Feng Shui and Plants: Understand this Relationship and Discover the Power of 10 Kinds

According to this oriental philosophy, Feng Shui and plants have the ability to enhance the positive vibrations of environments. Bringing nature’s energy into your home is being able to enjoy all the benefits it provides.

Whether to clear negative energy, protect your home from bad vibrations or even promote good vibrations in all spaces. The advantages of applying this technique invigorates any place, besides, of course, beautifying all spaces with this vibrant power of nature.

That’s right! Plants serve as a natural filter for bad energy in your home and also as an indicator of bad fluids. Understand why!

A dead or dry plant is a sign that it has already absorbed all the bad vibrations from the environment and needs to be changed immediately. If you remain with the lifeless plant, the reflection of this potency is totally negative for the people around.

On the other hand, a showy plant, full of life and exuberant energy will attract the same quality to the space in which it is located.

Follow this article and learn about the power of the most important plant species within Feng Shui and all about their influence on environments and on your life.

Meet 3 Powerful Feng Shui Plants

Did you know that each plant carries an energy? Whether to attract prosperity, success, the energy of love and even bring protection to spaces. It is possible to harness these vibrations wisely.

Plants have live energy according to the vibration you want to attract. Activate all areas matched by the Feng Shui Baguá and enjoy all the powerful benefits that nature provides.

Balance your vibrations through this incredible living energy. Check out:

  • Because they have a strong presence of Chi energy (positive vital vibration that permeates the universe), plants have the power to strengthen and renew positive energy and improve every area of ​​your life.
  • In addition to positively affecting human life, plants also protect and energetically renew spaces, making them harmonious and balanced.

Soon we will go deeper into the main types of plants, but it is important to emphasize that nature is very rich in species.

Therefore, you can enjoy the types and benefits that we will mention below and also grow pots of aromatic herbs for your kitchen. Nature is unlimited!

Rosemary, basil or pepper, for example, in addition to making your food more delicious, also transforms your home by cleaning and purifying the low vibrations, you know?

1 – The auspicious Bamboo of Luck

One of the must-have plants in Feng Shui landscaping. Very easy to grow and super resistant, this species can be used in all areas of the house.

Lucky Bamboo represents prosperity, security and flexibility. It is a perfect complement to any style of decor.

Symbol of good luck, this plant transmits and teaches us that it is necessary to be flexible about the adversities of life so that everything can flow naturally and be balanced.

Bet on this auspicious Feng Shui plant and leave any favorable environment to attract and materialize all your desires.

Lucky Bamboo Feng Shui Plants

2 – The sacred Zamioculca

Also one of the wild plants of Feng Shui, the Zamioculca is very powerful. You’ve probably seen one around, it’s very present in shopping centers, companies or indoors.

According to Feng Shui wisdom, this is a type of plant for those who want to attract good luck, career success and prosperity. It activates all areas of Baguá.

If you want to attract the energy of success into your life, fearlessly invest in this plant. Easy to grow, Zamioculca is a showy shade plant with beautiful foliage.


3 – The tranquility of the Peace Lily

As its name indicates, the Peace Lily not only attracts tranquility, peace and harmony to the environments, but also good energy.

Did you know that this plant also has the power to purify chemical elements in the environment?

A mystical plant that removes all negative vibrations from spaces and when it dries up it means that the climate was heavy both for the home and for the people who live in it.

The Peace Lily is a Feng Shui plant widely used within the concept because it has the power to absorb the energies of the environment and people, promoting harmony, peace and health.

feng shui plants peace lily

See the Power of 7 Other Feng Shui Plants

Within this knowledge of Chinese origin, plants represent the wood element and are excellent magnets of prosperity and positive vibrations.

Do you already have plants at home or are you thinking of growing them? See these tips that we have prepared for them to fulfill their mission to neutralize negative energies and energize your home.

  • Always invest in natural plants and avoid artificial ones;
  • Perform frequent maintenance and remove dead leaves and flowers;
  • Preserve the vitality and beauty of your plants;
  • Maintain regular care such as watering, fertilizing, pruning and lighting.

The Baguá symbolizes nine areas of human life: health, family, friends, relationships, success, prosperity, creativity, work and spirituality.

Choose the plant that represents the energy of the area of ​​life you want to leverage and allow it to flow positively through space.

feng shui plants for prosperity

4 – The Power of the Fern Plant in Feng Shui

A popular and widely cultivated tropical plant in Brazil. With long and exuberant foliage, the Ferns are part of more than ten thousand species spread across several countries.

Like the Peace Lily, this plant not only absorbs negative vibrations but also cleans and purifies the environments and people who live in them.

The Fern is a plant that stimulates the area of prosperity and because of its characteristic to grow down, should be used wisely.

To neutralize this characteristic, always keep an upward-growing plant close by. Never cultivate in the Baguá area that represents success, in this case choose plants that grow upwards to bring personal and professional growth closer.

