages action, movement, strength, courage and luck. But this element should be used sparingly to activate the house of success in Baguá.

Excessive fire can also cause imbalance, anger, and irritability because it is stimulating. On the other hand, the lack of this element can cause low self-esteem, lack of ambition and discouragement.

So use firepower rightly and attract material rewards galore!

feng shui water fountain prsperity

Feng Shui for Prosperity and Money

One of the principles of this philosophy is based on the idea that your home is the mirror of your life. In this sense, the furniture must be arranged in a harmonic way so that good vibrations can flow.

In addition, all rooms in your home should be clean, organized and with a pleasant scent so that positive energy can vibrate through all rooms in a healthy and harmonious way, according to the elements of nature.

Follow more tips!

feng shui elements attract prosperity

7 – Eliminate clutter and unused objects

If the house is a reflection of the person who lives in it. Can you imagine what effect a disorganized, dirty house with broken objects and stationary items can have on a person’s life?

It’s easy to imagine what kind of energy circulates in an environment like this. Therefore, one of the principles of Feng Shui is the organization, cleaning and detachment of material goods that no longer have any use for your life.

Stuck things in a disorganized environment represent a stagnant and disorganized life. This may be draining energy from your home and the impact of this vibration affects everyone within it.

So keep your house always organized, schedule frequent cleaning, dispose of objects you no longer use, organize that messy room and throw away everything that is no longer useful.

This way you will keep your home always energized, in addition to promoting prosperity and attracting even more abundance to your home.

8 – Allow Feng Shui prosperity to enter through the entrance door

Guess where the money gets into your house? Yes, it’s through the entrance door! Therefore your door must not be stuck, rusted or blocked by objects that could hinder the flow of energy.

According to Feng Shui to attract wealth, at the entrance door there should not be anything that is not fully functioning because this is the area that invites and welcomes the good opportunities that come into your home.

This also goes for the lobby! In this sense, stay tuned for these tips:

  • Eliminate burnt out lamp;
  • Plant with dead or dry foliage;
  • Unused objects;
  • Dirty and old carpet.

Make this a pleasant environment and get into the habit of not going into the house with dirty shoes. For this you can put a shoe rack to keep this space organized and not get in the way.

An image that represents the element of water is ideal for further boosting abundance and financial success in your home.

Bet on a charming vase with beautiful plants and flowers, keep this area always clean, well lit and invite prosperity and success into your home!

9 – Identify and take care of your area of ​​prosperity in Feng Shui

To identify the space in your home where the prosperity area needs to be worked on, it is necessary to map it with the Baguá.

Once this area has been mapped, you can create a small altar dedicated to the energy of prosperity and wealth. In this case, place items that represent value to you, such as photos, valuables and energy activators such as flowers and crystals.

It is critical that these items have meaning to you.

altar attract wealth with feng shui

10 – Neutralize and energize your home

If you’ve come this far, you should already know that keeping the house always organized, clean, scented, with good sunlight and natural air intake promotes the flow of good energy in your home.

This action energizes and magnetizes every room in the house, but be aware of what can steal her vibration! So check it out:

  • If there is a leak or a leaky faucet;
  • Check that the painting is up to date and beautiful;
  • If there are peeling or moldy walls;
  • See if the plants are healthy and radiant.

As mentioned above, healthy plants and crystals are excellent for neutralizing negative energies and promoting the vibrations of the environment by radiating positive energy flow.

Small changes in decor and habits can significantly impact your life. Knowledge of this ancient technique brings excellent benefits when implemented correctly.

You can start to attract prosperity with Feng Shui from practical actions that are easy to insert in the decoration and allow an excellent circulation of vital energy to bring more wealth.

Use Pyrite to attract prosperity and Lucky Bamboo to attract success. There’s no mistake!

11 – Organize your financial life

If a disorganized house reflects a life in total disarray. What about financial life then?!

Did you know that everything we focus on expands? This way, don’t ignore money. Keep your finances always organized with the help of spreadsheets to control expenses and expenses. This tip is also valid for purse and wallet.

Saving and investing is also very important within this context. The money comes in, we pay bills and there is usually little or nothing left to invest in future dreams or projects.

In Feng Shui for prosperity, if money grows, it tends to multiply. Over time, prosperity increases and so does your financial life!

Don’t ignore money if you don’t want it to ignore you. So get into the habit of organizing your finances and saving to attract wealth more easily.

organize financial life

12 – Feel prosperous and be grateful

Do you want to attract abundance and prosperity into your life? Begin to have positive attitudes and a thriving vision that the energy of wealth begins to flow into your home.

In fact, your lifestyle and the way you look at it says a lot about the kind of energy you want to cultivate. Everything is movement!

Believe in yourself and trust in the power of the universe. See yourself deserving of everything that life can give you. And most importantly: Be grateful!

Gratitude has incredible power and can change your life every day for the better. This practice improves relationships, health, well-being and promotes happiness. She can help you achieve anything you want.

Never stop practicing gratitude, in the Feng Shui philosophy to attract money gratitude is a feeling that should be practiced every day. So be grateful!

Take advantage of this Feng Shui knowledge and tips to attract prosperity in commerce and in your home. Enjoy the benefits of plants, colors and decorative objects and double the abundance and abundance in your home and business!