Entrance Hall: +110 Beautiful and Original Projects

The entrance hall is not always the first environment we think about decorating, but it is very important, after all, it will be your home’s calling card. And to avoid getting this place wrong, think about what functions you need it to have, what needs this place needs to meet.

Consider how many people there are in the house, whether it is important to have many hooks for hanging coats and purses, or whether it is more functional to invest in a closet with shoe rack, etc.

There are also merely decorative projects, which will serve to occupy the space and provide a more pleasant aesthetic, in these cases you can abuse your creativity, since it is usually a small space and can be changed quickly, so there are no excuses to move. have a good visual impact.

What is a lobby?

It is the first thing you see when entering a house, some entrance halls are grand and sophisticated, others small but very charming. The important thing is that you adapt the space available to your needs and personal taste in order to have an impeccable entrance hall.

Image 1: Entrance hall with double height and large crystal chandelier, the wooden pivoting door brings warmth to the neutral colored environment.

Entrance hall with double height

Image 2: With vintage inspiration, this hall has wooden floors and a door with colored stained glass, the plaster finial on the ceiling complete the old atmosphere.

lobby with stained glass and Persian rug

Image 3: When you need to optimize the space, there’s nothing better than planning a piece of furniture, here, the hall has a shoe rack and cabinets for coats.

entrance hall with custom cabinet

Image 4: The big highlight of this large entrance hall is the fish scale floor that follows the blue of the door and ceiling.

entrance hall with fish scale floor and cabinets

Image 5: Simple and small, this entrance hall has a rustic shelf that serves as a sideboard and a round mirror.

rustic blue entrance hall

Image 6: With a simple style, this hall has a two-tone floor, upholstered bench and cabinets. The highlight are the milky glass pendants.

entrance hall with black and white floor

Image 7: More minimalist, this hall has a white wood panel, burnt cement vases and a large mirror with sconces and indirect lighting.

entrance hall with wood panel and large mirror

Image 8: Estreito, this project chose to paint furniture, walls and door in the same color to create unity and give a feeling of spaciousness to the environment.

blue entrance hall with decorated closet

Image 9: This project used the corner to accommodate the hooks and a bench with shoe rack. The white color makes the environment more clean and modern.

white lobby with swag

Image 10: In this project, the joinery created the division for the hall and together made the bench and niches to place the decorative objects.

planned entrance hall with black door

Image 11: This super cool hall has a shelf with hooks, a black sideboard and decorative objects that follow the black and white palette.

modern entrance hall with sideboard

Image 12: With a rustic style, this environment has a blue wall and door and handcrafted baskets for decoration.

Blue and white lobby with rustic decor

Image 13: Neutral and simple, the joinery solved the space problem by creating a sideboard and a bench with space for umbrellas.

simple and white entrance hall

decorated entrance hall

Decorating a lobby can be a difficult task, after all, this is where we usually leave shoes, keys, coats, bags and other belongings when we arrive from the street.

Therefore, the need to have a good design for this environment, no matter how small it is, is high, it will help you to keep the place organized, functional and aesthetically beautiful.

Image 14: The highlight of this room is the black door with colored stained glass matching the bicolor floor.

lobby with antique floor and stained glass

Image 15: Quite simple, this environment gained a modern coat rack and a mirror with a light frame to contrast with the burnt cement wall.

entrance hall with burnt cement wall

Image 16: The gray, black and white color palette left the lobby contemporary and modern, the small plasterboard closet brought practicality.

gray and white lobby with wooden floor

Image 17: Clean and neutral, this entrance hall fulfills the function of a passage room, with a narrow sideboard and a large carved mirror.

clean entrance hall with sisal treadmill

Image 18: Colorful, this project chose racks to organize the hooks and baskets to store the objects of each one of the residents of the house.

fun and colorful lobby with rack

Image 19: Differently, this project opted for a narrow cabinet to store objects and used the wall to build a small gallery of family photos.

lobby with photo wall

Image 20: Modern and sophisticated, this hall chose a composition of mirrors with a wooden sideboard and blue stools.

Minimalist and modern lobby with mirrors

Image 21: The highlight of this project is the contrast between the stone wall and the colored engraving, the suspended sideboard leaves the passage free and matches the pivoting door.