This is a Feng Shui plant for apartments and interiors, cultivate them and feel the harmony and balance flowing in your life.

feng shui fern plant

5 – The joy of the Tree of Happiness

Your name says it all, doesn’t it? It’s easy to imagine why this Feng Shui plant attracts happiness.

According to oriental tradition, it is a plant popularly known for attracting good fluids to the environment, providing a feeling of joy.

It is important to cultivate the two species of the Tree of Happiness, the male and the female for the balance of Yin Yang energies. For the feeling of well-being to be multiplied and distributed, the ideal is to receive the Tree of Happiness from someone special as a gift.

This plant is powerful in Feng Shui for attracting the soul’s well-being, joy and happiness, as well as increasing love in couples. So this species is excellent for activating the relationship area.

tree of happiness

6 – The prosperity of Money in Penca

Also known as Tostão, the Money in Penca activates abundance, plenty and wealth. Excellent for activating the area of ​​prosperity and work.

The foliage of this plant resembles small coins and easily multiplies. That’s why its symbolism is very auspicious for those who want to see money grow.

It is not only powerful for wealth and abundance. Did you know that this plant also benefits physical and spiritual health?

This is due to its ability to absorb and purify air pollutants. In this way, in addition to protecting our body, it promotes physical health. And more!

Due to its power to transmute the negative vibrations of the environment into the positive ones, it also contributes to spiritual health.

This is a Feng Shui plant ideal for living room, work or office for its fame and power to attract luck and money.

 money in bunch

7 – The vibrant radiance of the Sunflower

The Sunflower is a symbol of faith, reverence and spirituality. This plant absorbs a lot of energy from the sun’s rays, for this reason it has the power to guide the soul towards spiritual elevation.

As it is associated with heat, it represents positivity, happiness, strength and power. It is ideal for activating the area of ​​spirituality, but it is also a symbol of abundance and prosperity.

Another plant that must be presented by someone, in this case, symbolizes good energies. In fact, the feeling of happiness and well-being is just by looking at a Sunflower, isn’t it?

Want a plant to power the house? Bet on Sunflower!

sunflower feng shui plants

8 – The neutralizing power of the Covenca energies

The Arenac is extremely powerful to ward off the evil eye and absorb negative energy from the environment.

If you have this Feng Shui plant at home, know that when they wither immediately, it is a sign of negative and heavy energy from some envious person who has been in the environment. Watch!

A plant that is easy to grow and very suitable for indoor use. Activate the areas of spirituality and wisdom. Only after identifying these areas will you know the best room to cultivate it.

Importantly, you can apply Feng Shui in garden decoration or by distributing potted plants indoors. It is essential to always invest in the natural way to transform the respective areas of your life.


9 – The beauty and resistance of Bromeliads

An exotic plant of exuberant color and beauty. The Bromeliad is a species that contains a wide variety of sizes and colors.

This Feng Shui plant is indicated to activate the area of ​​success due to its red color. As a symbol of resistance, it represents power and inspiration. An excellent plant to have on your desk.

The beauty of Bromeliad brings a lot of life to the environments. Easy to grow, it is widely used to compose landscape projects.

bromeliad feng shui plants

10 – The fun succulents

This plant species has become one of the most beloved of recent times. Succulent is the cutest, most fun and versatile Feng Shui plant. The truth is that its beauty enchants everyone!

Did you know that they retain a lot of water in their interior? So it is! And this reflects on the potential of the water element (associated with emotions and feelings) that affects the emotional and sentimental side of people.

There are several types, colors, sizes, textures and formats of this plant. Regardless of the species, they help to protect those emotions and vibrations that flow in the environment.

Want to bring the power of nature into your home? Grow Succulents! They are easy to care for, adapt to any type of environment, do not need daily watering, are super fun and can be presented in the most beautiful and varied ways.

According to Feng Shui theory, Succulents are symbolically considered guardian plants. They purify the environment and are ideal for activating the desktop.

Due to its ability to store water inside, it brings the power of the water element represented by this millenary oriental philosophy.

They are ideal plants for the entrance of the house, but be careful not to grow succulents in the Baguá area, which represents success. This area is ruled by the fire element, and water has the power to put out fire. Stay tuned for this tip!

succulent feng shui plants

Apply the Feng Shui technique to the plants in your home

Are you thinking of applying this ancient knowledge in your home and enjoy all these benefits? A great suggestion is to start with the Peace Lily.

This wildflower plant transmits health, peace, serenity and can be grown in any environment in the house. After all, the home is your refuge and a sacred place that should transmit harmony and well-being.

The environment we live in reflects a lot about who we are. The effects of applying this technique can be felt in all aspects of life. Which ones do you want to activate?

Go deeper into this fascinating knowledge, apply this wisdom and feel the positive impacts of Feng Shui in your life!

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