Entrance hall with stone wall and pivoting door

Image 22: Yet another neutral design with the gray and white palette, the small hanging cabinet optimizes space, while the coat rack occupies the gap behind the door.

small entrance hall with mini closet

Image 23: The wooden panel structure with boiserie supports the hooks and a small shelf that accommodates the plants.

entrance hall with demolition wood panel

Image 24: In small environments, occupying the corner can be the perfect solution, here an iron piece of furniture with hooks, seat and shelf was designed.

entrance hall with corner furniture

Image 25: Small, but full of personality, this space has gained a mirror with a gilded frame and a varnished wooden sideboard.

lobby with golden mirror

Apartment entrance hall decoration

In apartments there is not always a lot of space to have an entrance hall with large closets and coat racks, but even in very compact spaces it is possible to create organization and functionality. Below we will see some examples of how to take advantage of these small spaces.

Image 26: The large mirror with a black frame enlarged the small niche made for the hall.

black and white lobby with mirror

Image 27: Spacious and simple, the highlight is the large rustic wooden bench contrasting with the natural stones and the slatted door.

large entrance hall with rustic bench

Image 28: Often less is more, in this environment, a single piece of furniture accommodates the bags and coats, serves as a shoe rack and sideboard, leaving free circulation.

simple and neutral entrance hall with ready-made furniture

Image 29: In oriental style, this hall received a door with details in iron and glass, the joinery on the ceiling accommodates the lighting.

entrance hall with joinery

Image 30: When you have larger spaces like this, investing in closets can be the perfect solution for storing winter clothes and shoes.

large entrance hall with closet and cement floor

Image 31: Another creative way to take advantage of the lobby is to make a small chalkboard to mark the week’s appointments.

entrance hall with chalkboard wall and baskets

Image 32: With double height, this hall gained sophistication with the large wooden panel housing the door and the glass trim of the staircase.

entrance hall with double height and stones

Image 33: Simple and modern, this piece of furniture has a shoe rack, hooks and a shelf, ideal for small spaces where there is a need to accommodate several objects.

entrance hall with planned wooden furniture

Image 34: Minimalist, this project gained wooden slats with hooks and a blue puff. Spot lighting brings interest and focus to the decor.

Entrance hall with simple wood paneling and black doors

Image 35: This composition was very charming with the pair of sideboards and the large mirror with a black frame.

lobby with black dressers and mirror

Image 36: Relaxed, this hall has plants, colors, textures and a beautiful handcrafted rug that unifies the pallet around it.

colorful and rustic lobby

Image 37: Another project model where the corner was used with a single piece of furniture. In addition to accommodating shoes and coats, there is also space for decorative objects.

corner entrance hall with wooden furniture ready

Lobby Decorating Tips

There are many decorating tips for a lobby, but the biggest one is to make the most of the available space, whether with hooks, small cabinets, shelves, shelves or coat racks. It is always possible to leave the environment charming, beautiful and organized.

Image 38: For those who have children, organizing their entry and exit can be a challenge, but see how this project manages to make everything more practical.

entrance hall with small closet and colorful children's hooks.

Image 39: Simple but very functional hall model, slatted panel with hooks and a gray puff meet the needs of the house.

minimalist lobby with brick wall

Image 40: The option here was to leave the rustic wall and just paint it white, the colorful pillows and carpet highlight the upholstery and streamer.

rustic lobby with chaise longue

Image 41: Sumptuous, this hall has a crystal chandelier and a large artistic panel to contrast with the modern design of the door.

large lobby with crystal chandelier

Image 42: In neutral colors, this project chose a bench upholstered in gray and small shelves to compose this cozy environment with the mirror and the coat rack.

modern lobby with simple upholstery and mirror

Image 43: Blue, in its various shades, has been a trend in decoration, here it appears on the walls, floors and pendants.

lobby with geometric flooring and white furniture

Image 44: With a compact size, this hall chose to fix a bar on the ceiling to hang the coats and leave the space below to place a bench with cabinets.

entrance hall with clothes rack

Image 45: The hall does not always need many objects to fulfill its function, in this environment, a small sideboard and a round mirror meet the needs of this house.

small entrance hall with round mirror

Image 46: Narrow environments call for compact furniture, here the thin sideboard supported on the wall receives decorative objects.

small white entrance hall with sideboard and hooks

Image 47: In this environment, the space beside the door received a glass sideboard and decorative niches on the wall. Integrated with the living room, this environment was charming and discreet.

Entrance hall with lounge and small sideboard

Image 48: Another example where the entrance hall opted for a simple bench and a large mirror. The rug delimits the space and contrasts with the wooden floor.

entrance hall with natural fiber rug

Image 49: Hooks accommodate bags and even plants, the low cabinet serves as a cupboard and sideboard, the narrow mirror completes the decoration.

entrance hall with rustic closet and plants


The sideboard is, without a doubt, the most important piece of furniture for the entrance hall, it’s where you’ll leave the keys, letters and objects you bring from the street and still manage to create a decoration.

Even in small and narrow spaces it is possible to design pieces that serve as sideboards, it can be a suspended shelf, a larger piece of furniture that also serves as a closet or just a small table.

Image 50: With the white base, this project invested in the bar fixed to the ceiling and the planned joinery to create storage space.

entrance hall with sideboard and closet

Image 51: The wall divided into two colors brings modernity, the rustic staircase serves as a coat rack and matches the bench in the same style.

entrance hall with rustic wooden sideboard

Image 52: With a wooden ceiling, this project bet on golden details to bring sophistication and contrast with the rustic sideboard.

entrance hall with sideboard and wooden ceiling

Image 53: The mid century style comes from the golden pendant and the straight-line sideboard, the green in a closed tone brings sobriety to the project.

entrance hall with modern sideboard

Image 54: The star of this hall is the door with colored stained glass and the hydraulic tile floor, the sideboard supports decorative objects and has drawers to help with daily organization.

entrance hall with antique parlor

Image 55: Modern and simple, this environment chose a cabinet furniture to create storage spaces.

entrance hall with planned sideboard

Image 56: In this project, the white is only broken by the floor and the colorful decoration with flowers and plants.

entrance hall with simple white sideboard and round mirror

Image 57: With a more classic decor, this room chose a mirrored sideboard and mirror with worked edges.

mirrored sideboard for entrance hall

Image 58: Rustic sideboard with glass pendants make the environment modern and sophisticated.

entrance hall with wooden sideboard and glass pendants

Image 59: The brown of the wood stands out among the more neutral colors, the lowered ceiling has recessed lights.

Entrance hall with stainless steel footboard

Image 62: The grayish green highlights the white shoe rack and the objects in natural fiber.

entrance hall with planned white shoe rack

Image 63: The joinery occupied the gap behind the door to create spaces for hanging bags and storing shoes.

entrance hall with shoe rack and lighted niches

Image 64: The modern shoe rack in the lobby with the yellow feet highlighted is the differential of this project.

lobby with modern shoe rack

Image 65: Simple and neutral in color, this project chose shades of gray to balance and contrast with wood.

entrance hall with paneling and simple shoe rack

Image 66: The highlight is the neutral colored wallpaper and geometric designs, the basket accommodates the umbrellas.

lobby with wallpaper and shoe rack

Image 67: Modern and simple, this hall chose a bench with painted feet and a gray piece of fabric to hang the objects.

entrance hall with shoe rack stool

Image 68: This project used the small wall beside the door to organize the hall and fix the coat rack.

entrance hall with shoe rack and black and white floor

Image 69: The modernist look bets on a 3D project. In addition to having its own division, its finish with vertical lines gives it an innovative look.

modern lobby with 3D flooring

Image 70: An environment with contrast between floor and wallpaper, accommodates the shoe rack that also helps to organize other objects.

lobby with wallpaper

Image 71: Modern handles and burnt concrete wall create a cool and comfortable environment.

burnt concrete wall with modern handles

Image 72: Compact space with a small sideboard and clothes rack make up this small entrance hall, the highlight goes to the mirror frame in dark wood.

small sideboard with coat rack

Image 73: Matching bench and coat rack characterize this simple yet practical and functional design.

bench with black shoe rack


Lighting is an essential part of having a decoration with a unique beauty standard. The lights give tone to the colors and selected objects, making it essential to make a good combination to highlight the best points of your decoration.

A good lighting project can be the difference between a refined environment with cohesive decoration or an environment that only serves a utility without great aesthetic sense.

Image 74: This project features niches with recessed lighting, highlighting decorative objects and creating a cozier environment.

entrance hall with lighted niches

Image 75: Environment with more sober colors call for a good lighting project, here the recessed ceiling in crown molding allowed indirect lighting.

entrance hall with side lighting and mirror

Image 76: With white lighting, this environment gained modernity with the 3D wall panel. The highlight goes to the slatted wood panel.

lobby with lighting and 3D panel

Image 77: . This entrance hall is a place of passage only, so the option was for decorative lighting combined with the wooden panels.

illuminated wood panel

Image 78: The plaster molding highlights the striped wallpaper and highlights other decorative objects.

plaster molding with inlaid spots

Image 79: This room chose to design a partition that also accommodated a cabinet and seat, the recessed lighting highlights the sober colors.

wooden partition with lighting

Image 80: Here the painting in green served to delimit the space of the entrance hall, the light floor and geometric design provide the counterpoint.

wall and ceiling painting to separate rooms

Image 81: Modern hall with differentiated lighting, and a beautiful 3D panel highlight the mirrored sideboard with modern lines.

glass pendants at the entrance

Image 82: Simple decoration, but modernity, the difference is the lowered wooden ceiling with indirect lighting.

recessed wood ceiling and indirect lighting

Image 83: This project has an illuminated wooden panel. Small and compact, it diversifies the input environment.

illuminated wood panel


The choice of colors, regardless of the environment in which it will be applied, is usually very personal and varies a lot according to the style of the project, however, it highlights a wall, betting on a different painting or even on a patterned wallpaper can bring joy , originality and modernity for the environment.

Below, we’ve selected some color options so you can preview those options before choosing one of them.

Image 84: Flora-patterned wallpaper highlights the neutral base and wooden bench. The simple mirror brings amplitude to space.

blue flower wallpaper

Image 85: With a small print and strong yellow tone, the wallpaper highlights the lowered ceiling and decorative objects.

yellow flora and white wallpaper

Image 86: Choosing a bolder painting for the environment can be a cheaper option to bring personality and define the space.

blue wall and ceiling paint

Image 87: Painting walls and doors the same color works great when it comes to creating unity, the entire wall mirror brings clarity and spaciousness.

cobalt blue wall and door

Image 88: The highlight of this environment is the pink door combined with the handcrafted rug, the mid century chandelier sets the vintage tone along with the plants.

pink entrance door

Image 89: The boiseries appliqué on the wall and door brought interest to the small room and makes a good contrast with the geometric floor.

door and yellow wall with boiserie

Image 90: The red wall is embraced by the plaster work that created the lighting point and the crown molding, the wooden furniture makes the atmosphere cozy.

red wall with big mirror

Image 91: Choosing a tone to put on the entire environment, including furniture, brings modernity and originality to the project.

Totally green environment with hooks

Image 92 : Splitting the wall can be the solution to create interest in a small room, here the contrast was made between dark blue and gray wallpaper.

dark blue wall with gray wallpaper

Image 93: The bluish gray stands out on the wall making the environment more interesting and serving as a base for the white hook and key ring

bluish gray wall

Image 94: With country style, the wooden panel with hooks and shelves received green paint and a bench with cushions.

dark green wooden wall with hooks

15 Entrance Hall Photos

The options for decorating a lobby are many, and of course the final result depends on the available size, the style you want for the environment and what needs this place will need to meet.

As we will see below, some have practical and defined functions, others are just decorative projects to occupy a small space. Define what you want and need for your space and get inspired by the ideas below.

Image 95: This small hall has chosen a yellow bench and shelf to accommodate the residents’ belongings.

yellow custom furniture and white paneling

Image 96: With neutral colors, this hall chose a large mirror and leather rug to compose with the wooden sideboard.

large wall mirror

Image 97: With a minimalist footprint, this project chose an asymmetrical sideboard in graphite gray to contrast with the light colored wall and floor.

suspended modern sideboard

Image 98 : The mirror and sideboard set follow the neutral color line of the wallpaper and the light porcelain floor.

sideboard and mirror for entrance

Image 99: In addition to the industrial style sideboard, this project also placed a thin shelf to accommodate more objects if needed.

industrial sideboard with simple mirror

Image 100: In Scandinavian style, this environment received a rustic bench and a wooden coat rack. The result is simple but very charming.

clothes rack with rustic bench

Image 101: The wooden panel received slates and hooks to help residents organize in a practical and fun way.

lobby to organize backpacks

Image 102: The space for a hall is not always large, here the solution was to hang fabric baskets to help organize the entrance and exit of residents.

colorful fabric organizer baskets

Image 103: Fun and modern, this project chose black and white to contrast the pale wood bench.

industrial bank with minimalist, modern gains

Image 104: The rustic tone is given by the hanger made of tree trunk, the basketwork and the loom rug complete the simple decoration.

rustic trunk hanger

Image 105: The objective here is organization, that’s why wire baskets, slates and a stool were placed to make life easier for the residents.

wire baskets to organize objects

Image 106: Another minimalist, simple and compact design with the door and the mirror edge creating the necessary interest and contrast to the environment.

Black & white minimalist setting with mirror

Image 107: Brick wall with white hand paint highlight the yellow, the joinery created a narrow cabinet to organize objects and serve as a sideboard.

white painted brick wall

Image 108: The blue wall received hangings in neutral colors to contrast with the mirror and the bench.

dark blue wall with black bench

Image 109: The highlight here is the wallpaper that creates the composition with the hooks and the contrast with the rustic bench.

black and white flora wallpaper

Image 110: Retro in style, this project chose neutral colors and a beautiful wall clock to match the door and other decorative objects.

house entrance cupboard